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Hemu Aggarwal
PTR Certified Coach offering Beginner tennis lessons. Two Groups:: Junior Group: Age 5 to 9 Years; Adult Beginner: 16 and up.
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Tennis gives kids a great opportunity to excel in a sport. You do not have to be a great athlete to be a very good tennis player. Discipline, hard work, and desire will take you a long way in this sport. ... Playing tennis at the collegiate level is a great goal for a young tennis player.
A good age for starting tennis training is 5-6 years of age
  • Physical aspect: tennis develops visual-motor coordination and helps to strengthen muscles. It also improves agility, reaction speed, and reflexes, etc.
  • Psychological aspect: thanks to the fun of the game, tennis stimulates wit and tactical thinking.

What does tennis teach you about life?

Playing tennis teaches you a lot about yourself: the depth of your inner strength, your discipline, your tenacity, and the mastery of your emotions. It all boils down to how hard you are willing to work to better yourself and to win. 

Hemu Coaching Tennis_Sona and Hemu Grips
Hemu Coaching Tennis_Sona and Hemu Grips
Hemu Coaching Tennis_Sona and Hemu - 5
Hemu Coaching Tennis_Sona and Hemu - 5
PTR - Hemu new card-Small
PTR - Hemu new card-Small
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Hemu Aggarwal - 8 months, 4 weeks
"Thank you for the Great Lesson" by Tanya, October 6, 2021

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