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Network Details
  • Example: Canyon Racquet Club
  • This is the fee we charge to run a network. If you select "Free", your members will be charged $4.99 per year, but the first 10 members to join your network will get one free year. If you select a monthly plan, you will get one free month to give it a try.
Required Profile Fields
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Additional Member Fields
    Do you need to collect additional information about your members? Create any additional member fields below. Designate who has access to view this data, and who has access to edit or submit this data. You can also designate if the data is required either during registration, or while editing a profile. This data can be edited and exported from the "Members" tab, and can be viewed on profile pages within this network.

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Network Access
  • Approve members before they are added to your network.
  • Allow access to members of your network only.
  • Group admins are able to create ladders, leagues, tournaments, scheduled play, events and discussions for their group.
  • Allow members to create scheduled play on the main page of this network.
  • A private message automatically sent to new members. This will be sent from the account of .
  • Facebook page URL help.
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