Are you looking for a tennis partner near you? Are you tired of having nobody to play tennis with? Here are the best ways to find someone to play tennis with.

Tips for Finding a Tennis Partner

1). Scheduled Play

When logged in, you will see a scheduled play icon at the top right of every page:

Clicking this icon will take you to your city's overview page where you will see all scheduled play sessions in the area.

Scheduled play will allows any member to organize play sessions at any nearby tennis court. Here's how it works:
  1. Click the scheduled play icon link.
  2. Click the "+ Add" button above the calendar (see image below).
  3. Select the court, date and time.
  4. Select the playing levels you are looking for.
  5. Select the minimum number of players you need to play.
  6. Determine who can join. (network members, invites only, connections, etc..)

And that's it! Players can now join your scheduled play. You can also manually add, or even invite other players.

Once the minimum number of players have joined, everyone will get an email letting them know it's on!

You will be able to see all the players who have joined, and even post comments.

2). Broadcast a Comment

An easy way to find a tennis partner, is to broadcast a comment to your city. Just login, and click the broadcast link in the top right corner of any page.

When you post a comment, you have the option to notify players by skill, age, and gender. Once a comment is made, all the appropriate members will be notified that a comment was made.

This makes it a great way to reach out to a lot of players at once. Just post a comment like this:

"Looking for a hitting partner that is 3.5 or better. I usually play at Liberty Park on the weekend..."

To get started, log in, and click the broadcast icon at the top right of any page.

3). Partner Queue

Another way to find a tennis partner, is again to go to YOUR profile page, and click the "Partners" tab.

On this tab, we will provide you with a queue of possible partners near you. If someone looks like a good match, just click "Yes". If not, click "No".

When you click yes, that player will be notified to complete their queue of possible partners. If they say "Yes" to you also, they are now a "match", and you will both be notified. They will also now be one of your "connections", and you will now be able to send them private messages

4). Start or Join a Network

Start or join a network in your area. A network is like an online community of tennis players.

Once in a network, you will be able to join any ladders, leagues or tournaments the network is running. You will also be able to communicate with other network players using private messages.

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