jack chang

jack chang

Location: Carlisle, Massachusetts
Joined:April 07, 2012
Levels:Singles: 3.340Doubles: 3.500
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About Me
i can usually play on weekend AM's. the clay court of acton bubble is my preferred surface.
Paris 3Rank: 7Ladder League2017-04-152017-09-18
Paris 2Rank: 1Ladder League2016-03-312016-09-30
ParisRank: 12Ladder League2015-06-012015-11-01
Acton, MA - fall 2014Rank: 4Ladder League2014-08-302014-11-27
Acton, MA - spring 2014 (COPY)Rank: 1Ladder League2014-08-262014-11-27
Acton Summer 2014 Tournament
ActonJuly2014Rank: 1Ladder League2014-07-012014-08-31
Concord July Tournament
Acton, MA - spring 2014Rank: 2Ladder League2014-04-052014-06-29
Acton, MA - fall 2013Rank: 3Ladder League2013-08-302013-11-29


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jack chang      Road to Roland-Garros
7 years, 6 months
The new ladder {Paris 2] will start on April 1st.
welcome back!!

jack chang      Road to Roland-Garros
8 years, 4 months
Now that we've got a good crowd and some. It is the time to have some fun. Try send out a group invitation. Hopefully with this big number, you can always find someone who is willing to play at the time you choose.

And if you haven't done it, please do go to your profile page on GTN site and put in your photo!

jack chang
10 years, 1 month
must be an error.


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