Sandro Lopes

Sandro Lopes

Location: Viana do Castelo, Portugal
Joined:April 03, 2014
Levels:Singles: 3.11Doubles: 3.50
Last Visit:Very recently
GTN Points:1,152 (ranked #571 worldwide)
About Me
I love tennis. I ussualy play in Cerveira and Viana with friends. I start to play with 15 then I stopped after university. I restarted at 2005 and since then I play about 2 times in a week.
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Giga AO 2022Bracket Challenge2022-01-16--
AO 2022 Men's Bracket ChallengeRank: 35Bracket Challenge2022-01-16--
Updated bracket = fourchan bracket on search pageBracket Challenge2022-01-16--
Cerveira & Tomiño Friends of Tennis Escada 2022Rank: 3Ladder League2022-01-012022-12-31
private pools suckRank: 13Bracket Challenge2021-08-30--
Wimbledon 2021 challengeRank: 41Bracket Challenge2021-06-28--
2021 ATC French Open Roland GarrosRank: 3Bracket Challenge2021-05-30--
Cerveira & Tomiño Friends of Tennis Giga RG 2021Bracket Challenge2021-05-30--
Cerveira & Tomiño Friends of Tennis Escada 2021Rank: 14Ladder League2021-01-022021-12-31
2020 Australian Open Bracket Challenge - ATPRank: 9Bracket Challenge2020-01-19--


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Jesus Diaz - 6 years, 9 months
donde juegas habitualmente ?
yo estoy a veces por Amorosa

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    Singles self rating: 3.00
    Doubles self rating: 3.00

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