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Anatoliy Zharkikh

Location: Cottonwood Heights, Utah, United States
Joined:December 05, 2006
Last Visit:1 year, 1 month ago
About Me:If the ball almost hit the line, I still play it.
Partner Search:Looking for someone to hone my skills with. Want to be ready for the 2011 usta season. I can play Sundays.
String Used:Wilson Extreme Synthetic Gut 16
Racquet Brand:Prince
I'm a:Competitive player, tournament player, pro player
On the court, I'm a:Big-server, slicer, strategizer, top-spinner, one-handed backhander, drop-shotter, gracious winner
Favorite Player(s):Carlos Moya and Daniela Hantuchova
Favorite Website:jobbullet.com
Relationship Status:Who wants to know?
San Diego Tennis Singles V - 5th Annual AFT LadderLadder2013-05-262013-07-02
San Diego Tennis Singles IVLadder2012-08-122012-12-31
San Diego Tennis Flex-Doubles 2012Ladder2012-08-052012-11-04
San Diego ActiveFunTennis.comâ„¢ Singles IIILadder2011-06-262011-11-20
San Diego ActiveFunTennis.comâ„¢ Flex-DoublesLadder2010-09-012011-12-05
SLC OPENLadder2010-06-302012-12-31
2010 French Open - Roland GarrosBracket Challenge2010-05-23--
Who wants to playTournament2010-02-042010-12-31
SLC Summer 2009 2535, B2Tournament2009-07-272009-08-30
SLC Summer 2009 2535, B1Tournament2009-07-272009-08-16

Public Messages

Blake A - 2 years, 8 months ago
Hey. Am wanting to hit a couple times a week. 4.0 player. Let me know

Rahul Narang - 4 years, 3 months ago
Hello Anatoily. My Name is Rahul, I am from India. Looking for a tennis partner to play on regular basis in the evenings or anytime on weekends. I am about level 3 , want to practice more.

Olena LItovsky - 4 years, 3 months ago
Hello Anatoliy. My name is Olena Litovsky, I am from the Ukraine. Looking for a partner to play on regular bases. I am about 3-3.5. Need more practice. I have flexible schedule during the week and available to play Sundays.

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