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    Come join our community of over 60,000 tennis players and play more tennis! Whether you are a player, or an organizer, Global Tennis Network gives you all the tools you need to find or organize a match.

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Global Tennis Network

A global tennis website
Global Tennis Network (or 'GTN' for short) is a complete online tennis website used by tennis players and clubs all over the world. GTN gives you all the tools you need to create online tennis ladders, leagues and tournaments. You can even find a tennis court, or a tennis partner.

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The first step to using GTN, is to register.
Submit your tennis court listing. This will be important when you run events or need a court reservation system.
If you are looking to organize tennis ladders, leagues or tournaments, you will first need to create a network. Networks are packed with tools to help you stay organized.
The first step to using GTN, is to register.
The best way to meet new players, and play more matches, is to join a local network. If you can't find one, start one.
Besides joining a network, there are several other ways you can use the site to find a tennis partner.
Network Demo

Demo a Network

Give it a try
Check out all the feature a network has to offer, including tennis leagues, ladders, tournaments and court reservation system. You can also create repeating events and discussions. Just be sure to log in to give you full control.
Court Reservation System
All networks come with a tennis court reservation system built in.
Here are a few screenshots of our demo network. You can create your own network in 5 minutes!