Merrimack Tennis Club

Merrimack Tennis Club

Merrimack Tennis Club

Members: 43
Location: Merrimack New Hampshire
Founded: Jun 02, 2013
The Merrimack Tennis Club is free for adult players of all levels in Merrimack and surrounding communities (Nashua, Amherst, Hudson, Bedford). By default, games are played at Wasserman Park in Merrimack, although the club is not officially sponsored by the Town of Merrimack and games are at each player's own risk. Each year, a tennis ladder will be set up as a friendly competition, and games are organized by the players themselves.

Once you are a member, be sure to sign up for a Tennis Ladder so we can set up games! Let's play!

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David Greenberg - 10 months, 2 weeks
If anyone is looking to play Saturday morning let me know! I am also looking for two more players for doubles next week anytime 4:30 or after on Monday or Tuesday.

Matt Goddard - 10 months, 2 weeks
Anyone around for a game now at Wasserman? It's 4:15 Friday.

David Greenberg - 10 months, 3 weeks
Haven't played this season and looking to get going, reach out if you are interested. Starting next week I can do most evenings and early on weekends. I work in Nashua until 4p so if court is in Nashua can play close to 4:30p most days.

Jacob Albrecht - 10 months, 4 weeks
Does anyone know the best place in or near Nashua to get rackets restrung?

Elliot Seagle - 10 months, 3 weeks
Hey All,
I am eager to get a match in, or at least hit, this Thursday evening. Looks like it should be a beautiful evening for tennis. I would play singles or doubles, ladder or non-ladder. I was thinking about Wasserman park, as I have never played there and would like to check it out. Let me know if you are interested.
Thank you,

Nancy Repack - 1 year, 1 month
Hoping to play a little more tennis. Taking beginner lessons to improve my technique and enjoy the sport

Matt Goddard - 10 months, 3 weeks
Elbow feels good. Looking forward to some tennis this season!

Jim Lauture - 11 months
Hey folks. Just asked Phil to open the 2018 ladder. Looking forward to seeing you guys on the court! Hope you had a great Winter.

Elliot Seagle - 1 year, 3 months
Hi All,
I am pretty rusty, but would love to get out and hit in the near future. I am a member of the Y of greater Nashua, so could play there while the weather is cold. I enjoy singles and doubles.

Deanna Lavoie - 1 year, 7 months
We're looking for a 4th for a doubles match on Sunday morning at 9:30 at Wasserman Park.

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