Laguna Niguel Racquet Club

Laguna Niguel Racquet Club

Laguna Niguel Racquet Club

Members: 4
Founded: Jan 19, 2017
Location: Laguna Niguel, California
Network organizer:
Ali Fard
This is a league for the members of the Laguna Niguel Racquet club (and the Monarch). Both male and female are allowed to join the league.

1. The league is located in:

Country: United States
State: California
City: Laguna Niguel / Dana Point

2. The ladder is open to the following players:

Playing Level: 3.0 to 6.0
Gender: M & F

3. This ladder is free to join.

4. This ladder is a first trial league to see if there are any interests from the players in the club - the league begins in 1st February 2017

5. There are no prizes awarded for this league other than the honor.

6. Players have 7 days to accept or decline a challenge before it is automatically declined.

7. Players will not be penalized for declining challenges.

8. Players have 14 days to play an accepted challenge before it expires and the following occurs:

The challenged team automatically declines the challenge.

9. Players will not be penalized for not playing matches.

10. Forfeits will not be treated like a lost match, and will have no affect on rankings or points.

11. The following match formats will be used:

Best of 3 Sets: Best of 3 sets is first to win 2 sets. Each set is first to win 6 or more games with a margin of 2 games. A tie-breaker is played if each team has won 6 games.

Example scores: 6-3, 5-7, 6-4 or 6-4, 7-6

12. The following system will be used to compute a player's position on the ladder.

Leap Frog Plus: This system is the based on the classic Leap Frog system, but awards points to both the winner and loser. This encourages teams to play more matches to maintain their ladder ranking. The number of points a team can received is based on the match format. If the team were playing a regular 3 set match, the most they could receive is 39 points. This is because 39 is the maximum number of games that could be played in a 3 set match (7-6,6-7,7-6). Here is how it works for a Best of 3 format:

1. If the winner is the higher ranked team, they receives 39 points minus the number of games the loser won.
2. If the winner is the lower ranked team, their new points will be the points of the loser, plus 39 points minus the number of games the loser won..
3. The losers always receives 1 point for each game that they win.

Ranking System Details

13. After the match, the winner will submit the score.

14. All ladder members should maintain current contact information. If you change phone numbers or e-mail addresses, you must update your profile so other member can contact you and you will receive email notifications.
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