Warwick Tennis Club

Warwick Tennis Club

Warwick Tennis Club

Members: 33
Location: Warwick England
Founded: Mar 27, 2018
Warwick Tennis Club
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Live Team Leagues: 0 Past Team Leagues: 0
Live Ladder Leagues: 1 Past Ladder Leagues: 0
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Team League Matches: 0 Tournament matches: 0
Ladder League Matches: 162 Total matches: 162

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Singles Ladder annual subscription - £5

Mark Brennan - Paid
Glenn Mellor - Paid
Sally Thurston - Paid
Royston Young - Paid
Mark Simons - Paid
Martin Gray - Paid (Club)
Andy Wright - Paid
Chris V - Paid (Club)
Mike Wonnacott - Paid (Club)
Mark Folett - Paid
Katia Bellini - Paid
Tom Williams - Paid (Club)
Andrew Simpson - Paid
John Stather - Paid
Corinne Such - Paid
Michael Hinett - Paid
Sara Taylor - Paid
Chris Rees - Paid (Club)
Chris Thompson - Paid (Club)
Scott Smith - Paid
Robin Bradbury - Paid
Steve Attridge - Paid
Paul Jennings - Paid
Sue Thomas - Paid
Sudhakara Reddy Konda - Paid
Dom Bellini - Paid
James Shepherd - Paid

To follow
Stuart Reid
Lorenzo Frigero
Clement Jacquemin
Karen Young

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