Akron Tennis Match Play

Akron Tennis Match Play

Akron Tennis Match Play

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Location: Akron Ohio
Founded: Jun 03, 2018
Promoting tennis in the greater Akron area.

Open to high-caliber high school, college, and adult players with a self-ranking of 3.5 and above.

Public welcome!

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This ladder is open to men or women that would like to play regular singles matches in a competitive environment. All matches are being played a the Towpath Tennis Center.

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January 2019
Wednesday 9th:
Towpath Junior Ladder

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Joseph Motz - 6 months, 2 weeks

I played in High School but that was a very long time ago. I am out of shape and hoping to get back into it. For starters, prefer to find someone I could hit with some Saturday/Sunday afternoon/early evening. Would anyone be available sometime?



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