Mar 02, 2021
Wilmington, Delaware
Network coordinator:
Amith Nikam
Welcome to #IAADTennis, the Indo American Association of Delaware Tennis Network. This tennis community and tennis ladder is OPEN TO ALL tennis players.

Register to #IAADTennis tennis network @ https://www.globaltennisnetwork.com/network/register/3695-iaadtennis

Bookmark this page or add this page to your home screen on IOS and Android phones for easy access.

Once you have successfully registered to the #IAADTennis network, view and register to all applicable ladders for free @ https://www.globaltennisnetwork.com/network/ladder-league/ladderEvent/3695_605-iaadtennis-2021-season-ladder

#IAADTennis 2021 Season - Ladders
↳ Juniors Doubles Ladder (Co-ed, under 18)
↳ Juniors Singles Ladder (Co-ed, under 18)
↳ Men's Doubles Ladder
↳ Men's Singles Ladder
↳ Mixed Doubles Ladder (Co-ed)
↳ Women's Doubles Ladder
↳ Women's Singles Ladder

Tennis ladders are played from March'21 - September'21.
Top 16 or 32 players from each ladder qualify for the end of season tournament. Tournament will be played September'21 - October'21. Trophies will be awarded to winners and finalists! More info about tournaments will be posted @ https://www.globaltennisnetwork.com/network/tennis-tournament/tournamentEvent/3695_400-iaadtennis-2021-end-of-season-tournament

About IAAD: The Indo-American Association Of Delaware (IAAD) is a not for profit organization. It was incorporated in Delaware in 1984 and has no political or religious affiliations.

IAAD has the following objectives and goals:
- To create awareness of the rich Indian heritage among the general public and especially with the younger members of the Indo American community.
- To promote Goodwill, Friendship and Unity among the Indo American community.
- To organize social, educational, health and cultural activities to achieve the above objectives.

Find our more @ http://www.iaadelaware.org/
and https://www.facebook.com/IAADelaware/

Let's play some Tennis !!

Amith Nikam and Abhinav Nikam
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