What's app Tennis Dublin ;)

What's app Tennis Dublin ;)

What's app Tennis Dublin ;)

Jun 27, 2022
Dublin, Ireland
Network organizer:
Jaysus Jay (PL)
The network is run by a team of tennis lovers. The goal of this network is to grow the sport of Tennis by offering Tennis lessons and hosting events, leagues and ladders based on skill level. (over time, all tabs will be active) Doing so, we hope to contribute to improving the health and wellness of the residents in our tennis community of Dublin.
Our open chat: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Ce7ZqucHNMvDyVEveqr0qZ

IMPORTANT: When you join the network, you must enter your skill level and join one of the following groups :

Whats app Gentelmen/ Ladies / Mix League .... .... ........................... ........................submiting own skills..GTN / irish equivalent
Beginner *... 0 – 2 / non ranked
Begin. Plus *..... 2 / 6 , 7
Good * ...... ....... 3 / 5
Intermediate *.. 4 / 3 ,4
Advance * ....... 5+ / 1 , 2
(example :Player with skills GOOD ranked GTN (Global Tennis Network) division 3 is equivallent irish player class 5 )

Tennis Ladder Description (if you like it ... jump in)
..........to assess your own level, search for new players and to enjoy pure competition :)
... briefly about roles...Each participant can challenge others, but also get it by others../...challenged player have a week to accept or decline .. if he accept then together set up place and time to play match. On the end u can submit yourself score giving u points and rank . The best players gonna be awarded.. ??so briefly.. https://www.globaltennisnetwork.com/network/ladder-league/registerPage/3915_14885-what-s-app-singles-challenge-ladder-m-f
PS ... until more women are collected for their own ladder , the men's ladder is occasionally open !!!
For each tennis match played, this algorithm takes into account your opponent's calculated level, the accuracy of their level, and the type of match played, to calculate a very accurate playing level. Your calculated levels can even be tracked over time, giving you a history of your progression.

Dublin and the surrounding area. Entry free :) ... all challenges arranged here and on our What's App Chat.
...still in create progres... ...any questions pls ask on What's App: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Ce7ZqucHNMvDyVEveqr0qZ
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What's App Gentelmen League
Nestor Hernandez
10 Matches Played
Jaysus Jay (PL)
Court Listing Contributor
Jaysus Jay (PL)
Court Listing Contributor
Jeanne Le Bailly
10 Matches Played
kieran lenihan