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Vincent Weldon

Vincent Weldon

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Joined:January 28, 2011
Levels:Singles: 3.25Doubles: 4.00
Last Visit:7 years, 8 months ago
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CLTC Mens SinglesRank: 16Ladder League2011-07-072013-12-31
CLTC Mens Singles LadderRank: 31Ladder League2011-02-012011-07-06


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martin power - 9 years, 1 month
Can you ecord result against pat O D 6-4 6-3 to me

Fergal Burke - 9 years, 5 months
Hi Vinny,

I can't record a result against Alex 6-3 6-3, I won. Does a challenge just disapear after a period of time?



gerry smith - 9 years, 5 months
Hi Vinny

Gerry Smith Here
Just To Let U Know im unavailable From 2Nd april until 16th april injured + AWay

Ta Vinny

Mike Twomey - 9 years, 5 months
Hi Vincent,

I am unable to record result against Fintan Lawlor- I won
2-6, 6-4 1-0 .

Mike T

JM B - 9 years, 6 months
No, I am not a member on the Clontarf tennis club.
Is it necesary to be one ?
Best regards

Cormac Farrell - 9 years, 6 months
Hi Vinny, Gerry O Rourke, challenged me but can't play due to injury. Could you cancel his challenge for me. Thanks, Cormac Farrell.

Simon Balfe - 9 years, 7 months
Hi Vinnie

Just realised that I am not going email notifications for all challenges. I got an email for one challenge but when I logged in I saw that there were two auto-declined challenges and one other challenge I hadn't seen before.

Do you know if there is some issue with the notification emails or is the only way around it to keep logging in every few days?

Thanks for your help

JOHN LACEY - 9 years, 8 months
Hi Vinnie, I can't find the 'submit a score' link ... I beat Matt Walsh 1-6, 6-0, 1-0 ... can you submit for me. Thanks John

Fergal Burke - 9 years, 10 months

I dropped two places without playing Trevor or Simon, I accepted Brian Farrells challenge/played and also played Fintan last night. Any chance of getting more guys into the top half of the ladder, like Brendan Doyle, Mick Brangan or Neil O'Flynn.


Fergal :S

pat o'donovan - 9 years, 10 months
System is not allowing scores to be reported.
I beat Frank Goodwin 6-3 3-6 1-0 on Saturday 29th. Can you update this.

Pat O'Donovan

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