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Chris Conroy

Chris Conroy

Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Joined:March 03, 2015
Levels:Singles: 3.059Doubles: 2.000
Last Visit:Very recently
Network Points:1,740 (ranked #4 in this network)
GTN Points:1,392 (ranked #540 worldwide)
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David L - 5 years
Hello Chris, I was wondering if you wanted to play a game of tennis sometime?

If you live close to Newtownabbey, thats where i live and there are a good few free courts around here that i usually play on, or if there are others that you would rather use we can work it out.

I love to play tennis for fun and am trying to get better at it, and want a bit of exercise too.
If you can let me know what days you are free we can arrange a day, i like to play during the day time if possible.

I will request connection with yourself so we can private message any details to arrange the some games if you want to.
Hope to hear back from you.

paddy frew - 7 years, 3 months
Chris, thanks for the challenge it's been a while since we had a match look forward to it. I should be free any night except Mondays and nights its bucketing.

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