Gary Shorrock

Gary Shorrock

Location: Papakura, New Zealand
Joined:April 20, 2014
Levels:Singles: 3.60Doubles: 3.50
Last Visit:Less than a week ago
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Interclub, Business House and Social Tennis Player Tennis Committee Club Exec Member Business House Organiser
Papakura Tennis Men's Singles LadderRank: 2Ladder League2021-03-242021-12-31
Papakura Tennis Mixed Singles LadderRank: 3Ladder League2021-03-012021-12-31
Finished DoublesRank: 1Ladder League2014-11-112015-02-23


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Updated: 2021-12-24


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hiroshi suzuki - 7 years, 8 months
I am a visitor from usa and looking for a single or
doubles partners either Monday or Tuesday. I am staying
In drury until Wendsday. Thanks

Gary Shorrock - 7 years, 9 months
Hello Igor, I had to select Auckland as the city but I live in Papakura
I have had the site administrator add Papakura as a location which is a about 30 minutes away. I have now changed Profile to say Papakura.
This does look like a very good site for tennis fans.
I am going to use the site as a Ladder Competition for the Papakura tennis club. Cheers Gary - a avid tennis play but currently only at a intermediate level

Igor G - 7 years, 9 months
Hi Gary, Let's play a match/rally. I live in 10 min walking to the courts at Howe St. My email is Cell: 022-155-1492 Cheers - Igor

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    Singles self rating: 3.50
    Doubles self rating: 3.50


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