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Richie Arnold

Richie Arnold

Location: Worthing, England
Joined:January 27, 2012
Levels:Singles: 4.11Doubles: 5.00
Last Visit:Less than a month ago
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About Me
LTA Player Rating 7.2; 6x APTL Champion; 2008 West Worthing Club Championships Mens Consolation Singles Finalist; 3x West Worthing Club American Tournament Winner; 1x Centre Parcs 14+ Tennis Tournament Winner; 2x West Worthing Club Singles Leagues (Division 2 & 5 Winner); 1x Henfield Match Play Winner; 3x LTA Sussex Winter Doubles League Winner; 3x Adur & Worthing Singles League Champion; First LTA AllPlay All Gold Member; 2012 LTA Sussex Summer Postal League Runner Up.
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Doubles Invitational 2016Rank: 1Ladder League2016-01-042016-12-05
Club Night Series 2016Rank: 1Ladder League2016-01-042016-11-30
APTL Club Night Series 2015Rank: 1Ladder League2015-01-052015-11-03
APTL Doubles Invitational 2015Rank: 1Ladder League2015-01-052015-12-01
APTL MatchPlay Series 2015Rank: 1Ladder League2015-01-052015-11-03
TPL Championship Finals 2014
TPL Doubles InvitationalRank: 1Ladder League2014-05-012014-11-16
Tennis Planet Tour Playoffs 2014Rank: 4Ladder League2014-01-062014-11-30
Tennis Planet Tour Series 2014Rank: 1Ladder League2014-01-062014-11-30
A1T Tour Championships


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Updated: 2021-12-24

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Updated: 2021-12-24

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    Singles self rating: 4.00
    Doubles self rating: 4.00


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