Hilton Head Tennis League

Sam Cavanaugh

Sam Cavanaugh

Location: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
Joined:May 08, 2013
Levels:Singles: 4.04Doubles: 4.50
Last Visit:6 months, 2 weeks ago
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4.5 Mens SinglesRank: 6Ladder League2020-03-182021-04-04
4.5 Mens DoublesRank: 1Ladder League2020-03-182021-04-05
Hilton Head Men’s Singles Championship 4.5
2019 HHI Spring/Summer LadderRank: 11Ladder League2019-04-212019-08-30
Hilton Head Fall Men's LadderRank: 8Ladder League2018-09-082018-11-25
Hilton Head Summer 2017 LadderRank: 8Ladder League2017-05-222017-09-20
Hilton Head Summer 2016 tournament
Summer 2016 LadderRank: 6Ladder League2016-05-172016-07-31
2015 Fall Open LadderRank: 8Ladder League2015-11-062016-01-20
Hilton Head Summer 2015 4.0 Tournament


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Andrew Stambaugh - 1 year
I'm a 4.5 player from Florida visiting HH for 6 weeks and would love to play you on Friday if possible. 727-744-2532 ahs07@yahoo.com

Bob Rupp - 1 year, 3 months
sam could u help post a score? Henry Morales def Bob Rupp 3 &0. Thanks!!!

Bob Rupp - 1 year, 7 months
Sam I want to play 4.0 and cancel 3.5 singles.

Bob Rupp - 1 year, 7 months
Did u get my info for Spring 2020 Sincerely Bob Rupp.

Ted Bragaw - 5 years, 2 months
Introducing myself. Would you be available to play in the next week or so?

Pavel Lvov - 6 years, 2 months
In HHI Jul 22-30. Pls let me know if interested to hit. Pavel

Bob Pietras - 6 years, 11 months
I'll be in bluffton, sc for the next 2 weeks on business. Would you be available to play weekdays in the evening? Bob

Bobby Tillison - 7 years, 3 months
Sam, how long does this league last? Do we have a tournament at the end of the regular season? We playing against Besufort's singles?

Bobby Tillison - 7 years, 4 months
Sam, I beat Tom Cunneff today 6-2, 6-4. Please change my forfeit to reflect the score. Thx

Bobby Tillison - 7 years, 5 months
Sam, Mike Soby accepted my challenge but today said he's still hurt and can't play for two weeks. Will you default him so I can challenge someone else. He said in his email he was willing to default the mathc or just delete the challenge, whichever is easiest.

Bobby T

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