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Daniel Arzuaga

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Daniel Arzuaga

Premium member
Location: Bronx, New York
Joined:July 11, 2017
Levels:Singles: 3.17Doubles: 3.16
Last Visit:Less than two weeks ago
Network Points50 (ranked #6)
Love everything about this game...playing, learning, improving, socializing, teaching, competing. Let's play and have fun!

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2021 MTG Summer Ladder (3.0 and Below)Rank: 32Ladder League2021-05-212021-09-06
2021 MTG Summer Ladder (3.5 and above)Rank: 9Ladder League2021-05-212021-09-06
2021 Papi Tennis Summer Ladder (3.5 and above)Rank: 6Ladder League2021-05-212021-10-31
2019 MTG Summer Ladder Playoffs - GROUP ARank: 4Ladder League2019-09-052019-09-30
2019 Papi Tennis Summer LadderRank: 3Ladder League2019-05-242020-10-31
2019 MTG Men's Summer LadderRank: 1Ladder League2019-05-242019-09-02
2018 BIG APPLE TEAM TENNISRank: 7Team League2018-09-082018-09-09
Group A: 2018 MTG PlayoffsRank: 4Ladder League2018-09-042018-09-30
2018 Papi Tennis - SinglesRank: 1Ladder League2018-07-012019-11-03
2018 Papi Tennis - DoublesRank: 1Ladder League2018-07-012018-09-03


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Rajmohan Mohanan - 1 year
Could you approve my membership

Don Lee - 2 years, 2 months
Hi Daniel, I can't seem to join MTG. Can you help look into it, please? Thanks.

Brian Gonzalez - 3 years
Would love to play. Let me know if you're available and where you play.

Michael Hull - 3 years, 2 months
Wanna play???

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