Chris Mayotte

Chris Mayotte

Location: Stamford, Connecticut
Joined:September 21, 2012
Levels:Singles: 6.00Doubles: 6.00
Last Visit:1 month, 3 weeks ago
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2019-2020 Chelsea Piers Singles LadderRank: 64Ladder League2019-10-062020-05-24
2018-2019 Chelsea Piers Singles LadderRank: 64Ladder League2018-09-162019-05-19
2017-2018 Chelsea Piers Singles LadderRank: 55Ladder League2017-09-172018-05-27
2016-2017 Chelsea Piers Men's Singles LadderRank: 55Ladder League2016-10-162017-05-21
2015/2016 Chelsea Piers Men's Singles LadderRank: 43Ladder League2015-11-082016-05-24
Chelsea Piers Men's Singles Ladder 2014/2015Rank: 40Ladder League2014-10-262015-04-24
Chelsea Piers Men's Summer Singles LadderRank: 6Ladder League2014-06-082014-08-31


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Jim Weinstock - 5 years, 6 months
Am I included in this ladder? Jim Weinstock

Jim Weinstock - 6 years, 4 months
Hi Kevin,Merry Christmas!
2 Questions, On the 22nd I was bumped a notch because had not played in 21 days which is not the case. Also,played a match on the 21st that has not been logged in. Thanks, Jim Weinstock

Jim Weinstock - 6 years, 6 months
what happened to Nov 9th matches? they don't show.

Jim Weinstock - 6 years, 6 months
should we be challenging at this point? how?

Kurt Polk - 7 years, 1 month
Hi Jenna,
Just curious if you received my scores for Sunday's match?

Kurt Polk - 7 years, 2 months
Hi Jenna,
I see a few times where my ranked changed due to not playing for 14 days, when I did play in that window. I will actually be out for the next month and understand I'll lose points there, I just want to make sure I have the credit for matches/activity played.


Kurt Polk - 7 years, 3 months
Hi Jenna,
I just registered for the ladder. I'm sure it wasn't submitted yet, but I did play James last night and won 6-3 6-0.

Hope all is well! Having a blast in the league.



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