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Steve England

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About Me
I was privileged as a young man to live one mile from the site of the US Open Clay Court Championships. I was inspired by the action on the courts, and impressed by the ferocity of the men's game up close! I played varsity level tennis in high school, and won my school's tournament my junior and senior years. I became a tennis instructor for the Indianapolis Parks Department during summer breaks, but then hung up my racquet at age-22 to begin a career in air traffic control. Twenty years later, I picked up a racquet again to play my coworkers at the airport control tower where I worked. Everyone enjoyed the camaraderie, and exercise Tennis-Tuesdays provided. We began a tournament, which has grown, evolved, and continues to provide fun, exercise, and an avenue to meet the broader tennis community.
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2018 Men’s Playoffs/Championship
Mixed Community Tri-Level TennisRank: 1Team League2018-06-172018-09-08
DSM-2018 Regular SeasonRank: 1Ladder League2018-05-012018-07-31
2017 Men's Playoffs/Championship
DSM 2016 Playoffs/Championship
DSM - 2017 Regular SeasonRank: 1Ladder League2016-08-012017-07-31
DSM - 2016 Regular SeasonRank: 1Ladder League2016-04-152016-07-31


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Steve England      TowerTennis
5 years, 8 months
Trophies for Men's Champion, Finalist, 3rd-Place, Consolation Winner, Ladies Champion, and Ladies Finalist have been ordered! There's still time to compete for one of these prizes --- Just complete three matches by the end of July, and finish in the top twelve for your gender.

Steve England      TowerTennis
6 years, 6 months
Winter is coming — but the weather is still great for tennis! The finals are this Saturday, and the consolation tournament still in progress — take advantage of these last weeks of playable weather to get a head start on next year's standings!

Steve England      TowerTennis
6 years, 8 months
Hi Joe, Sorry I ran out of inventory.

Steve England      TowerTennis
7 years, 8 months
The compressed schedules of air traffic controllers makes scheduling tennis matches especially difficult. A regular season challenge ladder solves many of the obstacles associated with these unique challenges.

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