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Niagara Region Doubles Team Tennis - Winter 2022

Welland, Ontario
January 09, 2022 - March 06, 2022
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Niagara Region Team Tennis League - Winter 2022

* Sunday League - Start date - January 9, 2022 - End date - Sunday, March 6, 2022
* Niagara Region Team Tennis League is for both men and women at playing levels between 3.0-5.0
* Four Level Team Tennis League has Line #1 Level (9.0-9.5), Line#2 (Level 8.0-8.5), Line#3(7.0-7.5), Line #4(6.5-7.0)
For more details, please send an email to .
Players are to register at online.
Niagara Region Team Tennis League Structure: -
EIGHT Teams - 64 Players

*In the Winter League Season of 2022, Each Team will play round robin versus the other teams ONCE over the entire 7-week duration of the regular season.
* The Semi-Finals for the top 4 teams will be held on Sunday, Feb 27th followed by the Championship Finals for the top 2 teams on Sunday, March 6th.
Niagara Region Team Tennis League Fees
- $175/person -
The fee covers the following:
- Opportunity to play versus some of the finest players in the entire Region
- Indoor Courts Fees for All sessions
- New Balls every match
- Unlimited FUN in a competitive tennis environment (priceless)
- Players are to Check their Sunday starting times weekly ON-LINE.
- Players to arrive and report at the league's desk at least 10 minutes before starting time
- Warm-ups to be kept at 5 minutes.
- Teams /Players delaying their match (or arriving late) could be subject to warning (at first) and penalties starting at 2nd occurrence.
- 2 out of 3 sets - 3rd set being a 10-point Tie Break
- In the indoor setting, players switch ends after each Set
- Players are to follow the COVID guidelines as enforced by the province and Youngs SportsPlex Facility
- SPARES POLICY: - NRTN league is a competitive & fun league and we expect all who signed up for Sunday afternoons are to commit to playing for the duration of the league season.
Regional League committees fully understand that on rare occasions, a registered league player will need to have a spare in his/her absence. While committees have a spares list, a registered player can also propose a suitable player in his/her absence for consideration. In the end, committees need to make sure that on those rare occasions a spare is of the same level.
This season, spares are allowed to play for any team (if needed) during those rare occasions. Committee will still try their very best to keep spare, once played for a team, to remain in that particular team. We also do understand that it may not be possible in all situations fewer players are now ineligible to play (or be a spare) due to strict vaccinations policies being enforced for indoor tennis.
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Niagara Region Doubles Team Tennis - Winter 2022 is a tennis team league in Welland, Ontario.
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