Pine Valley Club

Men's Platform Tennis Division 2

Nottingham, Maryland
September 11, 2022 - April 30, 2023
Tennis League Id: 848
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Current Signature, Full Club, Racket & Platform Members only are eligible to play.

Must be registered for the Baltimore Men's Interclub Paddle League: & select "Mens Interclub Website. (additional fees apply)

Baltimore Men's Platform League

Each match will consist of four doubles teams. One point will be scored for each doubles match won.

Divisions 1 & 2 – The sum of PTI ratings of the players on any court must be equal to or lower than the sum of the PTI ratings of the players on the court below. Rule applies to both regular season & playoffs.

10 Point Rule: In the Playoffs only, no player may play on a court below another player if his PTI is 10 points
lower than either player on the higher court: For example, on court #1 is a team of a PTI 15 & PTI 16.

A player with a PTI of 6 would not be eligible to play on court #2 since his PTI is 10 points lower than the
player with a PTI of 16. A player with a PTI of 7 would be allowed to play on court 2 since his PTI would only
be 9 less than the player with a PTI of 16. It does not matter that the combined PTI of the players on court #2 may be higher than those on court #1 (standard stacking rules).

Tiebreaker for individual matches during the playoffs: If a playoff match ends tied after 4 matches have been played, the teams will play one 8 game pro-set tiebreaker. If one team is ahead in sets at the completion of all 4 matches, that team will receive either a 1 or 2 game advantage in the pro-set depending on the sets advantage. For example, if Team A holds a 2-set advantage after regulation play (meaning Team A won 2 matches in straight sets and lost 2 matches in 3 sets), Team A will start the pro-set off with a 2 game lead. The same holds for a 1 set advantage - that team would start the pro-set with a 1-0 lead. Service to begin the pro-set tiebreaker will be determined in the same manner as a new match regardless of the starting score (spinning paddle). The team used for this one 8 game pro-set playoff will be chosen by the captain but may have only one non-member club pro/assistant and only one
player from court #1 on the team.

Playoff Eligibility & Match Restrictions: To be eligible to play in the Playoffs, a player must have physically played in 3 matches in that divisions. All players in all divisions will be allowed to play a MAXIMUM of 4 playoff matches. Players may play in no more than 2 divisions in the Playoffs.
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Men's Platform Tennis Division 2 is a tennis team league in Nottingham, Maryland.
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