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Who is Raphael Nadal

One of the top tennis players since August 18, 2008 is Raphael Nadal; born in Manacor (Majorca), Spain in 1986. At 6ft 1inch, and 187lbs, this tennis player turned professional in 2001. He is left handed and has a two-handed backhand. His career earnings have been over US$ 23,000,000, and he is the 6th all time tennis leader in earnings.

During the Olympic Games of 2008 he won a Gold Medal for his country and has 33 career titles to his name. He has won the “Grand Slam” in the French Open in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, the Australian Open in 2009, Wimbledon in 2008, and the US Open in 2008. His nicknames are: Rafa, Gladiator and The King of Clay.

During a game Raphael has an unusual strategic approach and mental resiliency; he is not discouraged and can adapt to any weather or court condition. He is sponsored by Nike. In 2009 Nike encouraged Nadal to wear a more traditional on-court look to reflect his new number one status. His girlfriend of three years, 20 year old Francesca “Xisca” Perello is also a long time friend of one of Raphael’s sisters.

Nadal has appeared in advertisements for “Kia Motors”; endorsements from “Universal DVD’s”, and had even gotten his nickname “Rafa” put on some Nike customized “Air Breathe Cage II” shoes.

Saturday night Nadal will attend the “Zelos Tournament celebration party in Monaco. The “Clay Court Season” officially starts on Monday, April 13th in Monte Carlo, and Nadal will be there for the Masters Series Tournament.
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