Tennis Court Locations near Atlanta Georgia

There are 210 tennis court locations near Atlanta Georgia. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near Atlanta Georgia
Tennis Court
Georgia State University - Sports Annex
101 Piedmont Avenue Southeast, Atlanta, Georgia
SchoolNoYesNo200.17 miles
Butler Park
38 Hilliard St, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo200.73 miles
Rosa L. Burney Park
521 Windsor St, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo200.87 miles
Hilton Atlanta Hotel
255 Courtland Street Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia
ClubYesYesNo300.91 miles
Phoenix II Park
684 Martin St, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo200.94 miles
Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site Park
450 Auburn Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo101.10 miles
Cleopas R. Johnson Park
587 Larkin St, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo201.10 miles
Grant Park
537 Park Ave SE, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo401.12 miles
Clark Atlanta University
616 Fair St , Atlanta, Georgia
SchoolNoNoNo601.14 miles
Spellman College
350 Spelman Lane, Atlanta, Georgia
SchoolNoYesNo401.33 miles
Central Park
71 Ralph McGill Blvd, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo401.46 miles
Bedford Pine Park
521 Bedford Pl NE, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo401.46 miles
Morehouse College
830 Westview Drive Southwest, Atlanta, Georgia
SchoolNoYesNo601.67 miles
Adair Park
728 Gillette Ave, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo201.78 miles
Washington High School
45 Whitehouse Drive Southwest, Atlanta, Georgia
SchoolNoNoNo301.96 miles
West End Park
1108 Lucile Ave, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo212.13 miles
South Atlanta Park
1194 Capitol Ave, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo302.16 miles
Washington Park Tennis Center
1125 Lena St NW, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicYesYesNo812.18 miles
Georgia Tech - Bill Moore Tennis Complex
940 Fowler Street , Atlanta, Georgia
PrivateNoYesYes1502.24 miles
Henry W. Grady High School
929 Charles Allen Dr, Atlanta, Georgia
SchoolNoNoNo302.45 miles
Arthur Langford Jr Park
161 Thornton St , Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo202.57 miles
Arthur Langford Park
211 Thornton St SW, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo402.57 miles
Maddox Park
1186 Bankhead Hwy, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo102.74 miles
Walker Park
271 E Side Ave, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo102.76 miles
Sharon Lester Tennis Center
Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo1202.78 miles
Piedmont Park Tennis Center
400 Park Drive NE, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicYesYesNo1202.78 miles
Piedmont Driving Club
1215 Piedmont Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia
ClubYesYesNo702.82 miles
Perkerson Park
1549 Beatie Ave, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo602.87 miles
Perkerson Park
770 Deckner Ave SW, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo602.87 miles
Wesley Coan Park
1530 Woodbine Ave SE, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo402.94 miles
Coan Park
28 Anniston Ave, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo402.94 miles
Goldsboro Park
559 Goldsboro Rd, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo212.94 miles
Mozley Park
1565 Martin Luther King Jr, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo202.97 miles
Atlanta Metropolitan College
1630 Metropolitan Pky, Atlanta, Georgia
SchoolNoYesNo403.03 miles
Oakland City Park
1305 Oakland Drive Southwest, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo203.05 miles
Candler Park
585 Candler Park Drive, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo403.21 miles
Candler Park
1500 McLendon Ave NE, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo423.21 miles
McClatchey Park
75 Park Ln , Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo333.22 miles
Crim High School
271 Wilkinson Dr, Atlanta, Georgia
SchoolNoNoNo303.32 miles
South Bend Park
1935 Compton Dr , Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo203.34 miles
DeKalb Memorial County Park
263 Wilkinson Dr, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo203.39 miles
Grove Park
711 Hortense Pl, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo203.46 miles
Thomasville Park
1835 Henry Thomas Drive Southeast, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo103.55 miles
Mc Ghee Tennis Center
820 Beecher Court Southwest, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo903.60 miles
McGhee Tennis Center
820 Beecher Ct SW, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicYesYesNo903.60 miles
Ansley Golf Club
196 Montgomery Ferry Dr, Atlanta, Georgia
ClubYesYesNo893.63 miles
Ansley Golf Club
196 Montgomerry Ferry Dr NE, Atlanta, Georgia
PrivateYesYesNo8153.64 miles
Anderson Park
98 Anderson Avenue Northwest, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoYesNo303.65 miles
Druid Hills Golf Club
740 Clifton Road Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia
ClubYesYesNo1103.66 miles
Lake Claire Park
430 Lakeshore Drive, Atlanta, Georgia
PublicNoNoNo113.71 miles

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