Tennis Court Locations near Kansas City Missouri

There are 105 tennis court locations near Kansas City Missouri. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near Kansas City Missouri
Tennis Court
The Parade Park
1524 Woodland Ave, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoYesNo401.00 miles
Crown Center
2462 Grand Ave, Kansas City, Missouri
PrivateYesYesNo201.15 miles
Prospect Plaza Park
2430 E 12th St, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo201.36 miles
Penn Valley Park
2907 Southwest Trfy, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo401.90 miles
Kessler Park
223 Bellefontaine Ave, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo401.94 miles
Warwick Blvd
3402 Warwick Blvd, Kansas City, Missouri
PrivateYesNoNo202.37 miles
Ahsland Square Park
4466 E 23rd St, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo202.78 miles
Central Park
3443 E 31st St S, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoYesNo402.84 miles
Gillham Park
39th and Gillham, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo423.02 miles
Roanoke Park
3759 E Roanoke Dr, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo203.06 miles
Chelsea Park
4913 E 26th St, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo103.21 miles
Budd Park
238 Hardesty Ave, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo203.27 miles
Macken Park
Clark Ferguson Dr, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoYesNo643.41 miles
Northland Racquet Club
306 Tennis Ct, North Kansas City, Missouri
ClubYesYesYes603.61 miles
Rock Hill Tennis Club
4520 Kenwood Ave, Kansas City, Missouri
ClubYesNoNo603.74 miles
Seven Oaks Park
3813 Jackson Ave, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo203.82 miles
Rosedale Park
Rosedale Park Rd, Kansas City, Kansas
PublicNoNoNo203.96 miles
Plaza Tennis Center
747 JC Nichols Pkwy, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicYesYesNo1454.06 miles
Swope Park
Swope Pky, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoYesNo434.13 miles
Sheffield Park
1100 Winchester Ave, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo204.15 miles
Westheight Park
1774 N 20th St, Kansas City, Kansas
PublicNoNoNo404.25 miles
Woodside Tennis And Health Club
2000 W 47th Pl, Westwood, Kansas
ClubYesYesYes1404.31 miles
Jacob Loose Park
Summit St & W 52nd Ter, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo484.76 miles
Kensington Park
3123 Washington Ave, Kansas City, Kansas
PublicNoNoNo104.78 miles
Rockhurst College
5321 Lydia Ave, Kansas City, Missouri
SchoolNoYesNo604.83 miles
Mission Hills Country Club
5400 Mission Dr, Shawnee Mission, Kansas
ClubYesYesNo1004.87 miles
Klamm Park
2543 N 27th St, Kansas City, Kansas
PublicNoNoNo604.89 miles
Clopper Park
3176 Powell Ave, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoYesNo204.95 miles
Mission Hills Country Club
Access Rd, Kansas City, Kansas
ClubYesYesYes305.04 miles
Northgate Park
4524 4636 U.S. 71, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo205.55 miles
Town Fork Greenway
1100 SE Adams Dairy Parkway, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo405.58 miles
Winnwood Park
4400 N Cypress Ave, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo205.73 miles
Quindara Park
3297 Sewell Ave, Kansas City, Kansas
PublicNoNoNo205.79 miles
Kansas City Country Club
Access Rd, Shawnee Mission, Kansas
ClubYesYesYes705.81 miles
Park Hill South High School
4504 NW Hillside Dr, Riverside, Missouri
SchoolNoNoNo455.85 miles
W Meyer Blvd & Brookside, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo306.02 miles
Cleveland Ave
4861 N Cleveland Ave, Kansas City, Missouri
PrivateYesYesNo706.24 miles
Neale Peterson Park
4012 W 62nd St, Fairway, Kansas
PublicNoNoNo206.37 miles
Arbor Villa Park
6667 Main St, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo106.40 miles
Dunn Park
6699 The Paseo, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo126.53 miles
Indian Hills Middle School
6400 Mission Rd, Prairie Village, Kansas
SchoolNoNoNo226.58 miles
Winnetonka High Schools
5815 NE 48th St, Kansas City, Missouri
SchoolNoNoNo806.58 miles
Homestead Country Club
6510 Mission Rd, Prairie Village, Kansas
ClubYesYesYes1706.74 miles
Victor X Anderson Park
6202 W 61st St, Countryside, Kansas
PublicNoNoNo206.97 miles
10843 Hink Dr, Sugar Creek, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo206.98 miles
North Park
7780 W 55th Ter, Overland Park, Kansas
PublicNoNoNo127.08 miles
Highland Crest Park
5041 Locust Ave, Kansas City, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo307.19 miles
Welborn Park
2542 N 55th St, Kansas City, Kansas
PublicNoNoNo207.25 miles
Meadowbrook Park
1946 NE 60th Ter, Gladstone, Missouri
PublicNoNoNo107.29 miles
NE Brooktree Ln
3963 NE Brooktree Ln, Gladstone, Missouri
PrivateYesNoNo207.31 miles

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