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There are 160 tennis court locations near Dallas Texas. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near Dallas Texas
Tennis Court
Mc Kinnon St
3180 Mc Kinnon St, Dallas, Texas
PrivateYesYesNo101.37 miles
Reverchon Park
3310 Maple Ave, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo201.51 miles
Lafayette St
3856 Lafayette St, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo101.58 miles
Lake Cliff Park
757 Blaylock Dr, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo401.89 miles
Buckner Park
4561 Victor St, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo102.04 miles
Cole Park
3142 Cambrick St, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoYesNo822.27 miles
Verandah Club
2201 Stemmons Frwy, Dallas, Texas
ClubYesYesNo402.28 miles
Warsaw Dr
1762 Warsaw Dr, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo302.60 miles
Kidd Springs Park
914 Sylvan Ave, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo202.70 miles
Cochran Park
5268 Mission Ave, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo102.78 miles
Exline Park
2500 Lobdell St, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoYesNo202.82 miles
Stevens Park
2171 Kessler Pky, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo202.86 miles
Davis Park
St Johns Dr. at Alice Cir, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo103.13 miles
North Hampton Park
2059 Bickers St, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoYesNo203.20 miles
Prather Park
4632 Drexel Dr, Highland Park, Texas
PublicNoYesNo103.24 miles
Randall Park
5880 Columbia Ave, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo403.25 miles
University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center At Dallas
5323 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, Texas
SchoolNoYesNo303.35 miles
Juanita Craft Park
2912 Foreman St, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo203.43 miles
Lakewood Country Club
6609 La Vista Dr, Dallas, Texas
PrivateNoYesNo603.67 miles
Samuell Grand Tennis Center
6200 E Grand Ave, Dallas, Texas
PublicYesYesNo2013.69 miles
Tietze Park
2846 Skillman St, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo103.75 miles
Fairfax Park
Roland Ave, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoYesNo403.79 miles
Page Park
638 S Montclair Ave, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo203.85 miles
N Oak Cliff Blvd
163 N Oak Cliff Blvd, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo403.86 miles
Dallas Country Club
4039 Mockingbird Ln, Highland Park, Texas
ClubYesYesNo803.88 miles
Glencoe Park
5380 Ellsworth Ave, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo203.91 miles
Greenbay Park
5273 Wullschleger Ln, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo203.94 miles
Granada Ave
3521 Granada Ave, University Park, Texas
PublicNoNoNo304.28 miles
Southwestern Methodist University
6047 Dublin St, University Park, Texas
SchoolNoYesNo604.33 miles
Smu Blvd
Smu Blvd, Dallas, Texas
PrivateYesNoNo504.43 miles
Williams Park
3845 University Blvd, University Park, Texas
PublicNoYesNo204.49 miles
Germany Park
5678 W University Blvd, University Park, Texas
PublicNoYesNo204.55 miles
Burleson Park
6558 Durham St, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoYesNo204.71 miles
Tokalon Dr
7166 Tokalon Dr, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo204.74 miles
White Rock Lake
7100 Tokalon Dr., Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo224.74 miles
Beckley Saner Park
2736 Toluca Ave, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo104.78 miles
Seay Tennis Center
7050 Westchester, Dallas, Texas
ClubYesNoYes414.82 miles
Curtis Park
3600 Lovers Ln., Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo214.90 miles
Brook Hollow Golf Club
1946 Las Palms Dr, Dallas, Texas
ClubYesYesYes1705.34 miles
Smith Park
4018 Greenbrier Dr, University Park, Texas
PublicNoYesNo205.40 miles
Caruth Park
7778 Turtle Creek Blvd, University Park, Texas
PublicNoYesNo205.45 miles
The Green In The Village Apartments
6060 Village Bend Dr, Dallas, Texas
PrivateNoNoNo205.47 miles
Kiest Park
2094 Perryton Dr, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo805.51 miles
Weiss Park
Coombs Creek Dr, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo205.58 miles
Ridgewood Park
6860 Fisher Rd, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo205.69 miles
Village Tennis Center
8310 Southwestern Blvd, Dallas, Texas
ClubYesYesNo1215.85 miles
Cummings Park
4803 Bonnie View Rd, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo205.85 miles
Everglade Park
6132 Showbend Ln, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoNoNo1605.92 miles
Gateway Park
2468 N Jim Miller Rd, Dallas, Texas
PublicNoYesNo406.01 miles
John W Carpenter (Building Top)
9331 John W Carpenter Fwy, Dallas, Texas
PrivateNoNoNo206.07 miles

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