Tennis Court Locations near El Paso Texas

There are 69 tennis court locations near El Paso Texas. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near El Paso Texas
Tennis Court
Jefferson High School
4700 Alameda Ave, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo700.74 miles
Memorial Reserve Park
1756 N Luna St, El Paso, Texas
PublicNoYesNo401.21 miles
Henderson Middle School
329 Lisbon St, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo401.32 miles
Parque Chamizal
Cesar Chavez Memorial Hwy, El Paso, Texas
PrivateYesNoNo701.34 miles
Bowie High School
Delta Dr, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo801.40 miles
Austin High School
2302 Byron St, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo801.47 miles
Sunset High School
2231 Arizona Ave, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo201.64 miles
Fort Bliss - Howze St
Howze St, Fort Bliss, Texas
PrivateNoNoNo201.69 miles
Ross Middle School
Stoneman Rd, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo401.95 miles
Fort Bliss - Club Rd
249 Club Rd, Fort Bliss, Texas
PrivateNoYesNo502.02 miles
Guillen Middle School
Border Hwy, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo402.40 miles
El Paso High School
950 E Schuster Ave, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoYesNo602.78 miles
N R E Thomason Loop
Ascarate Park Rd, El Paso, Texas
PublicNoYesNo202.83 miles
Bassett Middle School
4314 Alabama St, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo202.90 miles
El Paso Tennis Club
998 E Robinson Ave, El Paso, Texas
ClubYesYesNo1503.10 miles
Madeline Park
1032 E Baltimore Dr, El Paso, Texas
PublicNoYesNo103.27 miles
Burges High School
7659 W H Burges Dr, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo1003.41 miles
Mission Hills Park
3909 N Stanton St, El Paso, Texas
PublicNoNoNo103.61 miles
Macarthur Elem-Intermediate School
8309 Morley Dr, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo403.73 miles
School on Cosmos Ave
9066 Cosmos Ave, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo404.52 miles
College Creek
College Creek, El Paso, Texas
SchoolYesNoNo604.56 miles
Chapin High School
Gateway Blvd S, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo804.64 miles
Fort Bliss - Scott St
Sgt E Churchill St, Fort Bliss, Texas
PrivateYesNoNo204.94 miles
Riverside High School
301 Midway Drive, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo805.01 miles
Eastwood High School
2430 McRae Blvd, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo805.17 miles
Morehead Middle
5553 Confetti Dr, El Paso, Texas
PrivateYesNoNo405.46 miles
Magoffin Middle School
4969 Hercules Ave, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo405.64 miles
Sunrise Park
3856 Sunrise Ave, El Paso, Texas
PublicNoYesNo405.72 miles
Eastwood Park
2945 Parkwood St, El Paso, Texas
PublicNoYesNo205.82 miles
School on Venado Dr
976 Venado Dr, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo505.82 miles
Bel Air High School
731 N. Yarbrough, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo1006.09 miles
Canyon Hills Middle School
8950 Eclipse St, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo406.16 miles
JP Shawver Park
Independence Dr, El Paso, Texas
PublicNoYesNo206.39 miles
Eastwood Middle School
2612 Chaswood, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo506.41 miles
Coronado Country Club
1044 Broadmoor Dr, El Paso, Texas
ClubYesYesNo706.63 miles
Hillcrest Middle School
8040 Yermoland, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo506.85 miles
Hanks High School
2001 Lee Trevino, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo807.12 miles
Irvin High School
9465 Roanoke Dr, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoYesNo1007.18 miles
Lomaland Park
705 N Lomita Dr, El Paso, Texas
PublicNoYesNo207.19 miles
Coronado High School
6760 Cloudview Dr, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoYesNo807.22 miles
School on Indian Pl
466 Indian Pl, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoYesNo207.40 miles
Folsom Rd
Folsom Rd, El Paso, Texas
PrivateYesNoNo407.43 miles
Ysleta High School
8600 Alameda, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo1007.90 miles
Indian Ridge Middle School
11201 Pebble Hills, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo207.90 miles
Syline Youth Park
9761 Gschwind St, El Paso, Texas
PublicNoYesNo208.08 miles
Desert View Middle School
1641 Billie Marie, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo308.11 miles
Bill Ellis Tennis Center
4770 Woodrow Bean Transmountain Rd, El Paso, Texas
PublicYesYesNo2208.32 miles
Valley View Middle School
8660 Northloop, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo208.37 miles
Parkland Middle School
6045 Nova Way, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo508.72 miles
Hornedo Middle School
6944 Marble Canyon Dr, El Paso, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo608.73 miles

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