Tennis Court Locations near San Jose California

There are 138 tennis court locations near San Jose California. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near San Jose California
Tennis Court
Guadalupe River Park
301 Carlysle St, San Jose, California
PublicNoYesNo420.39 miles
Backesto Park
13th and Empire St, San Jose, California
PublicNoNoNo811.08 miles
San Jose High School
447 Coyote Creek Cir, San Jose, California
SchoolNoNoNo501.46 miles
William Street Park
1000 Woodborough Ct, San Jose, California
PublicNoNoNo211.62 miles
Trace Elementary School
1530 Naglee Ave, San Jose, California
SchoolNoNoNo301.77 miles
Carmel Valley Athletic Club
27300 Rancho San Carlos Road, San Jose, California
ClubYesYesNo1001.89 miles
San Jose Swim & Racquet Club
1110 Pedro St, San Jose, California
ClubYesYesNo601.97 miles
Santa Clara University
Bellomy St, Santa Clara, California
SchoolYesYesNo902.28 miles
San Jose City College
1799 Kingman Ave, San Jose, California
SchoolNoNoNo612.50 miles
Bramhall Park
1338 Willow St, San Jose, California
PublicNoNoNo612.57 miles
River Glen Park
1692 Parkside Ave, San Jose, California
PublicNoNoNo212.62 miles
Buchser Middle School
1234 Bellomy St, Santa Clara, California
SchoolNoNoNo802.74 miles
Yerba Buena High School
1690 Roberts Ave, San Jose, California
SchoolNoNoNo702.79 miles
Townsend Park
1362 Townsend Ave, San Jose, California
PublicNoNoNo202.89 miles
Micron Technology Inc
2125 Onel Dr, San Jose, California
PrivateNoNoNo103.01 miles
Independence High School
699 N Jackson Ave, San Jose, California
SchoolNoYesNo703.02 miles
Del Mar High School
Primero Ln, San Jose, California
SchoolNoNoNo723.12 miles
Willow Glen High School
1342 Dry Creek Rd, San Jose, California
SchoolNoNoNo703.35 miles
Capitol Park
Peter Pan Ave, San Jose, California
PublicNoNoNo203.51 miles
Hamann Park
Almarida Dr, San Jose, California
PublicNoNoNo313.54 miles
Wallenberg Park - South
2200 Lansford Ave, San Jose, California
PublicNoYesNo863.55 miles
Leadership High School
1901 Cunningham Ave, San Jose, California
SchoolNoNoNo703.64 miles
Henry Schmidt Park
555 Los Padres Blvd, Santa Clara, California
PublicNoYesNo433.64 miles
Prune Ridge Golf Club
2491 Golf Links Cir, Santa Clara, California
ClubYesYesNo203.80 miles
Canoas Park
2558 Thrush Dr, San Jose, California
PublicNoNoNo203.88 miles
James Lick High School
57 N White Rd, Alum Rock, California
SchoolNoYesNo604.04 miles
Mary Gomez Park
651 Bucher Ave, Santa Clara, California
PublicNoNoNo214.06 miles
Campbell Union High School
903 Boynton Ave, San Jose, California
SchoolNoYesNo604.30 miles
Montague Park
3595 MacGregor Lane, Santa Clara, California
PublicNoNoNo234.33 miles
Santa Clara Tennis Center
909 Kiely Blvd, Santa Clara, California
PublicYesYesNo884.34 miles
Central Park
983 Kiely Blvd, Santa Clara, California
PublicNoYesNo214.46 miles
Campbell Community Center
94 W Latimer Ave, Campbell, California
PrivateYesYesNo404.61 miles
Cataldi Park
Cataldi Dr, San Jose, California
PublicNoNoNo724.63 miles
Paul Moore Park
3247 Cherry Ave, San Jose, California
PublicNoYesNo434.68 miles
Doerr Park
Park Wilshire Dr, San Jose, California
PublicNoNoNo414.69 miles
Andrew Hill High School
E Capitol Expy, San Jose, California
SchoolNoNoNo604.71 miles
Mt. Pleasant Park
1383 Park Pleasant Cir, San Jose, California
PublicNoNoNo204.77 miles
Sierramont Middle School
3116 Kimlee Dr, San Jose, California
SchoolNoNoNo304.82 miles
Santa Clara High School-Santa Clara
3299 Loma Alta Dr, Santa Clara, California
SchoolNoNoNo804.84 miles
Mount Pleasant High School
1699 Mount Blanc Way, San Jose, California
SchoolNoNoNo804.85 miles
Meadowfair Park
1865 Monrovia Drive, San Jose, California
PublicNoNoNo404.86 miles
River Oaks Park
400 River Oaks Pkwy, San Jose, California
PublicNoYesNo264.89 miles
Pinewood Park
1354 Starlite Dr, Milpitas, California
PublicNoYesNo424.90 miles
Mansion Park
Mansion Park Dr, Santa Clara, California
PublicNoYesNo224.91 miles
Piedmont High School
3241 Mattos Ave, San Jose, California
SchoolNoNoNo614.92 miles
Solari Park
3539 Cas Dr, San Jose, California
PublicNoYesNo305.06 miles
Thamien Park
627 Park View Dr, Santa Clara, California
PublicNoNoNo115.07 miles
Morrill Middle School
Cropley Ave, San Jose, California
SchoolNoNoNo605.11 miles
Wilcox High School
3046 Monroe St, Santa Clara, California
SchoolNoNoNo605.12 miles
John Morgan Park
414 Rincon Ave, Campbell, California
PublicNoNoNo415.14 miles

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