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This is an overview of all things tennis in Baytown, Texas. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Baytown, Texas.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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These are all the leagues and tournaments currently underway in the area.
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Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Daniel A      Friendswood, Texas
5 months
Hello ? I’m new here I’ve looking for friends to play tennis with I’m somewhat new to tennis but I really love the sport I’m 24 I’m around league city and Friendswood area

Princess Egland      Pearland, Texas
7 months, 2 weeks
Tennis partner
femaleyoung adult4.00+

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
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Matthew Bell      Humble, Texas
1 year, 6 months
Hi! Is anyone interested in playing in or around the Humble area?

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
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I get more emails asking about tennis lessons than anything else. So, I have created a dedicated search for finding a lesson:

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Deven Gandhi      League City, Texas
2 years, 12 months
Moved to League City recently and have not played tennis for few years. Like to get back in playing over the weekends. Looking for someone to hit around with. Kindly let me know.

Sunny J      Pearland, Texas
3 years, 5 months
Looking for partner to hit/play in Pearland area

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Local Events
Mar 26 - Apr 01 Add
There are no events this week, or in the future.
Where is everyone playing tennis? Use an event to organize play sessions for a group of players. Players can rsvp for an event, and the system takes care of the rest. Learn more.
Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Lee College
1068 Market St, Baytown

0.08 m
Robert E. Lee High School
1809 Market, Baytown

0.52 m
Duke Hill Park
1377 Miriam St, Baytown

0.94 m
Tejas Park
505 Hafer St, Baytown

1.34 m
Bowie Park
2200 Clayton Dr, Baytown

1.90 m
Goose Creek Country Club
4977 Country Club View, Baytown

2.57 m
Sterling High School
300 W Baker Rd, Baytown

2.61 m
Cedar Bayou Junior High School
2622 Cedar Bayou Rd, Houston

2.82 m
Wayne Gray Sports Complex
5200 East Rd, Baytown

3.24 m
Walter L. Jenkins Park
4334 Crosby Cedar Bayou Rd, Baytown

3.66 m
J.C. Hollaway Park
4201 Raccoon Dr, Baytown

3.88 m
Travis Park
400 Caldwell St, Baytown

4.47 m
Gentry Jr High School
1919 East Archer Rd, Baytown

4.66 m
El Chaco Dr, Baytown

5.43 m
Edna Washington Park
7507 Washington St, Baytown

5.59 m
La Porte High School
S Broadway St, La Porte

5.85 m
La Porte High School South
Montana St, Houston

6.11 m
Highlands Park
1165 E Houston St, Highlands

7.09 m
Lomax Junior High School
1819 Villa Del Rancho, La Porte

7.34 m
Deer Park High School North
489 Ivy Ave, Deer Park

8.69 m
Deer Park Junior High School
498 Meadowlark Ln, Deer Park

8.76 m
Deer Park High School
298 W Vaughn Ln, Deer Park

9.57 m
Channelview High School
1100 Sheldon Rd, Channelview

9.59 m
San Jacinto Central College
Schochler Dr, Houston

9.90 m
Bonnette Junior High School
Wakeshire Dr, Houston

10.16 m
First Baptist Christian Academy
1st Baptist Dr, Houston

10.69 m
Baybrook Park
4221 Todville Rd, Seabrook

10.73 m
Baywood County Club
5500 Genoa Red Bluff Rd, Pasadena

10.82 m
Deepwater Junior High School
300 Parkwood Dr, Pasadena

11.21 m
Fairmont Elementary School
Holly Bay Ct, Pasadena

11.27 m
Seabrook Intermediate School
2531 N Meyer Rd, Seabrook

11.51 m
Bay Area Park
Bay Area Park, Seabrook

11.66 m
Eagle Pointe
Eagle Pointe Dr, Mont Belvieu

11.79 m
Satsuma Park
358 402 Burke Rd, Pasadena

12.17 m
Park on Dunmoor Dr
16264 Dunmoor Dr, Houston

12.35 m
Lakewood Yacht Club
2301 2343 Lidstone St, Seabrook

12.58 m
Clear Lake Park
Forest Lake Dr, Seabrook

12.76 m
Park on Mesa Verde Dr
16021 Mesa Verde Dr, Houston

12.91 m
Sam Rayburn High School
2121 Cherrybrook, Pasadena

12.95 m
North Shore High School
477 White Cedar Dr, Houston

13.00 m
North Shore High School
Mustang Ln, Houston

13.03 m
Clear Lake High School
2881 Bay Area Blvd, Houston

13.15 m
San Jacinto College North
6082 Uvalde Rd, Houston

13.31 m
University of Houston-Clear Lake
6439 Moonrock Dr, Houston

13.33 m
Bay Oaks Country Club
14545 Bay Oaks Blvd, Houston

13.35 m
Clear Lake 9th Grade Junior High School
2965 Falcon Pass, Houston

13.40 m
Greenwood Park
602 Beresford St, Houston

13.51 m
Admiralty Way
1500 Marina Bay Dr, League City

13.57 m
Memorial High School (Pasadena)
4410 Crenshaw, Pasadena

13.69 m
Windemere Racquet and Swim Club
123 Lakeside Ln, Houston

13.79 m
Strawberry Park Tennis Center
1202 Parkside Dr, Pasadena

13.83 m
Crosby Park
403 Hare Rd, Crosby

13.87 m
Ward Elementary School
1507 Hillside Elm St, Houston

14.18 m
South Shore Harbor Resort
2500 South Shore Blvd, League City

14.18 m
Pasadena High School
401 411 Walters St, Pasadena

14.24 m
Newport Country Club
1725 Country Club Dr, Crosby

14.52 m
Space Center Intermediate School
17513 El Camino Real, Houston

14.72 m
Bay Area Racquet Club
17901 Kings Park Ln, Houston

14.75 m
Park on Bonanza Rd
1332 Bonanza Rd, Houston

14.77 m
Clear Lake Intermediate School
1089 El Dorado Blvd, Houston

14.77 m
South Houston High School
Edgebrook Dr and Shaver, Houston

15.11 m
School on Marina Bay Dr
Marina Bay Dr, League City

15.31 m
Egret Bay Blvd
18737 Egret Bay Blvd, Webster

15.43 m
Nasua Park
Park Rd, League City

15.52 m
Galena Park High School
1301 Parkside Dr, Galena Park

15.62 m
Clear Creek High School
2452 Farm to Market Road 518 E, League City

15.66 m
Sterling Knoll Park
15330 Shealy Ct, Houston

15.77 m
C E King High School
12702 Cinder Cone Trl, Houston

15.79 m
Wilson Memorial Park
2525 Metz St, Houston

15.97 m
Meadowcreek Village Park
5333 Berry Creek, Houston

16.31 m
Texas Ave Park
N Texas Ave, Webster

16.34 m
Galena Park
1508 Hunter St, Galena Park

16.39 m
Freeway Manor Park
2241 Bronson, Houston

16.43 m
Wilke Park
10198 Muscatine St, Jacinto City

16.49 m
League City Intermediate School
Webster St, League City

16.50 m
Clear View High School
400 Walnut St, Webster

16.53 m
Chavez High School
4725 Galveston Rd, Houston

17.05 m
Galveston County Park
Hwy 3 N, League City

17.08 m
Hartman Park
401 499 93rd St, Houston

17.10 m
Clinton Park
200 Mississippi, Houston

17.15 m
Sagemont Park
11507 Hughes Rd, Houston

17.21 m
Westbrook Intermediate School
16763 Starboard View Dr, Houston

17.30 m
San Jacinto College South
Beamer Rd, Houston

17.34 m
Milby Park
1907 2135 Central St, Houston

17.42 m
Beverly Hills Middle School
11111 Beamer, Houston

17.52 m
Beverly Hills Park
10201 Kingspoint, Houston

17.61 m
Elva Lobit Park
FM-646, Dickinson

17.63 m
Pleasantville Park
8631 Josie St, Houston

17.73 m
Charlton Park
8200 Park Place Blvd, Houston

18.04 m
Heritage Park
2801 English Colony Dr, Fondren

18.14 m
Clear Brook High School
4607 FM 2351 Rd, Friendswood

18.14 m
Kirkwood South Park
SageTrail and Hall Rd, Houston

18.29 m
Dow Park
7942 Rockhill, Houston

18.38 m
Sagemeadow Park
11219 Sageyork Drive, Houston

18.44 m
Frankie Carter Randolph Park
5150 FM 2351 Road, Friendswood

18.61 m
Ingrando Park
7300 7562 Keller St, Houston

18.70 m
Brookside Intermediate School‎
3655 Farm to Market Road 528, Friendswood

18.72 m
Dobie High School
10220 Blackhawk, Houston

19.02 m
Mason Park
541 South 75th St, Houston

19.11 m
School on Palomino Rd
Palomino Rd, League City

19.14 m
Ortiz Middle School
7557 Dillon St, Houston

19.22 m
St. Mary Catholic School
Walker St, League City

19.29 m
Golfcrest Country Club
2509 Country Club Dr, Pearland

19.69 m
Stevenson Park
224 Shadwell Ln, Friendswood

19.69 m
Friendswood Jr High School
323 W Shadowbend Ave, Friendswood

19.86 m
Rustic Oaks Park
800 Candlewood Dr, League City

19.93 m
Jones (Walter) Park
8000 Coastway Lane, Houston

20.12 m
Atascocita High School
13300 Will Clayton Pkwy, Atascocita

20.48 m
Walden Lake Country Club
18100 Walden Forest Dr, Humble

20.51 m
School on W Castlewood Ave
1071 W Castlewood Ave, Friendswood

20.83 m
Eagle Spring Park
Quartz Lake Dr, Atascocita

20.88 m
Scenic Woods Park
449 Lakewood, Houston

20.95 m
Park Lakes Tennis
Park Lakes Canyon Terrace, Humble

21.11 m
Tidwell Park
9830 Camay Dr, Houston

21.27 m
Pearland Junior High
3506 E Plum St, Pearland

21.58 m
Independence Park
3919 Liberty Dr, Pearland

21.86 m
Humble Middle School
17868 Woodland Hills Dr, Atascocita

21.95 m
Life Time Racquet Club of Kingwood
20235 Sunny Shores Dr, Kingwood

22.08 m
Pearland High School
3775 S Main, Pearland

22.13 m
Barbara Jordan Park
6400 Winfield Rd, Houston

22.14 m
Smokey Jasper Park
13135 River Trail Dr, Houston

22.34 m
Centennial Park
3219 McLean Road, Pearland

23.02 m
Humble High School
9700 Will Clayton Pkwy, Humble

23.41 m
Pearland Jr High School
13733 McLean Rd, Pearland

23.75 m
Hirsch Memorial Park
100 North Houston Ave, Humble

24.56 m
Tennis Racquet Stringers
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