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jose toscano, Real OC Tennis

jose toscano, Real OC Tennis

Location: Riverside California
Joined:March 26, 2013
Last Visit:1 day, 7 hours ago
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home court is columbus park tustin

Real OC Tennis 2014 Summer Shootout 4.0


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"Zack" R - 1 week
Hey Jose. Just sent a request to the ladder. Let me know if you're able to approve my request. Thanks in advance!

Masoud Farand - 1 month
Hello jose, can I join the ladder please. I didn't hear from you. Thank you

Masoud Farand - 1 month
Hello Jose, is ot to late to play the 4.25 or 4.5 tournament. If not can you please ad me . To 4.5 thanks

Masoud Farand - 1 month, 1 week
Hello Jose,
This is Masoud Farand. I just started playing tennis again. I live in Costa Mesa Irvine area. Can you add me to the winter ladder list please. Thank you.

James Lee - Orange/Anaheim Hills - 6 months, 2 weeks
Hello Jose, I just started playing tennis again. I live in Orange/Anaheim Hill area. Can you add me to the summer ladder list for the summer. Thank you.

Ahmad Yazdi - 7 months, 1 week
Hi Jose, I just joined the GTN and moved to OC. Could you please add me to real OC Tennis and add me to summer ladders.


Rosel DeJesus - 8 months, 2 weeks
Jose (or is it Eli Wallach),
I’m 60 years old. Can we start an age group tournament? Perhaps a test run for one tournament, over 50 years old. Thanks.

Rosel DeJesus - 8 months, 2 weeks
Can a tournament match result also be posted as a ladder match?

Demairo Lane - 9 months, 1 week
Hello jose..i see you added me to the oc tennis network, but I can't challenge anybody on the ladder.

Roberto Gallegos - 11 months, 2 weeks
Hi Jose was signed up for this ladder and played a match but now I'm out! Can you put me back in? Thanks, Robb

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