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Majid Zadeh

Location: Anaheim Hills California
Joined:August 26, 2013
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A morning player.

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Suren Curtseit - 11 months, 1 week
Hi Majid I’m in Anaheim Hills and I would like to play Friday March 16 at 7pm if you still her that time available. If you do please txt 714-420-8479. My name is Suren

Rick Wurlitzer - 1 year, 1 month
Majid: I received a e-mail from you on Global Tennis Network. I live in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA . The farthest I can play is at El Toro High School Tennis Courts. If that works for you please call me at 949-272-6173;

Danny MAHGER - 1 year, 1 month
Hi Majid:
I can play Monday morning January 15 at 8:00 am in University Park courts in Irvine.
Please text me if interested. 714-642-4070

David Rivera - 1 year, 11 months
Hi Majid, took a long break off and looking to get back into the "swing". I can play tomorrow morning before the rains come. Text me if you're interested (714) 345-3749

Ken Ohashi - 2 years
Hi Majid: if you don't have a match set up yet for tomorrow morning, I can play but it would need to be in Tustin/Irvine. (E.g., Columbus tustin park). If you are able, text me at 2132490507.

Tom Flanagan - 2 years
I can play this morning in AH or YL.
Tom, 626-644-7888

Bradly E(714)345-3707 - 2 years, 2 months
I can play Friday

Sam J - 2 years, 5 months
Hi, I'm looking for a morning player too
Could we play together?

Tyler Trinh - 5 years, 4 months
Can you play tomorrow around 11?


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