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Babolat Propulse 3 Tennis Shoe Review

Every die-hard tennis fan has heard of Babolat. Based in France, Babolat is known the world over for making high-quality tennis shoes, racquets, strings and accessories. Babolat isn’t just a name, like Holabird, it’s a family business. It was originally started by Pierre Babolat and decades later, it is now run by CEO Eric Babolat. Today, Babolat makes a variety of tennis shoes, racquets and equipment. Until 1994, Babolat’s main focus was on tennis strings. In fact, Albert Babolat is still known today as one of the great pioneers in string development. Professional Players

Two of the biggest stars in tennis play with Babolat racquets: Rafael Nadal and Andy Roddick. Today Roddick also wears the Babolat Propulse 3. Babolat tennis shoes

In 2003, Babolat launched their shoe division. The first thing they did was partner with Michelin, the tire company. This allowed them to create extremely durable tennis shoes. Roddick works with Babolat’s shoe engineers to help them create the perfect tennis shoe. What could be better than having a professional, ranked player tell you what’s working with your shoe and what’s not? This just goes to show, that Babolat is truly dedicated to what the player needs. Babolat Propulse 3

Those of you who loved the Babolat Propulse 2, don’t despair. The Propulse 3 keeps everything that’s good about the Propulse 2 and makes it better. The two major changes between the Babolat Propulse 2 and Babolat Propulse 3:

•    The 3’s are lighter (Babolat found a way to shave some weight without sacrificing anything else)

•    They added the Kompressor

The Kompressor system is amazing. It provides incredible cushioning and comfort yet doesn’t deform or degrade. This means your shoes will stay comfortable for much longer.

The other thing that’s going to last? The outsoles. Once again, Babolat teamed up with Michelin to make extremely durable outsoles. The Babolat Propulse 3’s come with a six-month outsole guarantee. This means if your soles wear out before six months, Babolat will replace them with a new pair. The Propulse 3’s also have the ExactPro System, which helps your foot work and allows for lateral relaunch and higher velocity. You can play on clay or hard court because the traction on these shoes is unreal. The two foot belts will keep you strapped in and stable. Have you tried the Babolat Propulse 3’s? Tell us what you think.

Katya Banks writes about tennis and money, and not necessarily in that order. She lives in Baltimore and works with HolabirdSports.com.

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