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Don't put up with soft tennis Balls . Pressureball maintains and revives pressure

I have been selling Pressureball worldwide for almost 5 years now and have never had anyone ask for their money back because they weren't happy with the performance of Pressureball tubes .Pressureball will keep new balls from losing bounce so that they can be used until the felt is worn rather than being thrown out because of poor bounce .Pressure ball will also revive soft balls.You can ensure that everytime you play, the balls you have with you will have good and consistent bounce characteristics . Visit www.pressureball.com for more information .

Tennis balls are manufactured from a rubber compound and have an internal pressure of around 14 psi or 1kg/cm2. The Rubber compound however is slightly porous and so the pressure escapes over time. This results in an increasingly soft ball with decreased bounce. To counteract this, new balls are sold in pressurized containers. Once the container is opened, the balls start to lose their pressure . Pressureball is  a reusable version of the point of sale pressure can and as such will stop tennis balls going flat indefinitely .Because the tube can be pressurised to a higher level than the internal pressure of a ball , it will revive soft balls .This process will take less than a day to freshen balls that have just been used and up to a week for balls that are very soft .There may be some variation in the speed of revival depending on the age and brand of the ball.

New upgraded tube and clamping mechanism

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