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TENNIS – US Open preview

The USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, New York City becomes a gladiator coliseum from 25th of August to September 8th this year, as the biggest names of tennis will compete for glory in the 2014 US Open Tennis Championships!

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The competition, one of the oldest in world, has seen the rise of young superstars and the creation of tennis legends. The likes of Molla Mallory, Billie Jean King, Steffi Graf, Ivan Lendl, and Roger Federer have made tennis a top-class and respected sport due to their excellent and amazing performances in the US Open.

It started in 1881 as the US National Championship and since then it has been a great ground for champions and world top contenders to play.

This year will be the 134th edition of this prestigious tournament. However, nearing it’s opening, there was bad news for Rafael Nadal fans as the Spanish World number 2 announced he would not be competing because of a wrist injury. It’s an awful shame not to be seeing him defend his second US Open title, but that means someone else has the opportunity to be crowned US Open champion.

Without Nadal, it would be likely that the top bet to reach and win the final of the mens tournament would be Novak Djokovic (2.30). Any player that beats him will be a deserved winner of the tournament. The World Number 1 has won titles on all surfaces, and he also swept the hard-court American Masters this year in Miami and Indian Wells. Watch out for a one man show this August!

Djokovic might look to be winning the prize money as we look into our crystal ball, but you should not count out Roger Federer (3.65) and Andy Murray (8.50). Federer, the World No. 3 just recently won titles in Halle and Dubai. Murray is just as hungry. He has not won anything this year and is looking to get his first this year. The Scot is very healthy, finding his form and very eager to cause an upset.

Looking at the Women’s tournament, we are seeing a strong defending champion in Serena Williams (2.45). However, she has not yet won a Grand Slam this year. She hasn’t even reached a quarter final yet. We should also not ignore Sharapova(7.00) and Azarenka (29.00), both deserving to be favorites in this tournament, and perhaps even look to an outsider, and previous winner, Samantha Stosur (51.00) to cause an upset.

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Tips for Filling Out Your Bracket

Filling out a tournament bracket is a fun way to learn about new players while enjoying some friendly competition against your tennis-loving friends.  It can also help you stay engaged with a tournament during the early rounds, when some of the matchups may be a bit less compelling. 

Here at the Holabird Sports office we have a great time filling out our tournament brackets and competing every time a Grand Slam rolls around.  Even though we only play for office bragging rights, the rivalries are fierce and we're always looking for any tip or strategy that will give us an edge.

With that competitive spirit in mind, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your US Open Bracket and pull ahead in your Bracket Challenge:

 Pick Wildcards and Qualifiers Sparingly

It's always fun to root for the underdog and it feels great being right when your dark horse, wildcard selection pulls off an unlikely upset that you had the foresight to predict.  Unfortunately, most wildcards and qualifiers generally don't fare well.  During the last four Slams (US Open 2013 through Wimbledon 2014), wildcard recipients compiled a 35-64 record while qualifiers were slightly worse at 62-116.

 That being said, it's not unprecedented for wildcards to make deep runs at Slams.  Goran Ivanisevic won Wimbledon in 1994 as a wildcard recipient and Kim Clijsters won the 2009 US Open as a wildcard as well—though both of those players had success before receiving their wildcards.  Before winning his lone Wimbledon title, Ivanisevic had been to the finals three times and reached a career-high ranking of #2 in the world.  Clijsters received her wildcard after returning from having a child, but by then she had already captured one Grand Slam title, been to numerous Slam finals, and held the #1 ranking in the world.

 Several qualifiers have fared well at Slams too.  John McEnroe reached the Wimbledon semifinals as a qualifier in 1977, qualifier Filip Dewulf reached the semifinals of Roland Garros in 1997, and qualifier Vladimir Voltchkov reached the Wimbledon semifinals in 2000.

 So while it's not impossible for wildcards or qualifiers to make deep runs, it is improbable.  Choose wildcards and qualifiers sparingly and with care.


Check Head-to-Head Records


Both the official ATP and WTA websites provide a tool that allows you to compare the head-to-head records of two players.  The details include the date, tournament, court surface, and final score of each meeting.  Admittedly, a historical head-to-head record provides no guarantees of future performance, but it can be a great tool to help you make a decision on tough match ups.

Court Surface Matters

Players aren't equally skilled on all surfaces, and depending on the player, the court surface can have a big impact.  David Ferrer, for instance, has won 71.6% of all of his matches on clay, but has won only 63.6% of his matches on all other surfaces combined.  Similarly, Feliciano Lopez has won 66.7% of his grass court matches but is under .500 on all other surfaces, winning just 49.6% of those matches.  Career win-loss records by surface are readily available on the official ATP website, but for WTA win-loss records by surface you'll have to turn to a third party like  Much like head-to-head records, win-loss records by court surface don't guarantee similar future results, but they can be another useful way to help predict some otherwise surprising upsets.

Who's Hot and Who's Not

Successful tennis revolves largely around confident play and nothing breeds confidence like success.  Keep an eye on the "warmup" tournaments that take place in the weeks leading up to the main event so you can see which players are trending up and which players are sliding backwards.  Players who are winning matches and titles at the warmup events will usually carry that confidence over into the Grand Slam, improving their chances.  Conversely, players who are scuffling in the lead-up events often come into the Slam with little confidence and continue to play poorly.

Make Healthy Choices

The professional tennis tour is a grind and Grand Slam events are especially tough.  Players battling nagging injuries coming into the Slams aren't like to perform up to their standards, so keep an eye on players' health during warmup events.  Banking on players who frequently call for the trainer or retire at smaller warmup events is risky, even if they've proven in the past that they can win matches at Slams.  Also, keep in mind that Grand Slam prize money is a big draw for players; even a first round loss comes with a hefty paycheck.  There is, unfortunately, a temptation for players to show up feeling less than 100% and suffer through a first round loss rather than withdraw from the tournament ahead of time and miss out on a payday.


Read about the first US Open matches to watch.

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Secret Serving Patterns of the Pros

I recently teamed up with Kevin Garlington to make a new serving lesson video. Learning how to serve is hard enough, but then implementing the serve into match play is another challenge in itself. 

In this brand new video your going to learn little knows serving strategies for righty and lefties that the pros use to win matches and that you can use by the time you finish watching this video. The reason why serving strategies are so important is because having one, allows you to relax and focus on hitting your shots and not where to place them. Watch this video so you can have an unfair advantage on your opponent and win games easier and leave a comment about what you learned.

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Networks Now Have a Tennis Court Scheduling Tool

Networks now have access to one of the best, most easy to use tennis court schedulers available.

Learn More

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Ever Wonder Exactly How Topspin Works

Most players don't understand exactly how topspin works. In my video tip today I explain exactly how topspin works and why it should give you new found confidence in your second serve.

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Sponsor a Network

Sponsoring a network is a great way to introduce local tennis players to your company or service. It also helps the network pay their network fees.

When you sponsor a network, your logo will be featured on many of the network pages. Your logo and introduction will also appear on a dedicated 'Sponsors' page. All the member of network will also be notified that their network has a new sponsor.

Go here to search for a network to sponsor:

Continue reading
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Learn Tennis app

This summer I worked with my tennis coach Chris Lang to create a new Learn Tennis app for iOS and Android. It provides a reference to many essential tennis lessons.

Learn Tennis app on App Store

Learn Tennis app on Google play


It was a lot of fun making the app. I hope you take a look and let me know what you think.

Next I want to create an app that can help us determine if it is going to rain on the tennis courts. This will be esp useful for our summer Intercounty matches. I hope to base it on the promising Dark Sky technologies. Contact me by email if you like to collaborate.


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Help Us Translate GTN!

Did you know that networks have the ability to choose a language to be displayed in?

Problem is, we only support a few languages, and need your help translating it into others. Specifically, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French and any others you may be interested in.

If you would like to help, just email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It should only take you 10-15 minutes. Thanks!

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Tennis Score Tracker for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Tennis Score Tracker now supports upload of scores to GTN!

It's a free download on the App Store...

Here's a few screen captures...

To upload your scores to GTN:

  1. Create and score your tennis match
  2. Select the "share" button on the match view (box with red arrow)
  3. Select "Global Tennis Network"
  4. Login
  5. Select the appropriate ladder to upload

NOTE: Players in the app do not correlate to players on GTN (there is no synching involved).  When you upload your scores, use the thumb buttons to shift players up/down so that the appropriate score is displayed.

Here is an example screen...

NOTE: I only had one player test the GTN upload process. If it does not work for you please send an email to our tech support at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will respond to your request and update the app.  Adding this feature took a lot of effort.

If you like the app please post a review!

More details are available at our website:

Have fun!


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New Scheduling Tool for Tennis Ladders

We just released a new feature for the ladders. These feature allows you to schedule your ladder matches. Check out the video below to see it in action.
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