Tennis Court Locations near Tukwila Washington

There are 88 tennis court locations near Tukwila Washington. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near Tukwila Washington
Tennis Court
Joseph Foster Memorial Park
13843 53rd Ave S, Tukwila, Washington
PublicNoNoNo100.50 miles
Foster High School
4242 S 144th Ave S, Tukwila, Washington
PublicNoNoNo400.79 miles
Tukwila Park
6616 Southcenter Blvd, Tukwila, Washington
PublicNoNoNo200.85 miles
Skyway Park
7158 S 125th St, Bryn Mawr-Skyway, Washington
PublicNoNoNo201.41 miles
Lakeridge Swimming Club
11517 76th Ave S, Bryn Mawr-Skyway, Washington
ClubYesNoNo102.11 miles
Renton High School
119 Shattuck Ave S, Seattle, Washington
SchoolNoNoNo4132.33 miles
Sunset Playfield Park
18th Avenue S, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo202.37 miles
Hutchinson Playground
5851 S Pilgrim St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo212.83 miles
Liberty Park
1165 Bronson Way N, Renton, Washington
PublicNoYesNo382.88 miles
Southern Heights Park
12125 14th Ave S, Riverton-Boulevard Park, Washington
PublicNoNoNo202.94 miles
Highline High School
15480 2nd Ave S, Burien, Washington
SchoolNoNoNo403.30 miles
Coulan Beach Park
1257 Lake Washington Blvd N, Renton, Washington
PublicNoNoNo2153.41 miles
Rainier Beach Community Center
4754 S Henderson St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo423.50 miles
Highlands Park
2602 NE 7th St, Renton, Washington
PublicNoYesNo203.88 miles
Tiffany Park
1902 Lake Youngs Way SE, Renton, Washington
PublicNoNoNo203.99 miles
Mercer Island Beach Club
8446 85th Ave SE, Mercer Island, Washington
ClubYesNoNo604.03 miles
Mc Knight Middle School
1380 Edmonds Ave NE, Renton, Washington
SchoolNoNoNo424.13 miles
Evergreen High School
740 SW 116th St, White Center, Washington
SchoolNoNoNo404.28 miles
Lake Burien Park
14640 18th Ave SW, Burien, Washington
PublicNoNoNo214.44 miles
North Highlands Park
1757 Kirkland Ave NE, Renton, Washington
PublicNoNoNo104.46 miles
Lakewood Park
10868 10th Ave SW, White Center, Washington
PublicNoNoNo204.50 miles
Lindbergh High School
12898 SE 168th St, Cascade-fairwood, Washington
SchoolNoNoNo414.63 miles
Kiwanis Park
915 Union Ave NE, Renton, Washington
PublicNoNoNo404.75 miles
South Park Community Center
8492 7th Ave S, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo204.81 miles
Mercer Island Country Club
7049 Island Crest Way, Mercer Island, Washington
ClubYesYesYes1504.90 miles
White Center Park
10228 15th Ave SW, White Center, Washington
PublicNoYesNo405.03 miles
Seward Park
6015 Seward Park Ave S, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo215.13 miles
Brighton Playfield
6094 39th Ave S, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo205.21 miles
Hazen High School
NE 10th St, Renton, Washington
SchoolNoNoNo615.38 miles
Highland Park Playground
1146 SW Cloverdale St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo105.52 miles
Dearborn Park
2901 S Lucile St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo205.64 miles
Island Crest Park
5801 Island Crest Way, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo205.65 miles
Lake Boren Park
8283 Coal Creek Pky SE, Newcastle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo265.87 miles
Cleveland Playfield
S Lucile St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo306.04 miles
Georgetown Playfield
773 S Findlay St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo106.12 miles
Riverview Playfield
7226 12th Ave SW, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo206.17 miles
Rainier Community Center
3611 S Oregon St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo426.23 miles
Sealth High School
SW Elmgrove St, Seattle, Washington
SchoolNoNoNo626.23 miles
Eastside Catholic School
11663 SE 58th St, Bellevue, Washington
PrivateNoNoNo306.47 miles
South Seattle Community College
6000 16th Avenue SW, Seattle, Washington
SchoolNoNoNo206.55 miles
Liberty High School
16801 SE 138th St, East Renton Highlands, Washington
SchoolNoYesNo606.72 miles
Newport Hills Swim & Tennis
12220 SE 55th Pl, Bellevue, Washington
PrivateYesNoNo506.76 miles
High Point Community Center
6874 34th Ave SW, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo207.01 miles
Jefferson Community Center
3895 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo427.02 miles
Homestead Field
7831 Freeman Ave, Mercer Island, Washington
PublicNoNoNo407.06 miles
Mercerwood Shore Club
4150 E Mercer Way, Mercer Island, Washington
ClubYesNoNo407.20 miles
Westwood Highlands Park
5352 Forest Dr SE, Bellevue, Washington
PublicNoNoNo107.26 miles
Mount Baker Park
2597 Lake Park Dr S, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo207.41 miles
Solstice Park
7430 Fauntleroy Way SW, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo617.47 miles
Forest Ridge School of Sacred Heart
4889 139th Ave SE, Bellevue, Washington
SchoolNoNoNo307.71 miles

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