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There are 158 tennis court locations near Seattle Washington. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near Seattle Washington
Tennis Court
Cal Anderson Park
Nagle Pl, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo220.87 miles
Garfield Playfield
23rd Ave. and E Cherry St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo201.48 miles
Miller Community Center
1936 E Thomas St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo201.54 miles
Beacon Hill Playground
1902 13th Ave. S, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo201.55 miles
Judkins Park
2150 S Norman St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo201.70 miles
Volunteer Park
1099 E Galer St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo441.89 miles
Madrona Playground
3345 E Spring St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo201.99 miles
Sam Smith Park
1398 Bradner Pl S, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo202.01 miles
Leschi Park
110 Lake Washington Blvd S, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo102.09 miles
Kinnear Park
680 W Roy St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo112.10 miles
Amy Yee Tennis Center
2000 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S, Seattle, Washington
PublicYesYesYes1482.17 miles
Rogers Playground
2568 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo202.56 miles
Montlake Community Center
1650 E Calhoun St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo402.63 miles
Jefferson Community Center
3895 Beacon Ave S, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo422.71 miles
Mount Baker Park
2597 Lake Park Dr S, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo202.74 miles
Seattle Tennis Club
4143 E Prospect St, Seattle, Washington
ClubYesYesNo13242.84 miles
David Rodgers Park
77 W Newell St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo312.94 miles
Hiawatha Community Center
4225 SW Lander St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo303.11 miles
Madison Park
1820 42nd Ave E, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo223.20 miles
Delridge Community Center
4476 26th Ave SW, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo203.34 miles
Nordstrom Tennis Center
3920 Montlake Blvd NE, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesYes663.49 miles
University of Washington - Outdoor
4054 Montlake Blvd NE, Seattle, Washington
SchoolYesYesNo763.53 miles
Wallingford Plaground
4235 Wallingford Ave N, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo223.62 miles
University of Washington - North
4056 Montlake Blvd NE, Seattle, Washington
SchoolNoNoNo603.65 miles
Magnolia Community Center
3097 W Howe St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo203.66 miles
Rainier Community Center
3611 S Oregon St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo423.68 miles
Cleveland Playfield
S Lucile St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo303.74 miles
Georgetown Playfield
773 S Findlay St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo103.75 miles
West Magnolia Park
3338 W Smith St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo413.98 miles
Alki Community Center
5817 SW Lander St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo203.99 miles
University Playground
757 NE 50th St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo214.08 miles
Dearborn Park
2901 S Lucile St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo204.11 miles
Woodland Park- South
1226 N 50th St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo454.12 miles
Aubrey Davis Park
2203 70th Ave SE, Mercer Island, Washington
PublicNoNoNo424.16 miles
South Seattle Community College
6000 16th Avenue SW, Seattle, Washington
SchoolNoNoNo204.21 miles
Woodland Park
5821 W Green Lake Way N, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo10154.40 miles
Laurel Hurst Community Center
4554 NE 41st St, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoYesNo414.42 miles
Gilman Playground
5266 11th Ave NW, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo254.56 miles
Ravenna Park
5520 Ravenna Ave NE, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo234.57 miles
Brighton Playfield
6094 39th Ave S, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo204.63 miles
Riverview Playfield
7226 12th Ave SW, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo204.65 miles
Cowen Park
5849 15th Ave NE, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo324.71 miles
Medina South Park
7751 NE 12th St, Medina, Washington
PublicNoNoNo164.73 miles
Overlake Golf and Country Club
8000 NE 16th S, Medina, Washington
ClubYesNoNo204.74 miles
Discovery Park
4121 36th Ave W, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo204.87 miles
Fairweather Park
7679 NE 32nd St, Medina, Washington
PublicNoNoNo214.92 miles
High Point Community Center
6874 34th Ave SW, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo204.97 miles
Eckstein Park
6598 21st Ave NE, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo125.01 miles
Windermere Park
5100 Kenilworth Pl NE, Seattle, Washington
PublicNoNoNo215.06 miles
Luther Burbank Park
1894 84th Ave SE, Mercer Island, Washington
PublicNoNoNo305.06 miles

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