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There are 172 tennis court locations near Chicago Illinois. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near Chicago Illinois
Tennis Court
Grant Park North Courts
337 E Randolph Dr, Chicago, Illinois
PublicYesNoNo1280.63 miles
Grant Park South Courts
900 S Columbus Dr, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoYesNo620.65 miles
Roosevelt Park
62 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo310.71 miles
Recreation Center University of Illinois
737 S Halsted St , Chicago, Illinois
SchoolNoNoNo300.92 miles
East Bank Club
500 North Kingsbury St, Chicago, Illinois
ClubYesYesNo821.00 miles
McClurg Court Center
333 E Ontario St, Chicago, Illinois
PrivateNoYesYes331.21 miles
UIC Lighted Courts
W 14th St & S Newberry Ave, Chicago, Illinois
PrivateNoYesNo601.39 miles
Sheridan Park
910 S. Aberdeen St, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoYesNo321.41 miles
Lake Shore Park
808 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo231.41 miles
UIC Non-Lighted Courts
1220 S Morgan St, Chicago, Illinois
PrivateNoNoNo601.43 miles
Walter Payton High School
1034 N Wells St , Chicago, Illinois
SchoolNoNoNo301.57 miles
Skinner Park
1450 W Adams St, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo401.75 miles
Union Park
1501 W Randolph St , Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo201.83 miles
Michael Reese Hospital
2929 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, Illinois
PrivateNoYesNo402.42 miles
Dunbar Park
211 E 29th St, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo602.59 miles
Harrison Park
1824 S Wood St, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoYesNo402.62 miles
McGuane Park
2901 S Poplar Ave , Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo502.69 miles
Illinois Institute of Technology
3300 S Federal St , Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoYesNo302.85 miles
Oz Park
2100 N Larrabee St, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo433.02 miles
Armour Square Park
3309 S Shields Ave , Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo213.13 miles
Chicago Prairie Tennis Club
3211 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, Illinois
ClubYesYesNo603.14 miles
Clemente Park
2334 W Division St, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo203.34 miles
Smith Park
N Rockwell St & W Huron St, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo203.34 miles
Douglas Monument Park
800 E 35th St , Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoYesNo103.36 miles
Ellis Park
648 E 37th Place, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo203.46 miles
Douglas Park
1401 S Sacramento Dr , Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo303.67 miles
Joquil Park
1023 W Wrightwood Ave, Chicago, Illinois
PublicYesYesNo213.73 miles
Diversey Tennis Center
140 W Diversey Ave, Chicago, Illinois
PublicYesYesNo1023.87 miles
Mandrake Park
900 E Pershing Rd, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoYesNo203.94 miles
Humboldt Park Eastside
1440 N Humboldt Dr , Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoYesNo403.98 miles
Metcalfe Park
4134 S State St, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo204.13 miles
Midtown Athletic Club
2020 West Fullerton Ave, Chicago, Illinois
ClubYesYesNo1804.14 miles
Humboldt Park
1400 N Sacramento Ave, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoYesNo1104.17 miles
Westinghouse Career Academy School
3301 W Franklin Blvd , Chicago, Illinois
SchoolNoNoNo304.23 miles
Humboldt Park Westside
1440 N Humboldt Dr , Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo404.31 miles
McKinley Park Eastside
2210 W Pershing Rd , Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo604.32 miles
Garfield Park
100 N Central Park Ave, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoYesNo604.49 miles
McKinley Park Westside
2210 W Pershing Rd , Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoYesNo404.64 miles
Fuller Park
331 W 45th St , Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoYesNo204.68 miles
Hamlin Park
3035 N Hoyne Ave, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoYesNo224.79 miles
Taylor Park
39 W 47th St, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo104.90 miles
Waveland Park Tennis Center
3600 N Recreation Dr, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoYesNo2055.11 miles
Gary Elementary School
3740 W 31st St , Chicago, Illinois
SchoolNoNoNo105.35 miles
Kenwood Park
1330 E 50th St, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo205.36 miles
Washington Park
5500 S Cottage Grove Ave , Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo205.38 miles
Brand Park
3259 N Elston Ave, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo205.67 miles
Cornell Square Park
1809 W 50th St, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo305.68 miles
Sherman Park
1301 W 52nd St, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo205.70 miles
Nichols Park
1355 E 53rd St, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo205.84 miles
Clarendon Park
4400 N Clarendon Ave, Chicago, Illinois
PublicNoNoNo205.89 miles

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