Tennis Court Locations near Columbus Ohio

There are 134 tennis court locations near Columbus Ohio. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near Columbus Ohio
Tennis Court
Short St
365 Short St, Columbus, Ohio
PrivateYesYesNo100.60 miles
Dodge Park Recreation Center
425 Scioto Blvd, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoNoNo401.03 miles
Goodale Park
714 Dennison Ave, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoNoNo621.12 miles
Blackburn Park
889 E Rich St, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoNoNo201.23 miles
Livingston Park
727 Childrens Dr, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoNoNo101.24 miles
Schiller Park
1009 Jaeger St, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo401.36 miles
Sullivant Gardens Park
Griggs Ct, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo101.53 miles
Beatty Park
274 North Ohio Avenue, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo501.65 miles
Sawyer Recreation Center
1056 Atcheson St, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoNoNo201.65 miles
South High School
345 East Deshler Ave, Columbus, Ohio
SchoolNoNoNo301.79 miles
Weinland Park
181 E 6th Ave, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoNoNo201.93 miles
OSU East
43 Parkwood Ave, Columbus, Ohio
PrivateYesNoNo302.09 miles
Pierce Field
1175 Hilo Ln, Grandview Heights, Ohio
PublicNoNoNo202.30 miles
Wolfe Park
1939 E Broad St, Bexley, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo822.68 miles
Glenwood Pool
1896 Fairmont Ave, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoNoNo202.76 miles
Driving Park
1102 Rhoads Ave, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoNoNo202.88 miles
McKinley Park
1679 Goodale Blvd, Grandview Heights, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo412.92 miles
Jeffrey Park
2148 Clifton Ave, Bexley, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo223.00 miles
Maloney Park
1645 Joyce Ave, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoNoNo403.25 miles
Capital University
773 Pleasant Ridge Ave, Bexley, Ohio
SchoolYesYesNo603.33 miles
Jewish Community Center
1125 College Ave, Columbus, Ohio
PrivateYesYesNo403.34 miles
Jesse Owens West Tennis Center
2065 Kenny Rd, Columbus, Ohio
PublicYesNoYes1003.36 miles
Tuttle Park
214 W Northwood Ave, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo403.38 miles
Brentnell Park
2169 Lisa Dr, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo403.58 miles
Holton Park
2361 Westwood Dr, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoNoNo303.63 miles
Linden-McKinley High School
2188 Homestead Dr, Columbus, Ohio
SchoolNoYesNo303.63 miles
Ohio Dominican University
2289 Gardendale Dr, Columbus, Ohio
SchoolYesYesNo603.71 miles
Bexley High School
293 S Stanwood Rd, Bexley, Ohio
SchoolNoYesNo503.73 miles
The Ohio State University - Stickney Tennis Center
2450 Fred Taylor Dr, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo1213.86 miles
Marion Franklin Park
2761 Lockbourne Rd, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo503.99 miles
Marion-Franklin High School
2699 Diane Pl, Columbus, Ohio
SchoolNoNoNo304.00 miles
Linden Park
1294 Briarwood Ave, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo404.09 miles
Scioto Trail Park
119 Phelps Rd, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoNoNo204.13 miles
West High School
179 South Powell Ave, Columbus, Ohio
SchoolNoNoNo304.15 miles
Upper Arlington College Center
1937 Guilford Rd, Upper Arlington, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo404.24 miles
Briggs High School
1314 Hafton Woods Dr, Columbus, Ohio
SchoolNoNoNo304.28 miles
Krumm Park
827 Rarig Ave, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo504.35 miles
Westgate Park
3113 Wicklow Rd, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo604.54 miles
Mock Park
Mock Rd, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoNoNo104.68 miles
Pontiac Park
900 Weldon Ave, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoNoNo404.70 miles
Eastmoor Academy High School
386 S Hampton Rd, Columbus, Ohio
SchoolNoNoNo304.76 miles
Clinton Como Park
Riverside Dr, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoNoNo204.77 miles
Columbus School for Girls - Kirk Campus
1949 N Cassady Ave, Airport, Ohio
PrivateYesYesNo804.80 miles
Upper Arlington High School
2915 Mount Holyoke Rd, Upper Arlington, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo1014.82 miles
Scioto Country Club
2196 Riverside Drive, Columbus, Ohio
PrivateYesYesNo1104.86 miles
Johnson Memorial Park
1179 Barnett Rd, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo604.93 miles
Northam Park Tennis Center
1872 Northam Rd, Columbus, Ohio
PublicNoYesNo1205.00 miles
Olympic Indoor Tennis Club
3480 Indianola Avenue, Columbus, Ohio
ClubYesNoYes1015.06 miles
Franklin Heights High School
1001 Demorest Rd, Columbus, Ohio
SchoolNoNoNo705.26 miles
The Swim and Racquet Club
3500 Kenny Road, Columbus, Ohio
ClubYesYesNo1505.39 miles

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