Tennis in Columbus, Ohio

Are you looking to play tennis in Columbus, Ohio? From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Columbus, Ohio.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Short St
365 Short St, Columbus

0.60 m
Dodge Park Recreation Center
425 Scioto Blvd, Columbus

1.03 m
Goodale Park
714 Dennison Ave, Columbus

1.12 m
Blackburn Park
889 E Rich St, Columbus

1.23 m
Livingston Park
727 Childrens Dr, Columbus

1.24 m
Schiller Park
1009 Jaeger St, Columbus

1.36 m
Sullivant Gardens Park
Griggs Ct, Columbus

1.53 m
Beatty Park
274 North Ohio Avenue, Columbus

1.65 m
Sawyer Recreation Center
1056 Atcheson St, Columbus

1.65 m
South High School
345 East Deshler Ave, Columbus

1.79 m
Weinland Park
181 E 6th Ave, Columbus

1.93 m
OSU East
43 Parkwood Ave, Columbus

2.09 m
Pierce Field
1175 Hilo Ln, Grandview Heights

2.30 m
Wolfe Park
1939 E Broad St, Bexley

2.68 m
Glenwood Pool
1896 Fairmont Ave, Columbus

2.76 m
Driving Park
1102 Rhoads Ave, Columbus

2.88 m
McKinley Park
1679 Goodale Blvd, Grandview Heights

2.92 m
Jeffrey Park
2148 Clifton Ave, Bexley

3.00 m
Maloney Park
1645 Joyce Ave, Columbus

3.25 m
Capital University
773 Pleasant Ridge Ave, Bexley

3.33 m
Jewish Community Center
1125 College Ave, Columbus

3.34 m
Jesse Owens West Tennis Center
2065 Kenny Rd, Columbus

3.36 m
Tuttle Park
214 W Northwood Ave, Columbus

3.38 m
Brentnell Park
2169 Lisa Dr, Columbus

3.58 m
Holton Park
2361 Westwood Dr, Columbus

3.63 m
Linden-McKinley High School
2188 Homestead Dr, Columbus

3.63 m
Ohio Dominican University
2289 Gardendale Dr, Columbus

3.71 m
Bexley High School
293 S Stanwood Rd, Bexley

3.73 m
The Ohio State University - Stickney Tennis Center
2450 Fred Taylor Dr, Columbus

3.86 m
Marion Franklin Park
2761 Lockbourne Rd, Columbus

3.99 m
Marion-Franklin High School
2699 Diane Pl, Columbus

4.00 m
Linden Park
1294 Briarwood Ave, Columbus

4.09 m
Scioto Trail Park
119 Phelps Rd, Columbus

4.13 m
West High School
179 South Powell Ave, Columbus

4.15 m
Upper Arlington College Center
1937 Guilford Rd, Upper Arlington

4.24 m
Briggs High School
1314 Hafton Woods Dr, Columbus

4.28 m
Krumm Park
827 Rarig Ave, Columbus

4.35 m
Westgate Park
3113 Wicklow Rd, Columbus

4.54 m
Mock Park
Mock Rd, Columbus

4.68 m
Pontiac Park
900 Weldon Ave, Columbus

4.70 m
Eastmoor Academy High School
386 S Hampton Rd, Columbus

4.76 m
Clinton Como Park
Riverside Dr, Columbus

4.77 m
Columbus School for Girls - Kirk Campus
1949 N Cassady Ave, Airport

4.80 m
Upper Arlington High School
2915 Mount Holyoke Rd, Upper Arlington

4.82 m
Scioto Country Club
2196 Riverside Drive, Columbus

4.86 m
Johnson Memorial Park
1179 Barnett Rd, Columbus

4.93 m
Northam Park Tennis Center
1872 Northam Rd, Columbus

5.00 m
Olympic Indoor Tennis Club
3480 Indianola Avenue, Columbus

5.06 m
Franklin Heights High School
1001 Demorest Rd, Columbus

5.26 m
The Swim and Racquet Club
3500 Kenny Road, Columbus

5.39 m
Indian Mound Park
Obetz Rd, Obetz

5.48 m
Gantz Park
3200 Park Ridge Dr, Grove City

5.49 m
Lamby Park
4118 Wright Park, Whitehall

5.58 m
Whetstone Park
Hollenback Rd, Columbus

5.67 m
Whitehall-Yearling High School
4118 Wright Park, Whitehall

5.83 m
The Wellington School
3736 Lyon Dr, Upper Arlington

5.93 m
Canam Steel Corp
Pershing Ave, Columbus

5.94 m
Bishop Waterson High School
99 Cooke Rd, Columbus

6.08 m
Community Center Park
1676 Obetz Ave, Obetz

6.12 m
Cooke Park
3893 Dresden St, Columbus

6.12 m
Brookhaven High School Monticello
443 East Monticello St, Columbus

6.21 m
Whetstone High School
4299 Scenic Dr, Columbus

6.25 m
Hastings Middle School
2036 Hastings Ln, Upper Arlington

6.28 m
Fancyburg Park
2644 Wellington Rd, Columbus

6.31 m
Brookhaven High School
4077 Karl Rd, Columbus

6.53 m
Langston/Sunny 95 Park
1508 Langston Dr, Upper Arlington

6.70 m
Champions Park
3930 Westerville Rd, Oakland Park

6.82 m
Mifflin High School
3505 Patriot Blvd, Columbus

6.82 m
Columbus Country Club
4831 E Broad St, Columbus

6.91 m
Thompson Park
4394 Woodbridge Rd, Upper Arlington

6.99 m
Whitehall Community Park
374 Woodcliff Dr, Whitehall

7.06 m
Walnut Ridge High School
1650 Lattimer Dr, Columbus

7.17 m
Ohio School for the Deaf
Indianola Ave, Columbus

7.19 m
Hamilton Township High School
1078 Secrest Ave, Obetz

7.19 m
Gahanna Swim Club
198 Parkland Dr, Gahanna

7.32 m
Big Walnut
1957 Noe Bixby Rd, Columbus

7.40 m
Chapelfield Elementary School
264 Chapelfield Rd, Gahanna

7.44 m
Friendship Park
146 Oklahoma Ave, Columbus

7.53 m
Grove City High School
4665 Hoover Rd, Grove City

7.54 m
Plumway Dr
1198 Plumway Dr, Columbus

7.56 m
The Players Club
3333 Mill Meadow Dr, Hilliard

7.59 m
Centenial High School
1486 Bradshire Dr, Columbus

7.59 m
Noe Bixby Rd
175 Noe Bixby Rd, Columbus

7.62 m
The Racquet Club of Columbus
5161 Devontry Ln, Columbus

7.64 m
Central Crossing High School
4828 Big Run South Rd, Grove City

7.65 m
Woodward Park
1282 Fahlander Dr N, Columbus

7.72 m
Grove City Park
3400 Stephen St, Grove City

7.80 m
Northland High School
1919 Northcliff Drive, Columbus

7.81 m
Northcrest Park
Ramblebranch Dr, Columbus

7.93 m
Westland High School
146 Galloway Rd, Columbus

7.99 m
Lincoln High School
102 S Hamilton Rd, Columbus

8.01 m
Indianola Park
5536 Indianola Ave, Worthington

8.04 m
Hunter Ridge Park
305 Harrow Blvd, Gahanna

8.12 m
Independence High School
5175 Refugee Rd, Columbus

8.19 m
Groveport Madison High School
4084 Venture Pl, Groveport

8.24 m
Antrim Park
Moody Jackson Pky, Columbus

8.37 m
Gahanna Middle School South
347 Shady Spring Dr, Gahanna

8.40 m
Sedalia Elementary School
5410 Sedalia Dr, Blacklick Estates

8.50 m
Walnut Hills Golf Park
5843 Saranac Dr, Columbus

8.64 m
Scarborough East Tennis Club
5641 Alshire Rd, Columbus

8.68 m
Crooked Mile Road
Crooked Mile Road, Columbus

8.86 m
Buckeye Ranch High School
5735 Hoover Rd, Grove City

8.92 m
Evening St Elementary School
805 Evening St, Worthington

9.01 m
Wickertree Tennis & Fitness Club
5760 Maple Canyon Ave, Columbus

9.04 m
Groveport Madison Middle School
4400 Glendenning Dr, Columbus

9.05 m
Columbus Academy
4300 Cherry Bottom Rd, Columbus

9.07 m
Linworth Park
5953 Linworth Rd, Worthington

9.07 m
Casto Park
5527 Brighton Hill Ln, Gateway

9.24 m
Wilson Hill Park
1069 Ridgedale Dr E, Columbus

9.24 m
United McGill
2 Mission Park, Groveport

9.25 m
Beechcroft High School
6201 Sweetwater Ct, Columbus

9.46 m
Degenhart Park
242 Green Ave, Groveport

9.49 m
Reynoldsburg High School
6699 East Livingston Ave, Reynoldsburg

9.70 m
Reynoldsburg Junior High School
2300 Baldwin Pl, Reynoldsburg

9.83 m
Brookside Country Club
2770 W Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus

9.85 m
Mittal Steel Corp
930 W Schrock Rd, Columbus

9.93 m
Northgate Park
1938 Rockdale Dr, Columbus

10.02 m
Hilliard Heritage Middle School
5670 Scioto Darby Rd, Hilliard

10.15 m
Hilliard Weaver Middle School
4577 Crystal Clear Dr, Hilliard

10.17 m
Kennedy Park
1179 Lancaster Ave, Reynoldsburg

10.22 m
Hilliard Municipal Park
Parkside Ct, Hilliard

10.27 m
Jefferson Country Club
7200 Jefferson Meadows Dr, Columbus

10.28 m
Llewellyn Farms Park
4696 Tuttle Rd, Dublin

10.32 m
Olentangy Park
W Wilson Bridge Rd, Columbus

10.43 m
Riverside Green
3382 Chetwood Pl, Columbus

10.52 m
Hilliard Darby High School
4232 Leppert Rd, Hilliard

10.54 m
Hilliard Davidson High School
4692 Avery Rd, Hilliard

10.57 m
Liebert Corp
7480 Worthington Galena Rd, Columbus

10.67 m
Little Turtle Country Club
5400 Little Turtle Way, Westerville

10.86 m
Pontificul College Josephinum
7726 Cloister Dr, Columbus

11.01 m
Worthington-Kilbourne High School
1337 Hard Rd, Columbus

11.01 m
Sancus Park
8256 Olde Richmond Ln, Columbus

11.30 m
Woods of Brighton Park
5527 Brighton Hill Ln, Dublin

11.31 m
Monterey Park
91 Monterey Dr, Dublin

11.37 m
Sells Middle School
High School Dr, Dublin

11.50 m
Worthington Hills Country Club
920 Clubview Blvd, Columbus

11.50 m
Westerville Community Tennis Complex
303 S Otterbein Ave, Westerville

11.58 m
Westerville South High School
230 S Otterbein Ave, Westerville

11.58 m
New Albany Country Club
One Club Lane, New Albany

11.59 m
Davis Middle School
2282 Sutter Pky, Columbus

11.75 m
Highlands Park
288 Delaware Dr, Westerville

11.75 m
Metzger Park
151 Granby Pl W, Westerville

11.80 m
Balgriffin Park
5764 Parkside Xing, Dublin

11.88 m
Worthington High School
1398 Chaseley Ct, Columbus

11.95 m
Otterbein College Team Courts
157 Executive Ct, Westerville

12.21 m
Coffman Park
5405 Shannon Park Dr, Dublin

12.25 m
Scioto High School
4000 Hard Rd, Columbus

12.31 m
Coffman High School
6780 Coffman Rd, Dublin

12.32 m
Donegal Cliffs Park
4424 Dunleary Dr, Dublin

12.86 m
Brandon Woods Park
7452 Kilbrittain Ln, Dublin

12.93 m
New Albany High School
7600 Fodor Rd, New Albany

13.00 m
Canal Winchester High School
98 Elizabeth St, Canal Winchester

13.00 m
Westerville North High School
960 County Line Rd, Westerville

13.11 m
Hoff Woods Park
477 Bellfrey Dr, Westerville

13.12 m
Village Academy
142 Oquinn Ct, Columbus

13.81 m
Karrer Middle School
7245 Tullymore Dr, Dublin

13.85 m
Arbor Ridge Park
2435 Powell Rd, Powell

13.96 m
Avery Road Park
Avery Rd, Dublin

14.01 m
Victory Park
11 Lockville Rd, Pickerington

14.07 m
Pickerington Central High School
285 Opportunity Way, Pickerington

14.15 m
230 Pheasant Run
230 Pheasant Run, Powell

14.15 m
Westerville Central High School
7118 Mount Royal Ave, Westerville

14.16 m
Wedgewood Country Club
9600 Wedgewood Blvd, Powell

14.49 m
Tower Tennis Club
7450 State Route 161, Dublin

14.52 m
Lakes Golf and Country Club
Lakes Club Dr, Westerville

14.54 m
Winding Hollow Country Club
8101 State Route 161, New Albany

14.60 m
Sycamore Creek Park
275 Hilltop Dr, Pickerington

14.70 m
Country Club at Muirfield Village
8715 Muirfield Dr, Dublin

14.85 m
Genoa Middle School
5800 S Old 3C Hwy, Westerville

15.09 m
Dublin Jerome High School
6427 Green Stone Loop, Plain City

15.10 m
Elysium Tennis Center
7637 C Commerce Place, Plain City

15.13 m
Glick Rd Park
9321 Lerwick Dr, Columbus

15.26 m
Deer Run Elementary School
9268 Avery Rd, Dublin

15.35 m
Wingate Community Park
1367 Wingate Dr, Delaware

15.36 m
Bevelhymer Park
7950 Bevelhymer Road, Westerville

15.51 m
Kinsale Golf and Fitness Club
3737 Village Club Dr, Powell

16.49 m
Liberty Township Park
2507 County Rd 124, Powell

16.62 m
Olentangy High School
675 Lewis Center Rd, Lewis Center

16.64 m
Liberty High School
3584 Home Rd, Powell

17.32 m
William K. Willis High School
6440 County Rd 124, Delaware

17.98 m
Big Walnut High School
555 S Old 3C Rd, Delaware

20.36 m
Eljer Park
Eljer Park, Marysville

26.84 m
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The Columbus Tennis Network
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Kaluvala Columbus Tennis Network
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Tennis 4 Fun
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Central OH Tennis Club
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Central OH Tennis Club
Columbus Ohio Tennis Avengers
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A tennis community to help your tennis thrive!
Hamilton Township High School
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Don't Sing It, Just Swing It
Members: 5   Location: Columbus, Ohio
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The Top 100 Tennis LadderLadder2021-01-012021-12-31The Columbus Tennis Network
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Ariel Bartholomew      Eljer Park - 1 month, 1 week
Hi! I’m a retired college athlete (basketball) and am trying to get into tennis and am looking for another beginner that is willing to play with me in the columbus, dublin, marysville, ohio area.

Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 2 months, 2 weeks
I get more emails asking about tennis lessons than anything else. So, I have created a dedicated search for finding a lesson:

Do you or your club teach tennis lessons? If so, submit a listing for your lesson here:

TJ Paik      Powell - 6 months, 3 weeks
Hi, I am getting ready to get back into tennis after a winter break. I am looking to play in Franklin County Delaware County area.
adult2.75 to 3.75

John Moore      Lewis Center - 7 months, 3 weeks
I am looking to connect with other tennis players in Lewis Center.
I am available on the weekends, and evenings after 6pm.
male3.00 to 4.00

Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 10 months
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Please help us grow by inviting your friends. :)

paul ivinskas      Hilliard - 3 years, 3 months
Always looking for a workout. Drop me a line any time.

Melissa Anderson      Bexley - 3 years, 3 months
Hi I'm new to Columbus and looking to play! I love playing mixed regular or singles! I'm between a 4.0 and a 4.5... I would prefer to play around the Bexley area or downtown area since I'm new here and don't really know my way around too much yet :-)

Skyler L      Westerville - 3 years, 8 months
I'm new to tennis looking for someone to practice with

Daniel Z      New Albany - 3 years, 8 months
Hi, I am looking for a tennis partner. My level is probably a 3, although I am not very sure. Have access to indoor courts. Contact me if you like to play or just practice.

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Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
7649 New Market Center Way
Columbus, Ohio
Columbus, Ohio
Store Front614-718-1068
Tennis Ltd.
2110 Arlington Ave.
Upper Arlington, OH
Upper Arlington, Ohio
Store Front614-481-3030

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