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There are 134 tennis court locations near Phoenix Arizona. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near Phoenix Arizona
Tennis Court
Renaissance Athletic Club
2 N Central Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo210.04 miles
Patriots Square
75 W Washington St, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo200.04 miles
Club PHX
150 E Washington St, Phoenix, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo400.13 miles
Harmon Park
398 W Papago St, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo100.99 miles
Quality Inn & Suites Downtown
202 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix, Arizona
PrivateNoNoNo201.30 miles
Coronado Park
1943 N 12th St, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo201.76 miles
Encanto Park
2121 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo801.94 miles
Youth Development Institute
1830 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, Arizona
PrivateNoNoNo101.99 miles
North High School
1086 E Virginia Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoYesNo802.16 miles
Phoenix Country Club
16 E Country Club Dr, Phoenix, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo1002.39 miles
Rio Salado Park
1076 E Elwood St, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoNoNo202.50 miles
Phoenix College
1309 W Flower St, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolYesNoNo402.71 miles
Radisson Hotel Phoenix City Center
3600 N 2nd Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
PrivateNoNoNo102.84 miles
Metro Tech High School
1900 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoNoNo602.92 miles
Nueve Park
4493 S 9th St, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo203.06 miles
Carl Hayden High School
3477 W Fillmore St, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoYesNo803.48 miles
South Mountain High School
5600 S 9th St, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoYesNo703.69 miles
Madison Park
1420 E Glenrosa Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo203.72 miles
Central High School
4500 N 3rd St, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoYesNo803.78 miles
Lindo Park
2176 W Roeser Rd, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo103.86 miles
Xavier College Preparatory
4698 N 4th St, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoNoNo603.93 miles
Perry Park
3114 E Virginia Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo203.95 miles
El Resposo Park
5899 S 5th St, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo404.01 miles
West Elm St
1673 W Elm St, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicYesNoNo204.18 miles
Coventry Tempe H.O.A.
2900 Avenida Olivos, Phoenix, Arizona
PrivateYesNoNo104.76 miles
Camelback High School
4663 N 26th St, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoYesNo804.82 miles
Solano Park
1610 W Missouri Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo204.93 miles
Bourgade Catholic High School
4700 N 32nd Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoNoNo404.99 miles
Esteban Park
E Roeser Rd, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo205.04 miles
North Phoenix Baptist Church
5757 N Central Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
PrivateYesYesNo405.05 miles
Cielito Park
3402 W Campbell Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo205.06 miles
S Mountain Community College
S Mountain Community College, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoNoNo305.12 miles
Pierce Park
4530 E Palm Ln, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo405.40 miles
Legacy Golf Resort
6998 S 30th St, Phoenix, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo205.42 miles
Circle K Park
8098 S 13th St, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo105.43 miles
Alhambra High School
3803 W Elm St, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoYesNo805.53 miles
Grand Canyon College
W Vermont Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolYesYesNo605.58 miles
Phoenix Tennis Center
6330 North 21st Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicYesYesNo2505.96 miles
First Christian Church
6750 N 7th Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
PrivateNoYesNo206.03 miles
Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa
2400 East Missouri, Phoenix, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo706.04 miles
Arcadia High School
3698 N 45th Pl, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoNoNo806.05 miles
Granada Park
2242 E Maryland Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo416.16 miles
N 30th Pl
6394 N 30th Pl, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo206.33 miles
N 41st St
5098 N 41st St, Phoenix, Arizona
ClubYesNoNo306.34 miles
Washington High School
6880 N 21st Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoNoNo806.38 miles
N 40th St
5308 N 40th St, Paradise Valley, Arizona
ClubYesNoNo406.42 miles
Alvord Park
Ceasar Chavez Park Rd, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo806.54 miles
E Gardenia Dr
1290 E Gardenia Dr, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoNoNo106.65 miles
Nevitt Park
4599 E St Anne Ave,, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo206.73 miles
Village Racquet and Health Club
4444 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo1506.74 miles

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