Tennis Court Locations near Tempe Arizona

There are 132 tennis court locations near Tempe Arizona. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near Tempe Arizona
Tennis Court
Arizona State University - Tempe Campus
418 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, Arizona
SchoolNoYesNo1310.61 miles
Arizona State University - E Alpha Dr
753 E Alpha Dr, Tempe, Arizona
SchoolNoYesNo210.75 miles
Whiteman Tennis Center
830 E 6th St, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicYesYesNo800.77 miles
Tempe High School
1778 S Mill Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoYesNo810.83 miles
Fiesta Resort Conference Center
W Fiesta Dr, Tempe, Arizona
PrivateYesYesNo301.74 miles
Hampton Inn & Suites
1429 N Scottsdale Rd, Tempe, Arizona
PrivateNoYesNo101.81 miles
Tempe Diablo
1842 W Westcourt Way, Phoenix, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo402.17 miles
Pera Club
2414 N Papago Dr, Tempe, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo402.28 miles
Indian Bend Park - Tempe
N Miller Dr, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo202.29 miles
McClintock High School
2915 S McClintock Dr, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoYesNo812.45 miles
W Vineyard Rd
W Vineyard Rd, Tempe, Arizona
PublicNoNoNo102.69 miles
Nevitt Park
4599 E St Anne Ave,, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo203.53 miles
The Lakes of Tempe
5501 S Lakeshore Dr, Tempe, Arizona
PrivateNoYesNo303.57 miles
Apache Park
1112 N 85th Pl, Scottsdale, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo203.58 miles
Coronado High School
7501 E Virginia Ave, Scottsdale, Arizona
SchoolNoNoNo813.72 miles
Arizona Grand Resort & Spa
7777 S Pointe Pkwy, Phoenix, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo503.82 miles
Kiwanis Recreation Center
6111 S All America Way, Phoenix, Arizona
PrivateYesYesNo1503.90 miles
Coronado High School
7571 E Virginia Ave, Scottsdale, Arizona
SchoolNoNoNo803.90 miles
Marcos de Niza High School
1099 E Gemini Dr, Tempe, Arizona
SchoolNoYesNo803.98 miles
Pierce Park
4530 E Palm Ln, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo404.16 miles
Paiute Park
3100 N 66th St, Scottsdale, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo214.24 miles
Arizona Country Club
5668 E. Orange Blossom Lane, Phoenix, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo804.27 miles
Esteban Park
E Roeser Rd, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo204.39 miles
Mesa Community College
Superstition Fwy, Mesa, Arizona
SchoolNoYesNo804.83 miles
Rhodes Junior High School
1847 W Juanita Ave, Mesa, Arizona
SchoolNoNoNo404.84 miles
Herberger Park
5816 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo404.87 miles
Ramada Hotel
6883 E Indian School Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo205.02 miles
Legacy Golf Resort
6998 S 30th St, Phoenix, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo205.16 miles
Westwood High School
945 W 8th St, Mesa, Arizona
SchoolNoNoNo1005.19 miles
Powell Junior High School
931 W Emelita Cir, Mesa, Arizona
SchoolNoYesNo405.37 miles
Alma Ward Park
662 S Rd, Mesa, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo405.37 miles
Arcadia High School
3698 N 45th Pl, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoNoNo805.43 miles
Western Star Park
4449 E Western Star Blvd, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo205.46 miles
Grace Inn Phoenix
10831 S 51st St, Phoenix, Arizona
PrivateNoYesNo105.50 miles
Kyrene Middle School
1269 E Knight Ln, Tempe, Arizona
SchoolNoNoNo405.51 miles
Desert Vista Health Center
570 W Brown Rd, Mesa, Arizona
PrivateNoYesNo105.51 miles
Mesa Country Club
660 W Fairway Dr, Mesa, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo605.54 miles
Scottsdale Camelback Resort
6302 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix, Arizona
PrivateNoYesNo305.57 miles
Indian School Park Tennis Center
4289 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo1315.67 miles
Perry Park
3114 E Virginia Ave, Phoenix, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo205.76 miles
Life Time Fitness Tempe
1616 West Ruby Dr, Tempe, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo525.77 miles
Villa Monterey
7884 E Camelback Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo205.89 miles
The Phoenician
4699 N Phoenician Blvd, Phoenix, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo1105.91 miles
Dobson High School
1602 W Pecos Ave, Mesa, Arizona
SchoolNoYesNo805.92 miles
Dobson Ranch La Casita Tennis Center
2719 S Reyes, Mesa, Arizona
ClubYesYesNo1205.95 miles
Chestnut Park
8499 E Hazelwood St, Scottsdale, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo216.15 miles
S Mountain Community College
S Mountain Community College, Phoenix, Arizona
SchoolNoNoNo306.15 miles
Hendrix Junior High School
1327 W Rosewood Ct, Chandler, Arizona
SchoolNoYesNo506.30 miles
Youth Development Institute
1830 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, Arizona
PrivateNoNoNo106.43 miles
Harleson Park
9317 S Warner Ranch Dr, Tempe, Arizona
PublicNoYesNo216.49 miles

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