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There are 131 tennis court locations near Houston Texas. These tennis court listings were all submitted by members of GTN. More tennis courts are submitted each day. If you can't find one of your favorite tennis courts, submit it.
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Tennis Courts near Houston Texas
Tennis Court
The Downtown Club (Met)
340 W Dallas St, Houston, Texas
ClubYesNoYes1000.35 miles
Spotts Park
401 S Heights Bvd, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo221.56 miles
Woodland Park
212 Parkview, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo111.56 miles
Emancipation Park
2901 3049 Hutchins St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo201.66 miles
Settegast Park
3001 Garrow St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo101.69 miles
Davis High School
1101 Quitman, Houston, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo201.83 miles
Cleveland Park
Jackson Hill and Scotland, Houston, Texas
PublicNoNoNo202.04 miles
Cherryhurst Park
1701 1799 Cherryhurst St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoNoNo102.04 miles
Moody Park
3801 Weems St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo202.30 miles
Proctor Plaza Park
803 W Temple St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo112.37 miles
Reagan High School
13th and Beverly Streets, Houston, Texas
SchoolNoYesNo202.65 miles
University Of Houston
4800 Calhoun Rd, Houston, Texas
SchoolNoYesYes1512.68 miles
Montie Beach Park
915 Northwood St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo202.74 miles
Yates High School
3621 Cleburne St, Houston, Texas
SchoolNoYesNo402.79 miles
Texas Southern University
3443 Blodgett St, Houston, Texas
SchoolNoYesNo502.83 miles
Eastwood Park
5000 Harrisburg, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo202.87 miles
Cage Elementary
1630 S Lockwood Dr, Houston, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo402.89 miles
Milroy Park
1222 Allston St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo102.89 miles
Finnigan Park
4900 Providence St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoNoNo203.04 miles
Finnegan Park
4900 Providence St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo203.04 miles
River Oaks Country Club
1600 River Oaks Blvd, Houston, Texas
ClubYesYesNo1603.28 miles
University of Houston
4359 Wheeler St, Houston, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo103.36 miles
Fleming Park
1901 Sunset Blvd, Houston, Texas
PublicNoNoNo203.44 miles
Halbert Park
200 East 23rd St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo103.55 miles
Lamar High School
2800 2998 Eastside St, Houston, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo403.58 miles
Jake Hess Stadium - Rice University
6100 Main St, Houston, Texas
SchoolYesYesNo1633.81 miles
Homer Ford Tennis Center
5225 Calhoun, Houston, Texas
PublicYesYesNo1604.01 miles
Memorial Park Tennis Center
Memorial Loop and Arnot St, Houston, Texas
PublicYesYesNo1844.08 miles
W 23rd St Park
894 W 23rd St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoNoNo104.12 miles
River Oaks Park
3636 Westheimer Rd, Houston, Texas
PublicNoNoNo404.17 miles
The Briar Club
2603 Timmons Ln, Houston, Texas
ClubYesYesNo704.18 miles
Wier Park
3012 Nottingham St, West University Place, Texas
PublicNoYesNo224.23 miles
Independence Heights Park
601 East 35th St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo104.23 miles
Houston City Club
Portsmouth St and Timmons Ln, Houston, Texas
ClubYesNoYes1004.44 miles
Graham Park
540 West 34th St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo104.64 miles
Hutcheson Park
5400 Lockwood, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo104.65 miles
Jaycee Park
6743 Cindy Ln, Houston, Texas
PublicNoNoNo214.65 miles
Zollie Scales Park
3501 Corder, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo104.89 miles
Mason Park
541 South 75th St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo205.00 miles
Judson Park
4242 S Judson, West University Place, Texas
PublicNoYesNo105.36 miles
Kashmere High School
6900 Wileyvale, Houston, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo105.43 miles
Waltrip High School
3422 Guese Rd, Houston, Texas
SchoolNoNoNo205.44 miles
The Houstonian Club
111 North Post Oak Lane, Houston, Texas
ClubYesYesNo805.48 miles
Colonial Park
4130 Byron, West University Place, Texas
PublicNoNoNo215.55 miles
Mulberry Park
800 Mulberry Ln, Bellaire, Texas
PublicNoYesNo315.75 miles
Life Time Fitness Galleria
5015 Westheimer, Suite 4020, Houston, Texas
ClubYesYesYes9135.76 miles
Oak Forest Park
2100 Judiway St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo205.80 miles
Pleasantville Park
8631 Josie St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo105.92 miles
Pin Oak Park
5801 West Loop South, Bellaire, Texas
PublicNoNoNo306.04 miles
Dodson Lake Park
8922 Dodson St, Houston, Texas
PublicNoYesNo206.08 miles

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