Tennis in Camden, New Jersey

This is an overview of all things tennis in Camden, New Jersey. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Camden, New Jersey.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Ladder Leagues Underway:
Team Leagues Underway:
Tournaments Underway:
Total Matches Played: 5,452

940 Local Players

Activities Underway
Tennis Swat Meetup Tennis Ladder League

Tennis Swat Meetup

Ladder League
All levels
180 players
2023 MD Tennis Ladder Tennis Ladder League

2023 MD Tennis Ladder

Ladder League
3.00 to 4.24
17 players
These are all the leagues and tournaments currently underway in the area.
Local Chat
Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Trevor Meier      Worldwide
9 months, 3 weeks
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Alan M      Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park
6 months, 1 week
Hi! I’m looking for practice partners who are willing to play outdoors as it’s getting colder. I’m currently a 2.5, but working on improving.
2.25 to 3.00

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
6 months, 2 weeks
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Jacob Newton Tanzer      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
8 months, 1 week
Looking for people to play in Philly or mainline area. I'm around a 3.0 player, available on the weekends and can make the week days work after 5 pm. Thanks!

Doug Adams      Ardmore, Pennsylvania
8 months, 2 weeks
27 year old man looking to play in/around Ardmore on Saturdays. Singles or doubles, doesn't matter, just want to get out there. Reach out if interested (phone hidden)

Rob Shachtman      Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania
8 months, 2 weeks
Hi there - I'm interested in finding someone to hit with on a regular basis. I live in Lafayette Hill. I am a relative beginner (2.5?) but hoping to advance pretty quickly.

Robin Stephens      Cinnaminson, New Jersey
9 months, 2 weeks
Hi - Advanced beginner looking for people to practice with in the Cinnaminson/Moorestown/Cherry Hill NJ area. Weekdays - available around 5 pm or later - varies from week to week.
Weekends - mostly Saturdays 11 am or later, sometimes Sundays.

Kevin Surrey      Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
9 months, 4 weeks
Hi, I'll be in Philadelphia 8/8-8/12. If you're interested in playing, call me (phone hidden). I'm a 4.5 level. And I'm down for Singles, Doubles, matched, sets or just talking. Morning, afternoon or evening is good for me. Thanks.

Chris Morgan      Haddonfield, New Jersey
2 years, 7 months
Always looking for people to hit with. I'm ~4.0 that's willing to travel or split indoor time during the winter. Age/skill are not too important to me. I just want to get out there and hit. Doesn't matter if it's a match, rallying for practice or just to workout.

Rohon Nandi      Voorhees Township, New Jersey
2 years, 1 month
Hey. I am looking for someone to play either singles or doubles with in the Voorhees / Medford / Cherry Hill / South Jersey Area. I used to play on my high school tennis team but am looking to get back into playing more for fun and competitively. I am around an intermediate to advanced level. Please let me know if you are up for rallying. Thanks.
young adult3.50 to 5.00

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Local Events
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There are no events this week, or in the future.
These are the nearby events. Events are just play sessions for leagues, tournaments, lessons, or just open play. Learn more.

Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Rutgers-Camden Community Park
110 Pearl St, Camden

0.22 m
Acelero Learning
250 Federal St, Camden

0.25 m
New Camden Park
1602 Pine St, Camden

1.38 m
County of Camden Park
303 Jasper St, Camden

1.68 m
Eastside Park
2752 Howell St, Camden

1.86 m
Seger Recreation Center
1000 Lombard St, Philadelphia

1.90 m
Von Nieda Park
1035 Reeves Ave, Camden

1.91 m
Cooper B Hatch Family School
1875 Park Blvd, Camden

1.98 m
Popular St. Park
N 8th St & Poplar St, Philadelphia

2.01 m
Althea Gibson Tennis Center
1000-38 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia

2.25 m
Community College of Philadelphia
1700 Spring Garden St, Philadelphia

2.42 m
Dudley Grange Park
101 N 32nd St, Camden

2.45 m
Columbia Field
1780 N 10th St, Philadelphia

2.63 m
Monkiewicz Playground
3201 Richmond St, Philadelphia

2.72 m
G H Carson Elementary School
4150 Garfield Ave, Pennsauken Township

2.88 m
Temple University
1950 N Broad St, Philadelphia

3.05 m
Penrose Recreation Park
1101 W Susquehanna Ave, Philadelphia

3.05 m
Markward Playground
Pine St & S 26th St, Philadelphia

3.15 m
Gloster City Swim Club
901 Essex St, Gloucester City

3.20 m
Union Field
1248 S Merrimac Rd, Camden

3.23 m
Wharton Square Park
S 24th St, Philadelphia

3.30 m
Wellwood Park
W Maple Ave, Merchantville

3.34 m
Penn Tennis Center
240 S 31st St, Philadelphia

3.40 m
Collingswood High School
424 W Collings Ave, Collingswood

3.43 m
Pennsauken Township Municipal Park
6100 River Rd, Pennsauken Township

3.47 m
University of Pennsylvania
230 S 33rd St, Philadelphia

3.52 m
Barry Playground
1800 Bigler St, Philadelphia

3.63 m
Johnson Park
673 Nicholson Rd, Gloucester City

3.69 m
Lanier Park
2900 Tasker St, Philadelphia

3.82 m
Reyburn Park
2091 W Sedgley Ave, Philadelphia

3.96 m
Oaklyn K-12 School
136 Kendall Blvd, Oaklyn

4.01 m
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park
S Broad St & Pattison Ave, Philadelphia

4.07 m
Merchantville Community Park
212 Somerset Ave, Merchantville

4.19 m
The Woodlands Community Park
Woodland Ave, Philadelphia

4.37 m
Benjamin Franklin Elementary School
7201 Irving Ave, Pennsauken Township

4.44 m
Thomas Alva Edison High School
151 W Luzerne St, Philadelphia

4.51 m
Belmont Charter School
4030 Brown St, Philadelphia

4.53 m
Cherry Hill Convalescent Center
1399 Chapel Ave W, Cherry Hill

4.54 m
Fairmont Park
2200 N 33rd St, Philadelphia

4.55 m
Drexel University - Vidas Athletic Complex
4300 Powelton Ave, Philadelphia

4.60 m
Bridesburg Recreation Park
4601 Richmond St, Philadelphia

4.62 m
Pope Paul Vi High School
901 Hopkins Rd, Haddonfield

4.65 m
Haddon Township High School
406 Memorial Ave, Haddon Township

4.69 m
Hunting Park
900 Hunting Park Ave, Philadelphia

4.74 m
Piccoli Playground
4300 Castor Ave, Philadelphia

4.75 m
Audubon High School
350 Edgewood Ave, Audubon

4.87 m
Green Valley Tennis Club
429 W Crystal Lake Ave, Haddonfield

4.96 m
Kingsessing Park
4901 Kingsessing Ave, Philadelphia

5.04 m
Haddon Field Club
10 Elm Ave, Haddonfield

5.33 m
Erlton Swim Club
Park Blvd, Cherry Hill

5.42 m
Scotts Playground
Scotts Ln, Philadelphia

5.43 m
Cherry Hill West High School
650 Murray Ave, Cherry Hill

5.44 m
Chamounix Dr & Greenland Dr, Philadelphia

5.47 m
Stenton Park
1669 W Courtland St, Philadelphia

5.51 m
Northwood Park
962 Harrison St, Philadelphia

5.56 m
Fernhill Park
4600 Morris St, Philadelphia

5.60 m
Parkview Elementary School
101 Birch Ave, Westville

5.65 m
Francis Myers Recreation Park
5803 Kingsessing Ave, Philadelphia

5.66 m
Bill Johnson Tennis Center
4750 States Dr, Philadelphia

5.69 m
Happy Hollow Playground
4800 Wayne Ave, Philadelphia

5.72 m
Barrett Playground
641 Lindley Ave, Philadelphia

5.72 m
Y.A.L.E. School Cherry Hill
2127 Church Rd, Cherry Hill

5.76 m
Pennypacker Park
Park Blvd & Jefferson Ave, Haddonfield

5.79 m
Pennsauken High School
800 Hylton Rd, Pennsauken Township

5.79 m
Sanitarium Playground
1794 2nd St, West Deptford

5.85 m
The Germantown Cricket Club
411 W Manheim St, Philadelphia

5.87 m
Bellmawr Borough Park
139 S Bell Rd, Bellmawr

5.89 m
Haddon Glen Swim Club
1701 Walnut Ave, Haddon Heights

5.93 m
Tacony Creek Park
628 Garland St, Philadelphia

6.00 m
Parkside Evans Playground
5300 Parkside Ave, Philadelphia

6.01 m
Clara Barton Elementary School
223 Rhode Island Ave, Ellisburg

6.06 m
Wissinoming Park
5801 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia

6.07 m
Legacy Youth Tennis and Education
4492 Ridge Ave, Philadelphia

6.16 m
Philadelphia University
Henry Ave & Philadelphia University Dr, Philadelphia

6.19 m
Paschall Playground
1599 John F. Kennedy Blvd, Philadelphia

6.20 m
Woodford Tennis Club
4995 Rubicam St, Philadelphia

6.29 m
Penn Charter High School
3000 W School House Ln, Philadelphia

6.30 m
Haddonfield Memorial High School - Centenial Field
20 Park Place, Haddonfield

6.31 m
Disston Park
6689 Keystone St, Philadelphia

6.33 m
Philadelphia University
4201 Henry Ave, Philadelphia

6.39 m
Kerr Field
Baily Rd, Lansdowne

6.41 m
Legion Field
699 Chestnut St, Palmyra

6.45 m
Joyce Kilmer Elementary School
2900 Chapel Ave, Cherry Hill

6.48 m
La Salle University
5650 N 20th St, Philadelphia

6.53 m
Olney Park
6028 Crescentville Rd, Philadelphia

6.57 m
Carusi Middle School
315 Roosevelt Dr, Cherry Hill

6.61 m
Wedgewood Swim Club
635 Centre St, Haddonfield

6.66 m
Fisher Park
600 W Spencer St, Philadelphia

6.67 m
West Deptford High School
1600 Crown Point Rd, Westville

6.69 m
Tavistock Hills Swim Club
1400 Warwick Rd, Barrington

6.70 m
Cobbs Creek Park
700 Cobbs Creek Pkwy, Philadelphia

6.71 m
Philadelphia Tennis Club
422 E Locust Ave, Philadelphia

6.74 m
Tarken Playground
6250 Frontenac St, Philadelphia

6.75 m
Green Acres Park
Rockview Terrace, Runnemede

6.77 m
St. Joe's University
5600 Overbrook Ave, Philadelphia

6.78 m
Vogt Playground
6700 Cottage St, Philadelphia

6.88 m
Cherry Valley Swim Club
3406 Church Rd, Cherry Hill

6.89 m
Max Myers Park
6530 Horrocks St, Philadelphia

6.90 m
Lawncrest Recreation Center
6000 Rising Sun Ave, Philadelphia

6.95 m
Bell Avenue Elementary School
1000 Bell Ave, Yeadon

7.01 m
Sturgis Park
N 3rd St & 65th Ave, Philadelphia

7.06 m
Chester Ave Park
179 Chester Ave, Yeadon

7.10 m
The Cynwyd Club
332 Trevor Ln, Bala Cynwyd

7.15 m
Riverton Country Club
1416 Highland Ave, Cinnaminson

7.19 m
St Joseph's University - Maguire Campus
470 N Latches Ln, Merion Station

7.21 m
Morris Estate Recreation Center
1610 Chelten Ave, Philadelphia

7.22 m
Cynwyd Park
398 Trevor Ln, Bala Cynwyd

7.25 m
Kendrick Playground
486 Pensdale St, Philadelphia

7.27 m
Frances Avenue Park
200 Underwood Ave, Woodbury

7.30 m
Kingston Elementary School.
530 Kingston Rd, Cherry Hill

7.31 m
Stewart Park
317 E Red Bank Ave, Woodbury

7.32 m
Eastwick Park Playground
7939 Mars Pl, Philadelphia

7.35 m
Russo Park
Cottman Ave & Torresdale Ave, Philadelphia

7.37 m
Alternative High School
45 Ranoldo Terrace, Cherry Hill

7.37 m
Yeadon Community Park
297 E Providence Rd, Yeadon

7.42 m
Covered Bridge Swim Club
1 Aqua Ln, Cherry Hill

7.44 m
Karakung Park
7400 Lansdowne Ave, Philadelphia

7.48 m
Fox Meadows Courts
150 Deerfield Dr, Maple Shade

7.49 m
Riverton Memorial Park
Broad St & Cedar St, Riverton

7.50 m
St Charles Borromeo Seminary
100 Wynnewood Rd, Wynnewood

7.51 m
Pepper Middle School
2900 S 84th St, Philadelphia

7.52 m
Woodbury High School
25 N Broad St, Woodbury

7.58 m
Awbury Park
6101 Ardleigh St, Philadelphia

7.62 m
Triton High School
250 Schubert Ave, Runnemede

7.63 m
Lankenau Medical Center
100 E Lancaster Ave, Wynnewood

7.68 m
Jeff Young Memorial Park
101 S Lenola Rd, Moorestown

7.69 m
Logan Tennis Club
4th Ave, Elkins Park

7.70 m
Wood Park
Riverton Rd & Pomona Rd, Cinnaminson

7.80 m
Friends' Central School
1101 City Ave, Wynnewood

7.81 m
Bala Cynwyd Middle School
570 Bryn Mawr Ave, Bala Cynwyd

7.87 m
Abraham Lincoln High School
3201 Ryan Ave, Philadelphia

7.88 m
Jardel Rec
Cottman Ave & Whitaker Ave, Philadelphia

7.95 m
Tookany Creek Park
300 Tookany Creek Pkwy, Cheltenham

7.96 m
Cherry Hill Racquet Club
1820 Old Cuthbert Rd, Cherry Hill

7.96 m
Waldron Academy
513 Montgomery Ave, Merion Station

7.96 m
Countryside Elementary School
115 Schoolhouse Ln, Mt Laurel

8.02 m
Melrose Country Club
7600 Tookany Creek Pkwy, Cheltenham

8.02 m
Wing-Dickerson Park
232 Allens Ln, Woodbury

8.05 m
Perleman Jewish School
49 Haverford Rd, Wynnewood

8.06 m
Belmont Hills Park
150 Marywatersford Rd, Bala Cynwyd

8.07 m
Narberth Tennis Club
612 Montgomery Ave, Narberth

8.08 m
West End Memorial Elementary School
215 Queen St, Woodbury

8.09 m
Simons Community Recreation Center
7200 Woolston Ave, Philadelphia

8.11 m
Roxborough High School
Manayunk Ave & Gates St, Philadelphia

8.12 m
Drexel Park
1700 Garrett Rd, Lansdowne

8.16 m
General Wayne Park
300 Maplewood Rd, Merion

8.18 m
Academy Park High School
300 Calcon Hook Rd, Sharon Hill

8.18 m
Sharon Hill Elementary School
701 Coates St, Sharon Hill

8.18 m
Penn Wynne Park
1214 E Manoa Rd, Wynnewood

8.18 m
Pleasant Playground
268 E Pleasant St, Philadelphia

8.20 m
Northeast High School
1601 Cottman Ave, Philadelphia

8.21 m
Allens Lane Park
620 W Allens Ln, Philadelphia

8.34 m
Hoffman Park
226 Scottdale Rd, Lansdowne

8.42 m
Collingdale Park
Jackson Ave, Collingdale

8.43 m
Woodcrest Recreation Club
399 Cranford Rd, Cherry Hill

8.43 m
Finley Playground
1000 E Hortter St, Philadelphia

8.44 m
Conway Park
Hook Rd, Sharon Hill

8.47 m
Fossler's Cheltenham Tennis Club
46 E Church Rd, Elkins Park

8.47 m
Center For Aquatic Rehab
14 Olney Ave, Cherry Hill

8.50 m
Narberth Park
102 Conway Ave, Narberth

8.52 m
Harris Elementary School
671 Sharon Ave, Collingdale

8.52 m
Woodcrest Elementary School
400 Cranford Rd, Cherry Hill

8.59 m
Mc Call Golf & Country Club
201 N Lynn Blvd, Upper Darby

8.59 m
Horace Mann Elementary School
150 Walt Whitman Blvd, Cherry Hill

8.66 m
Upper Darby High School
8201 Lansdowne Ave, Upper Darby

8.66 m
Northeast Older Adult Center
8101 Bustleton Ave, Philadelphia

8.78 m
Walter B Saul High School
7100 Henry Ave, Philadelphia

8.81 m
Grange Field
599 Cumberland Rd, Havertown

8.94 m
Aldan Elementary School
1 N Woodlawn Ave, Aldan

8.95 m
Yancy Adams Maple Dawson Park
485 Dawson St, Moorestown

8.96 m
The King's Christian School
5 Carnegie Plaza, Cherry Hill

9.02 m
Gateway Regional High School
775 Woodbury Heights, Deptford Township

9.04 m
Fox Chase Park
Rockwell Ave & Ridgeway St, Philadelphia

9.05 m
Willowdale Swim Club
Ticonderoga Ln, Springdale

9.08 m
Welsh Valley Middle School
325 Tower Ln, Narberth

9.09 m
Wall Park
600 Church Rd, Cheltenham

9.09 m
Arcadia University - Erny Field
8029 Michener Ave, Philadelphia

9.13 m
Green-Fields Swim Club
989 Jessup Rd, West Deptford

9.14 m
Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
8000 Cherokee St, Philadelphia

9.15 m
Passive Recreation Park
Park Ct, Delran

9.16 m
James Fenimore Cooper Elementary School
1960 Greentree Rd, Cherry Hill

9.23 m
Richard Stockton Elementary School
200 Wexford Dr, Greentree

9.23 m
Philadelphia Cricket Club
415 W Willow Grove Ave, Philadelphia

9.23 m
Lower Merion High School
230 Fairhill Rd, Ardmore

9.25 m
Fasola Park
Falsoa Park, Deptford Township

9.28 m
Woodcrest Country Club
300 E Evesham Rd, Cherry Hill

9.33 m
McArdle Park
Welsh Rd & Tolbut St, Philadelphia

9.34 m
Sterling High School
501 S Warwick Rd, Hi-Nella

9.35 m
Cegielkowski Park
S Sylvania Ave, Rockledge

9.39 m
Deptford High School
575 Fox Run Rd, Deptford Township

9.42 m
Cedarbrook Middle School
300 Longfellow Rd, Wyncote

9.44 m
Katz JCC Club
1717 Kresson Rd, Springdale

9.45 m
South Ardmore Park
1450 Sussex Rd, Ardmore

9.45 m
Tenby Chase Swim & Sports Club
161 Forge Rd, Riverside

9.51 m
Moorestown Field Club
629 Chester Ave, Moorestown

9.53 m
Glenolden Park
294 W Knowles Ave, Glenolden

9.61 m
Allen Park
928 Chestnut Ave, Deptford Township

9.62 m
Moorestown Friends School
209 Paul Dr, Moorestown

9.64 m
Alverthorpe Park
Jenkintown Rd & Forrest Ave, Jenkintown

9.67 m
Water Tower Recreation Center
200 E Hartwell Ln, Philadelphia

9.70 m
Vincent Maiaroto Memorial Field
285 Echelon Rd, Voorhees Township

9.72 m
Samuel S Yellin Elementary School
111 Warwick Rd, Stratford

9.77 m
Manor Junior College
700 Fox Chase Rd, Jenkintown

9.82 m
Haverford High School
204 Edgehill Dr, Havertown

9.84 m
The Village Apartments
3606 Hamilton Dr, Voorhees

9.86 m
Cherry Hill High School East
1750 Kresson Rd, Springdale

9.87 m
Cheltenham High School
1450 Panther Rd, Wyncote

9.93 m
Moorestown High School
350 Bridgeboro Rd, Moorestown

10.01 m
Paulsboro High School
670 N Delaware St, Paulsboro

10.02 m
Abington Friends School
575 Washington Lane, Jenkintown

10.06 m
Vernon V. Young Memorial Park
124 Ardmore Ave, Ardmore

10.12 m
Thomas Williams Park
Hewett Rd & N Bent Rd, Wyncote

10.13 m
Frank Fullerton Memorial Park
315 E 3rd St, Moorestown

10.13 m
Wyndhill Park
8394 Flourtown Ave, Wyndmoor

10.14 m
Beck Middle School
976 Cropwell Rd, Cherry Hill

10.17 m
Torresdale Rec Center
9500 Leon St, Philadelphia

10.18 m
Llanerch Country Club
950 W Chester Pike, Havertown

10.19 m
Wenonah Swim Club
600 N Stockton Ave, Wenonah

10.20 m
Kirkwood Park
7th Ave, Voorhees

10.20 m
Houston Playground
900 Grakyn Ln, Philadelphia

10.21 m
Grasslyn Playground
Grasslyn Ave, Havertown

10.29 m
Arcadia University
2200 Church Rd, Glenside

10.31 m
Jenkintown High School
325 Highland Ave, Jenkintown

10.31 m
Merion Cricket Club
325 Montgomery Ave, Haverford

10.34 m
Elwell Park
Ardmore Ave & Morris Rd, Ardmore

10.35 m
Gladwyne Park
910 Youngsford Rd, Gladwyne

10.38 m
Vorhees Township Middle School
13 Oak Hollow Ct, Voorhees

10.41 m
Holy Cross High School
70 Yansick Dr, Riverside

10.41 m
Delran High School
50 Hartford Rd, Delran

10.51 m
Church St - Academy Dr Park
1200 S Church St, Mt Laurel

10.55 m
Mount Vernon Ave Park
230 Mount Vernon Ave, Laurel Springs

10.58 m
Holy Family University
9801 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia

10.59 m
Baldi Middle School
8801 Verree Rd, Philadelphia

10.68 m
Haverford School
500 Panmure Rd, Haverford

10.74 m
Haverford College
20 Featherbed Ln, Haverford

10.74 m
Paddock Park
210 Colfax Rd, Havertown

10.75 m
Aronomink Swim Club
Dermond Rd, Drexel Hill

10.75 m
Riverside Elementary School
112 E Washington St, Riverside

10.75 m
Highland Regional High School
450 Erial Rd, Blackwood

10.77 m
Montgomery Christian Academy
35 Hillcrest Ave, Flourtown

10.81 m
Idle Hour Tennis Club
5315 Township Line Rd, Drexel Hill

10.82 m
Moores Lake Park
879 14th Ave, Prospect Park

10.83 m
La Salle College High School
8605 W Cheltenham Ave, Wyndmoor

10.86 m
Ramblewood Farms Park
1088 Union Mill Rd, Mt Laurel

10.90 m
Eastern Senior High School
1401 Laurel Oak Rd, Voorhees

10.94 m
Greenlane Farms Park
84 N Maple Ave, Marlton

10.96 m
Ladner Park
525 Sheridan Dr, Greenwich Township

10.97 m
Preston Park
700 E Railroad Ave, Bryn Mawr

10.98 m
Springfield Township Park
50 Powell Rd, Springfield

11.03 m
Chestnut Hill College
90 Lincoln Woods, Philadelphia

11.04 m
Merry Place Park
599 Glendale Rd, Havertown

11.08 m
Westgate Hills Park
357 Windsor Park Ln, Havertown

11.12 m
The Baldwin School
701 Montgomery Ave, Bryn Mawr

11.20 m
Veterans Memorial Park
107 Parkview Dr, Springfield

11.29 m
Penbryn Park
300 Houston Ave, Glenside

11.32 m
Hayes Playground
9800 Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia

11.32 m
Ace Club
800 Ridge Pike, Conshohocken

11.33 m
Mount St. Joseph Academy
20 W Wissahickon Ave, Flourtown

11.35 m
Springfield Township High School
1801 Paper Mill Rd, Glenside

11.37 m
Gloucester County College
1400 Tanyard Rd, Sewell

11.40 m
Springfield High School
49 W Leamy Ave, Springfield

11.41 m
Enfield Middle School
1901 Paper Mill Rd, Oreland

11.52 m
Abington High School
970 Highland Ave, Abington

11.54 m
Roosevelt Racquet Club
85 Moreland Rd, Huntingdon Valley

11.55 m
Harcum Jr College
Orchard Ln, Bryn Athyn

11.57 m
Lackman Playground
1101 Bartlett St, Philadelphia

11.58 m
Labrum Middle School
10800 Hawley Rd, Philadelphia

11.60 m
Pennsylvania State University Ogontz Camp
1600 Woodland Rd, Jenkintown

11.61 m
Lindenwold High School
801 Egg Harbor Rd, Lindenwold

11.63 m
Lindenwold Middle School
White Horse Ave, Lindenwold

11.64 m
Bryn Mawr College
1050 Wyndon Ave, Bryn Athyn

11.72 m
Highland Farms Park
100 Highland Ln, Bryn Mawr

11.75 m
Greenwich Township Park
255 W Broad St, Gibbstown

11.75 m
Wilmer F Loomis Elementary School
369 N Central Blvd, Broomall

11.75 m
Jack M Barrack Hebrew Academy
272 S Bryn Mawr Ave, Bryn Mawr

11.78 m
Andalusia Mansion
Biddle Ln, Bensalem

11.84 m
Ridley High School
500 Morton Ave, Folsom

11.84 m
Spring Mill County Park
North Ln & Barren Hill Rd, Conshohocken

11.86 m
Cardinal O'Hara High School
1701 S Sproul Rd, Springfield

11.88 m
Archbishop Ryan High School
11201 Academy Rd, Philadelphia

11.90 m
Flourtown Swim Club
1528 Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown

11.94 m
Philadelphia Country Club
1601 Spring Mill Rd, Gladwyne

11.94 m
Catania Field
Ketcham Ave, Ridley Park

12.02 m
MossRehab - Klein JCC
10100 Jamison Ave, Philadelphia

12.04 m
Ashbridge Park
240 Airdale Rd, Bryn Athyn

12.09 m
George Washington High School
10175 Bustleton Ave, Philadelphia

12.09 m
Harriton High School
600 N Ithan Ave, Rosemont

12.14 m
The Meadowbrook School
1641 Hampton Rd, Meadowbrook

12.27 m
Swarthmore College
300 College Ave, Swarthmore

12.27 m
Kresson Golf Courses
298 Kresson Gibbsboro Rd, Voorhees Township

12.34 m
Harmony Road Tennis Courts
12 Harmony Rd, Mickleton

12.39 m
Mantua Township Park
545 Main St, Mantua Township

12.41 m
Palmer Playground
2980 Comly Rd, Philadelphia

12.43 m
Ardsley Park
Jefferson St & Maple Ave, Ardsley

12.44 m
Rosemont College
1400 Montgomery Ave, Bryn Mawr

12.54 m
Millcreek Park Tennis Center
370 Beverly Rancocas Rd, Willingboro

12.57 m
LuLu Country Club
1600 Limekiln Pike, Oreland

12.60 m
Swarthmore College - Fragrance Garden
Fraternity Row, Swarthmore

12.69 m
Gifford Playground
575 Tomlinson Rd, Philadelphia

12.74 m
Clem Macrone Park
810 Conestoga Rd, Bryn Mawr

12.77 m
Gloucester Township Community Park
432 Hickstown Rd, Sicklerville

12.78 m
McNeil Consumer Healthcare
7050 Camp Hill Rd, Flourtown

12.79 m
Green Valley Country Club
201 Ridge Pike, Lafayette Hill

12.80 m
Roychester Park
Corinthian Ave & Cleveland Ave, Abington

12.84 m
Paxon Hollow Middle School
815 Paxon Hollow Roa, Media

12.88 m
Lower Moreland High School
555 Red Lion Rd, Huntingdon Valley

12.88 m
Villanova University - Saint Monica Hall
Driveway, Bryn Mawr

12.90 m
Weimann Sports Field
280 Delanco Rd, Edgewater Park

12.90 m
Villanova University
150 N Ithan Ave, Villanova

12.94 m
Manufacturers Country Club
511 Dreshertown Rd, Fort Washington

12.95 m
Plymouth Whitemarsh High School
201 E Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting

12.98 m
Park Place Park
Larchmont Blvd, Mount Laurel Township

12.99 m
Larchmont KinderCare
450 Larchmont Blvd, Mt Laurel

13.04 m
Laurel Creek Country Club
701 Centerton Rd, Mt Laurel

13.07 m
Cherokee High School
130 Tomlinson Mill Rd, Marlton

13.08 m
Academy of the New Church Secondary Schools
2815 Benade Circle, Bryn Athyn

13.08 m
Philmont Park
3078 Manor Rd, Huntingdon Valley

13.08 m
Huntingdon Valley Country Club
2295 Country Club Dr, Huntingdon Valley

13.11 m
The Agnes Irwin School
275 S Ithan Ave, Bryn Mawr

13.17 m
Larchmont Park
291 Larchmont Blvd, Mt Laurel

13.18 m
Willow Turn Field
525 Willow Turn, Mt Laurel

13.19 m
Delaware Valley Tennis Club
3321 Woodland Cir, Huntingdon Valley

13.20 m
Philmont Country Club
301 Tomlinson Rd, Huntingdon Valley

13.21 m
Crestmont Park
Old Welsh Rd & Reservoir Ave, Willow Grove

13.24 m
Sunnybrook Country Club
624 Port Sheldon St, Grandville

13.24 m
Bullens Lane Park
Westminster Ln, Wallingford

13.24 m
Ply-Mar Swim & Tennis Club
3032 Butler Pike, Plymouth Meeting

13.25 m
Willingboro High School
20 S John F Kennedy Way, Willingboro

13.34 m
Township of Gloucester Commmunity Park
2900 New Brooklyn Erial Rd, Sicklerville

13.35 m
Ithan Elementary School
695 Clyde Rd, Bryn Mawr

13.38 m
Woodlawn Park
601 Division Ave, Willow Grove

13.45 m
Junod Playground
12770 Dunksferry Rd, Philadelphia

13.51 m
Thompson Family Park
40 E Wolfert Station Rd, Mickleton

13.52 m
Boyle Recreation Center
13024 Stevens Rd, Philadelphia

13.57 m
Comly Elementary School
1001 Byberry Rd, Philadelphia

13.57 m
Evesham Township Park
984 Tuckerton Rd, Marlton

13.60 m
Memorial Field
100 Stevenson Ave, Edgewater Park

13.60 m
Bethel Mill Park
138 Bethel Mill Rd, Sewell

13.61 m
Timbercrest-Centerton Road Park
Masonville Rd, Mt Laurel

13.63 m
Fairmount Park
91 Fleetwood Pl, Willingboro

13.64 m
Sturbridge Woods Swim Club
8 Forrest Hills Dr, Voorhees Township

13.66 m
Wallingford Swim and Racquet Club
501 S Providence Rd, Wallingford

13.70 m
Strathhaven High School
205 S Providence Rd, Wallingford

13.77 m
Overbrook Golf Club
799 Godfrey Rd, Bryn Mawr

13.80 m
Radnor Valley Country Club
555 Sproul Rd, Villanova

13.83 m
Washington Lake Park
626 Hurffville Cross Keys Rd, Sewell

13.84 m
Creekside Swim Club
Moore Rd, Wallingford

13.89 m
Radnor Racquet Club
175 King of Prussia Rd, Radnor

13.90 m
Conestoga Swim Club
501 Sproul Rd, Villanova

13.91 m
Academy of Notre Dame de Namur
560 Sproul Rd, Villanova

13.97 m
Barrall Community Park
E State St, Media

13.97 m
Ashley Leith Eventing
2642 Butler Pike, Plymouth Meeting

13.97 m
Radnor High School
130 King of Prussia Rd, Radnor Township

14.01 m
Willett Park
1791 Twining Rd, Willow Grove

14.06 m
Timber Creek High School
501 Jarvis Rd, Sicklerville

14.07 m
Marple Newton High School
100 Media Line Rd, Newtown Square

14.13 m
Memorial Park
1004 Tuckerton Rd, Marlton

14.18 m
2301 Renaissance Blvd, Montgomery

14.18 m
Washington Township Park
2 McClure Dr, Sewell

14.20 m
Lenape High School
235 Hartford Rd, Medford

14.22 m
Clearview Regional High School
645 Breakneck Rd, Mullica Hill

14.25 m
Louis Kite Field
704 Woodlane Rd, Edgewater Park

14.26 m
Springton Tennis Club
625 S Newtown St Rd, Media

14.27 m
Aidenn Lair Park
1565 Arran Way, Dresher

14.29 m
Germantown Academy
310 Morris Rd, Fort Washington

14.29 m
Chester Park
135 E Elkinton Blvd, Chester

14.31 m
Washington Township High School
519 Hurfville-Cross Keys Rd, Sewell

14.31 m
St Albans Swim & Tennis Club
160 Brookside Rd, Newtown Square

14.38 m
Berlin Park
35 N Park Dr, Berlin

14.39 m
Robert K Shafer Middle School
3333 Hulmeville Rd, Bensalem

14.39 m
Overbrook High School
1200 Turnerville Rd, Clementon

14.41 m
Upper Moreland High School
Bear Blvd, Willow Grove

14.44 m
Lower Moreland Park
Warfield Lane, Huntingdon Valley

14.48 m
Judith & Marc Felgoise Foundation
7139 Sheaff Ln, Ambler

14.51 m
Hydro-Blast Inc
430 Miller Rd, Medford

14.53 m
Delco Community College - Marple Campus
901 S Media Line Rd, Media

14.54 m
Springton Lake Middle School
1900 N Providence Rd, Media

14.66 m
Chase Park
Braxton Rd, Hainesport

14.72 m
Media Station Apartments
356 Media Station Rd, Media

14.72 m
Willow Grove Day Camp
3400 Davisville Rd, Willow Grove

14.74 m
Masons Mill Park
3500 Masons Mill Rd, Huntingdon Valley

14.80 m
Fort Washington Swim & Tennis Club
1003 Farm Lane, Ambler

14.83 m
Plymouth Swim Club
1724 Gallagher Rd, Plymouth Meeting

14.84 m
Upper Dublin High School
800 Loch Alsh Ave, Fort Washington

14.85 m
Upper Dublin High School
800 Loch Alsh Ave, Fort Washington

14.86 m
Sampson Park
Mt Venon Ave, Green Ridge

14.94 m
Willow Lake Farm
7100 W Butler Pike, Ambler

14.96 m
Wings Field Airport
1501 Narcissa Rd, Blue Bell

14.98 m
Eastern University - Eagle Rd
1300 Eagle Rd, Township of Radnor

15.01 m
Upper Moreland Swim Club
3505 Moore Rd, Hatboro

15.03 m
Shertel Park
West Ave, Pitman

15.11 m
John F Kennedy Park
220 Fairfield Rd, Plymouth Meeting

15.22 m
Russell E Elliot Memorial Park
150 Buck Rd, Feasterville

15.23 m
Eastern University - Dixon Tennis Courts
King Of Prussia Rd, Township of Radnor

15.27 m
Bensalem High School
4319 Hulmeville Rd, Bensalem

15.34 m
Radnor Middle School
150 Louella Ave, Wayne

15.36 m
Temple University - Ambler Campus
580 Meetinghouse Rd, Ambler

15.41 m
Timberwyck Swim & Tennis Club
2471 Martingale Rd, Media

15.48 m
Plymouth Country Club
888 Plymouth Rd, Plymouth Meeting

15.49 m
Little Mill Country Club
104 Bortons Rd, Marlton

15.50 m
E. Plymouth Valley Park
901 E Germantown Pike, Plymouth

15.53 m
Upper Moreland Middle School
4000 Orangemans Rd, Hatboro

15.59 m
Westampton Middle School
700 Rancocas Rd, Westampton

15.63 m
Poquessing Middle School
300 Heights Ln, Feasterville

15.64 m
Hidden Hollow Swim Club
137 W Knowlton Rd, Media

15.69 m
Kingsway Regional High School
Rte 322 & Garwin Rd, Swedesboro

15.74 m
Brookhaven Swim Club
Chester Creek Rd, Brookhaven

15.74 m
Maplewood Swim Club
1100 Rozel Ave, Southampton

15.75 m
Memorial Park
800 Grove St, Bridgeport

15.75 m
L A Corporation
1086 Penllyn Blue Bell Pike, Blue Bell

15.76 m
4-H At Garrett-Williamson
395 Bishop Hollow Rd, Newtown Square

15.78 m
Valley Forge Military Academy
1001 Eagle Rd, Wayne

15.79 m
Aronimink Golf Club
3600 St Davids Rd, Newtown Square

15.80 m
Mill Dam Club
717 Maplewood Ave, Wayne

15.82 m
Glassboro High School
560 Joseph L Bowe Blvd, Glassboro

15.90 m
Veterans Memorial Park
2300 W 7th St, Chester

15.92 m
College Settlement Camp
600 Witmer Rd, Horsham

15.93 m
Oakwood Colony Club
9 Cedar Trail, Medford

15.99 m
Hainesport Elementary School
211 Broad St, Hainesport

16.02 m
Unisys Corporation
801 Lakeview Dr, Blue Bell

16.03 m
Brookside Swim & Tennis Club
11 Ruth H Mancuso Ln, Glassboro

16.09 m
Bob White Park
401 Falcon Rd, King of Prussia

16.13 m
Pennypack Farm & Education Center
685 Mann Rd, Horsham

16.14 m
Hainesport Municipal Park
1401 Marne Hwy, Hainesport

16.17 m
Rowan University
201 Mullica Hill Rd, Glassboro

16.17 m
Upper Dublin Sports Center
680 Tennis Ave, Ambler

16.21 m
Warren Filipone Memorial Park
400 S Devon Ave, Wayne

16.22 m
Twin Spring Farm Day School
1632 E Butler Pike, Ambler

16.22 m
Meadowlands Country Club
711 Boehms Church Rd, Blue Bell

16.23 m
Ella Harris Recreation Park
127 Commissioners Rd, Mullica Hill

16.28 m
Three Tuns Park
1548 Cooper Dr, Ambler

16.35 m
Penncrest High School
170 Barren Rd, Media

16.37 m
Dolphin Tennis Center
262 W Bristol Rd, Feasterville

16.39 m
William Tennent High School
333 Centennial Rd, Warminster

16.40 m
Keith Valley Middle School
227 Meetinghouse Rd, Horsham

16.41 m
Medford Village Country Club
28 Golfview Dr, Medford

16.43 m
Mill Creek Tennis Club
1331 O'Reilly Dr O'Reilly Drive, Feasterville-Trevose

16.48 m
Wissahickon High School
601 Knight Rd, Ambler

16.50 m
Cedarbrook Country Club
180 Penllyn Pike, Blue Bell

16.50 m
Martins Dam Club
1045 Croton Rd, Wayne

16.52 m
Burlington County Institute of Technology
695 Woodlane Rd, Westampton

16.55 m
Strafford Park
582 Upper Gulph Rd, Strafford

16.57 m
Southampton Community Center Park
913 Willow St, Southampton

16.59 m
Sun Valley High School
1229 Pancoast Ave, Aston

16.62 m
Burlington City High School
100 Blue Devil, Burlington Township

16.63 m
The Episcopal Academy
1785 Bishop White Dr, Newtown Square

16.65 m
Mermaid Swim and Golf Club
1002 Jolly Rd, Blue Bell

16.66 m
Phoenix Sport Club
301 W Bristol Rd, Feasterville

16.67 m
Tamanend Park
2nd St Pike, Southampton

16.83 m
Deer Brook Swim & Tennis Club
50 Jackson Rd, Medford

16.93 m
Penllyn Park
313 Gwynedd Ave, Penllyn

16.93 m
Wentz Run Park
1001 Anvil Ln, Blue Bell

16.94 m
Village Green Park
625 Main St, Lumberton

16.95 m
Upper Merion High School
435 Crossfield Rd, King of Prussia

16.99 m
Eisenhower Middle School
1601 Markley St, Norristown

17.07 m
Whitegate Park
Quisset Ln, Wayne

17.08 m
Neshaminy High School
2001 Old Lincoln Hwy, Langhorne

17.08 m
Penn State University Delaware County Campus
25 Yearsley Mill Rd, Media

17.29 m
Hatboro-Horsham High School
899 Horsham Rd, Horsham

17.30 m
Klinger Middle School
1415 2nd St Pike, Southampton

17.31 m
Montgomery County Community College
340 Dekalb Pike, Blue Bell

17.44 m
Melmark School
2600 Wayland Rd, Berwyn

17.45 m
Beachcomber Swim Club
652 Dekalb Pike, Center Square

17.47 m
Hideaway Swim Club
333 County Line Rd, Horsham

17.52 m
East Norritown Township Park
2501 Stanbridge St, East Norriton

17.57 m
Johnson & Johnson - Spring House
McKean Rd, Ambler

17.65 m
Neumann University
1 Neumann Dr, Aston

17.70 m
Burlington Twp Municipal Park
851 Old York Road, Burlington Township

17.76 m
NAS JRB Willow Grove Pool
Hawkeye Ave, Horsham

17.82 m
Clover Lane Holding Co
1120 Clover Ln, Glen Mills

17.91 m
Sesame Rockwood Day Camp
1702 Yost Rd, Blue Bell

17.91 m
Horsham Park
970 Horsham Rd, Horsham

17.94 m
Samuel Carpenter Park
972 Horsham Rd, Horsham

17.94 m
Deerwood Country Club
845 Woodlane Rd, Mt Holly

17.97 m
Poplar St Park
Poplar St & Hulmeville Rd, Parkland

17.99 m
Assiscunk Creek Park
Pinewald Ln, Burlington Township

17.99 m
Edgewood Regional High School
10 Cooper Folly Rd, Atco

18.06 m
Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel
480 N Gulph Rd, King of Prussia

18.12 m
Core Creek Park
901 Bridgetown Pike, Langhorne

18.17 m
Munro Community Park
236 E Bristol Rd, Warminster

18.19 m
Gaspari Park
1500 Hewes Ave, Linwood

18.25 m
Glenhardie Country Club
1399 Old Eagle School Rd, Wayne

18.26 m
Gwynedd-Mercy University
1325 Sumneytown Pike, Gwynedd Valley

18.33 m
L Cpl Harry J Simmons Jr Memorial Park
Brownsville Rd & Old Lincoln Hwy, Langhorne

18.33 m
Frosty Hollow Tennis Center
4503 New Falls Rd, Levittown

18.39 m
Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School
1345 Sumneytown Pike, Gwynedd Valley

18.43 m
Rancocas Valley Regional High School
520 Jacksonville Rd, Mt Holly

18.44 m
Blue Bell Country Club
1800 Tournament Dr, Blue Bell

18.45 m
Log College Middle School
730 Norristown Rd, Warminster

18.56 m
Black Ditch Park
Mill Creek Rd, Levittown

18.67 m
Jcc Camps At Medford
400 Tuckerton Rd, Medford

18.71 m
Teegarden Park
440 Old State Rd, Berwyn

18.73 m
Jefferson Firehouse Recreation Site
85 School Ln, Jeffersonville

18.80 m
Waynesborough Country Club
440 Darby Paoli Rd, Paoli

18.81 m
Valley Forge Elementary School
99 Walker Rd, Wayne

18.85 m
Harry S Truman High School
3001 Green Ln, Levittown

18.85 m
Norristown Area High School
1900 Eagle Dr, Norristown

18.86 m
Singh Real Estate
222 New Freedom Rd, Vincentown

18.88 m
Upper Main Line YMCA
1416 Berwyn-Paoli Rd, Berwyn

18.96 m
Norristown YMCA
2407 Chestnut Ave, Norristown

19.00 m
Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
BackCourt Tennis - J.C. Smith
108 Emerald Ave.
Haddon Township, New Jersey
Rob Cortney
27 Christopher Rd
Voorhees, New Jersey
Strings 'n Things
Washington Swim & Tennis Club
1003 Farm Lane
Ambler, Pennsylvania
Pro Shop(215) 646-8574
Ray's Racquets
10 Applebough Ln
Rose Valley, Pennsylvania
Tennis Essentials
Spread Eagle Village
503 W. Lancaster Avenue
Wayne, Pennsylvania
Store Front610-964-6108

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