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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Sutton Churches Tennis Club
101 Gander Green Ln, Sutton

0.63 m
Sutton Highfields Lawn Tennis Club
Mayfield Rd, Sutton

0.66 m
Sutton Tennis and Squash Club
19 Devonshire Rd, Sutton

0.72 m
Royston Park
Royston Ave, Carshalton

1.00 m
Rosehill Park (West)
Rose Hill/Reigate Avenue, Sutton

1.03 m
Sutton Tennis Academy
Rose Hill Park, Sutton

1.13 m
Carshalton LTC
Beeches Ave, Carshalton

1.14 m
Cheam Tennis Club
Peaches Close, Sutton

1.16 m
Cheam Recreation Ground
Tudor Close, Cheam

1.21 m
Cheam Fields Club
30 Devon Road, Sutton

1.22 m
Stanley Park
Woodfield Ave, Carshalton

1.41 m
Carshalton Park
Ruskin Rd, Carshalton

1.47 m
Sutton Common Recreation Ground
Sutton Common Rd, London

1.75 m
St Andrews LTC
197 Sandy Ln, Sutton

1.75 m
Cuddington Recreation Ground
St Clair Drive, Worcester Park

2.19 m
Wallington Tennis Club
Hillside Gardens, Wallington

2.20 m
Beddington Park
Church Road, Wallington

2.42 m
Purley Tennis Club
21 Lordsbury Field, London

2.53 m
Roundshaw Park
Foresters Dr, Walington

2.57 m
Mellows Park
Stafford Rd, Wallington

2.59 m
Banstead Downs Tennis Club
Basing Rd, off Bolters Ln, Banstead

2.60 m
Woodmansterne Recreation Ground (The Park)
Woodmansterne St, Banstead

2.70 m
Auriol Park
Salisbury Road, Worcester Park

2.78 m
Ewell Tennis Club
West Street Ewell, Ewell

2.82 m
Gibraltar Recreation Ground
Chessington Road/West Street, Ewell

2.88 m
Corrigan Avenue Recreation Ground
Corrigan Avenue, Clockhouse, Coulsdon

2.96 m
Tennis Avenue Academy
Manor Park, New Malden

3.04 m
Alexandra Recreation Ground
off Alexandra Road, Epsom

3.07 m
Poole Road
Poole Road, Epsom

3.12 m
Joseph Hood Recreation Ground
Martin Way,Morden, London

3.13 m
David Lloyd Raynes Park
Bushey Rd, London

3.30 m
Nork Park
Church Ln & The Dr, Banstead

3.42 m
New Malden Tennis, Squash and Badminton Club
Somerset Close, London

3.43 m
Tamworth Farm Recreation Ground
London Road, Mitcham

3.46 m
Raynes Park Residents Lawn Tennis Club
Meadowview Rd, London

3.51 m
Wilton Tennis Club
28 Wilton Grove, Wimbledon

3.65 m
Ebbisham Sports Club
West Hill Ave, Epsom

3.69 m
Court Recreation Ground
Pound Lane, Epsom

3.70 m
Beverley Park
Beverley Way, New Malden

3.80 m
Downswood Lawn Tennis Club
Downs Wood, Epsom

3.99 m
Atkins Woodcote Grove
Woodcote Grove, Ashley Rd, Epsom

4.01 m
Epsom Lawn Tennis Club
Woodcote Rd, Epsom

4.16 m
Purley Bury Tennis Club
53B Purley Bury Ave, Purley

4.23 m
Reedham Park Tennis Club
Lodge Hill, Purley

4.25 m
Westside Lawn Tennis Club
20 Woodhayes Rd, London

4.25 m
Sanderstead Lawn Tennis Club
Penwortham Rd, South Croydon

4.32 m
Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club
55 Ederline Ave, London

4.48 m
Kingston Road Recreation Ground
Kingston Rd, New Malden

4.57 m
Riddlesdown Lawn Tennis Club
102 Lower Barn Rd, Purley

4.62 m
South Croydon Sports Club
Birdhurst Rise, South Croydon

4.63 m
Surbiton Racket & Fitness Club
Berrylands, Surbiton

4.66 m
Furzedown Recreation Park
Ramsdale Rd, London

4.79 m
Cassac LTC
Croydon, London

4.90 m
King Edward Recreation Ground
Hook Rd, Hook

4.92 m
Shirley Park Lawn Tennis Club
Harland Ave, Croydon

5.15 m
Wimbledon Park
Home Park Rd, London

5.15 m
Coombe Wood Lawn Tennis Club
28 Galsworthy Rd, Kingston upon Thames

5.27 m
Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club
Church Road, London

5.28 m
Spencer Lawn Tennis Club
Fieldview, London

5.53 m
Wigmore LTC
43 Becmead Ave Streatham, London

5.56 m
Selsdon Tennis Club
21A Queenhill Rd, South Croydon

5.56 m
Gardens Tennis Club
343 Wimbledon Park Road, London

5.60 m
Woodfield Grove Tennis Club
9 Woodfield Grove, London

5.69 m
Sanderstead Village Lawn Tennis Club
26a Sanderstead Ct Ave, South Croydon

5.75 m
Ashtead Tennis Players Club
Woodfield Ln, Ashtead

5.80 m
Long Ditton Recreation Ground
Windmill Ln, Long Ditton

5.93 m
Magdalen Park Lawn Tennis Club
38 Magdalen Rd, Wandsworth

5.98 m
Ashtead Sqash and Tennis Club
39 Skinners Ln, Ashtead

6.09 m
Telford Park Tennis Club
35a Killieser Ave, London

6.12 m
Whyteleafe Recreation Ground
Hillbury Rd, Whyteleafe

6.17 m
Grafton Tennis and Squash Club
70A Thornton Rd, London

6.21 m
Hillside Gardens
94 Hillside Rd, London

6.23 m
Lifetime Tennis Wandsworth
Tennis Hut, King George's Park, London

6.35 m
Milk Marketing Board Sports Ground
Portsmouth Road, Thames Ditton

6.41 m
Claygate Lawn Tennis Club
Torrington Close, Claygate

6.54 m
Thames Ditton Lawn Tennis Club
Weston Green Road, Thames Ditton

6.66 m
Clapham Common
Windmill Dr, London

6.66 m
Caterham and Whyteleafe Tennis Club
Manor Park, Whyteleafe

6.67 m
Wandsworth Park
Putney Bridge Rd, London

6.92 m
Warlingham Sports Club
Churchill Close, Warlingham

6.98 m
Putney Lawn Tennis Club
Balmuir Gardens, London

7.06 m
Belair Park
Gallery Rd, Dulwich

7.09 m
Queens Park
Queens Park Rd, Caterham

7.12 m
Sydenham Lawn Tennis, Squash and Croquet Club
Lawrie Park Rd, London

7.16 m
Sydenham Wells Park
Wells Park Rd, London

7.17 m
Brockwell Park
29 Brockwell Park, London

7.20 m
Ember Sports Club
2 Grove Way, Esher

7.21 m
Civic Centre
off High Street, Esher

7.23 m
Esher Lawn Tennis Club
7 Milbourne Ln, Esher

7.26 m
Parsons Green Club
Broomhouse Ln, London

7.28 m
Old College Tennis and Croquet Club
10 Gallery Rd, London

7.35 m
The Hurlingham Club
Ranelagh Gardens, Fulham, London

7.35 m
Annabel Croft Tennis Academy
National Tennis Centre, London

7.36 m
Dulwich Lawn Tennis Club
Giant Arches Rd, Long Sutton

7.40 m
Chelsea Harbour Club
Watermeadow Ln, Fulham, London

7.47 m
Merstham Recreation Ground
Albury Rd, Merstham

7.48 m
Sheen Lawn Tennis and Squash Club
Parklands Close, London

7.49 m
Croydon Road Recreation Ground
68 Village Way, Bromley

7.52 m
Teddington Lawn Tennis Club
Vicarage Rd, Teddington

7.56 m
Leader's Gardens Putney
Ashlone Rd, London

7.61 m
Dulwich Park
College Rd & Court Ln, Dulwich

7.61 m
Oxshott Village Sports Club
Steel's Ln, Oxshott

7.68 m
Fred Wells Garden
Vicarage Crescent, London

7.71 m
Camber Lawn Tennis Club
Dulwich Common, London

7.76 m
Mayow Park
Mayow Rd, London

7.81 m
North Dulwich Lawn Tennis Club
154a East Dulwich Grove, London

7.91 m
Kelsey Park
8 Stone Park Ave, Bromley

7.94 m
West End Recreation Ground
West End Lane, Esher

7.95 m
Molesey Hurst
The Fairway, West Molesey

7.95 m
Redhill Memorial Park
London Rd, Redhill

7.96 m
Leatherhead Tennis Club
Cannon Grove, Leatherhead

7.99 m
The Parklangley Club
44a Wickham Way, Beckenham

8.00 m
Redhill Lawn Tennis Club
Carlton Rd, Redhill

8.00 m
Barn Elms Sports Trust
Barn Elms Sports Trust Grounds, London

8.05 m
Cobham Tennis Club
Fairmile Ln, Cobham

8.10 m
Twickenham Lawn Tennis Club
34-52 Lebanon Park, Twickenham

8.11 m
York House Gardens
Sion Rd, London

8.20 m
Dukes Meadows
Dan Mason Dr, London

8.23 m
Beckenham Tennis Club
Foxgrove Rd, Beckenham

8.28 m
Old Wilsonians Lawn Tennis Club
Hayes Hill Rd, Bromley

8.30 m
Coney Hall Recreation Ground
Church Drive, off Kings Way,Coney Hall, West Wickham

8.31 m
Grovelands, West Molesey

8.37 m
Barnes Sports Club
Lonsdale Rd, London

8.38 m
Chiswick Bridge Lawn Tennis Club
Riverside Dr, London

8.40 m
Batterse Park
Carriage Dr E, Wandsworth, London

8.49 m
Woldingham Tennis Club
Station Rd, Caterham

8.57 m
Queens Club Garden
16 Queen's Club Gardens, London

8.60 m
Reigate Priory Lawn Tennis Club
Green Ln, Reigate

8.62 m
Richmond Lawn Tennis Club
The Old Deer Park, 187 Kew Rd, Richmond

8.63 m
Hersham Park
Molesey Rd, Hersham

8.70 m
Pensford Tennis Club
15 Pensford Ave, Richmond

8.70 m
Myatt's Fields
Calais St, London

8.72 m
Priory Park
Bell St, Reigate

8.72 m
The Queen's Club
Palliser Rd, London

8.76 m
Chiswick Tennis Club
Burlington Ln, London

8.80 m
Burtons Court
St Leonard's Terrace, London

8.89 m
Butterfly Tennis Club
44 Camberwell Grove, London

8.91 m
Catford Wanderers Sports Club
Beckenham Hill Rd, London

8.98 m
Will To Win Chiswick Tennis Centre
Chiswick House Grounds, London

9.11 m
Brunswick Park
St Giles Rd & Brunswick Park, Peckham

9.14 m
Priory Park Club
Riverside, End of Forest Rd, Richmond

9.24 m
Church House Gardens
Church Road, Bromley

9.36 m
Whitton Tennis Club
Kneller Gardens, Whitton

9.37 m
Southwark City Tennis Club
44 Addington Square, London

9.38 m
Bromley Lawn Tennis Club
Sandford Rd, Bromley

9.40 m
Hayes Lawn Tennis Club
Barnet Wood Rd, Bromley

9.46 m
Walton Lawn Tennis Club
Stompond Lane, Walton-on-Thames

9.55 m
Elm Grove Recreation Ground
Oakfields, Walton-on-Thames

9.59 m
Bookham Tennis Club
Dorking Rd, Great Bookham

9.60 m
Lillian Baylis Tennis Club
Lollard St, London

9.61 m
Godstone Tennis Club
The Green, Godstone

9.66 m
Telegraph Hill Park
Kitto Rd, London

9.72 m
Bromley Wendover Lawn Tennis Club
Glanville Rd, Bromley

9.72 m
Cobham Recreation Ground
Lushington Dr, Cobham

9.73 m
Hartswood Tennis Club
Hartswood Gardens, 31-33 Hartswood Rd, London

9.81 m
The Hyde Park Tennis Centre
South Carriage Dr, London

9.84 m
Riverside Walk North
Whitton Waye, London

9.84 m
Ladywell Fields
Ladywell Fields, London

9.87 m
Holland Park Lawn Tennis Club
1 Addison Rd, London

9.95 m
Hilly Fields
Hilly Fields Crescent/Eastern Road, London

9.96 m
Shepherds Bush Green
Shepherds Bush Green, London

9.98 m
Campden Hill Lawn Tennis Club
9 Aubrey Walk, London

9.98 m
Mountsfield Park
Stainton Rd, London

10.03 m
St Mary's Tennis Club
Musgrave Rd, Isleworth

10.13 m
Sundridge Park Lawn Tennis and Squash Club
Lawn Close, Bromley

10.13 m
Bromley CC
Bromley, London

10.13 m
Southfield Road Playing Fields
Southfield Road, London

10.23 m
Goldsmiths University of London
Dixon Rd, London

10.23 m
Cedars Recreation Ground
Green St, Sunbury-on-Thames

10.26 m
Gunnersbury Triangle Tennis Club
The Ridgeway, London

10.31 m
Boston Manor Tennis Club
Boston Manor Rd, Brentford

10.42 m
Old Actonians Tennis Club
Gunnersbury Dr, London

10.52 m
Thistleworth Lawn Tennis Club
129A Ridgeway Rd N, Isleworth

10.56 m
St Columba's Tennis Club
30-32 Carbery Ave, London

10.60 m
Chinbrook Meadows
Amblecote Road, London

10.61 m
Oxted Lawn Tennis Club
Church Ln, Oxted

10.73 m
Tanner Street Park
4 Tanner St, Southwark, London

10.76 m
Manor House Gardens
Old Road, London

10.78 m
Wycombe House Lawn Tennis Club
Jersey Rd, Isleworth

10.80 m
Southwark Park
Southwark Park Rd, Bermondsey

10.97 m
Feltham Park
46 Hounslow Rd, Hounslow

11.10 m
Will To Win Ealing Tennis Centre
Culmington Rd, London

11.14 m
Elthorne Tennis Club
Boston Rd, Elthorne Park, London

11.27 m
Grosvenor Park
Guildford Ave, Feltham

11.27 m
Blackheath Wanderers Tennis Club
Rear of 63 Eltham Road, London

11.28 m
Limpsfield Lawn Tennis Club
Detillens Ln, Limpsfield

11.32 m
Elthorne Park
Boston Rd, London

11.37 m
Greenwich Park Tennis Centre
Greenwich Royal Park, London

11.41 m
Dorking Lawn Tennis and Squash Club
Roman Rd, Dorking

11.46 m
Heston Park
New Heston Rd, Hounslow

11.71 m
Canada Water Tennis
Timber Pond Rd, London

11.76 m
Open Door Tennis Club
Kidbrooke Grove, London

11.89 m
Wolf Fields
Norwood Road, Southall

12.08 m
St John's Park
Plevna St, London

12.26 m
Blackheath Lawn Tennis Club
108 Charlton Rd, London

12.54 m
Southall Recreation Ground
Recreation Road, Southall

12.63 m
Avenue Park
High St, Cranford

12.66 m
British Airways Tennis
Crane Lodge Rd, Cranford

12.72 m
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Roland Fohn      Claygate - 11 months, 1 week
Hi, you’re invited to a new Elmbridge Area Ladder for men rated 7.2-6.1 or equivalent
You first need to join the London Tennis Network (link below) and go to ladder section

Loy Loye      Esher - 1 year, 6 months
Looking for a hitting partner that is 2.0 or 2,5. I usually play at Esher on the weekend. My level is not high

john chance      Twickenham - 1 year, 10 months
Hi anyone fancy a game my level is high intermidate advance can travel nort h south west and east

Albert Onamusi      Redhill - 1 year, 9 months
Up for a game early Saturday mornings at Redhill Memorial Park/Reigate Priory Park. Let me know if this works for you too?

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