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This is an overview of all things tennis in Honolulu, Hawaii. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Honolulu, Hawaii.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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These are all the leagues and tournaments currently underway in the area.
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Looking for a tennis partner, or a group of players to play with? Do you want to check-in to a court, and let everyone know the current conditions? Post a comment here, and we will notify everyone nearby.
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Elizabeth Xian      Kailua, Hawaii
3 months, 3 weeks
Looking for people to play at Kailua District Park. Flexible in time, single/double/mixed double. 4.0 player, 4.5 drop down.

Eric Mok      Honolulu, Hawaii
7 months, 3 weeks
I’m looking for tennis partners in Honolulu. I travel here every month and would like to either rally or play sets. Singles or doubles. USTA 4.0.

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
2 years, 1 month
I have been adding more and more features to our "events" tool. Events are a great way to organize play sessions, and attract a group of players to meet at a specific place and time.

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Marcus Serrano      Honolulu, Hawaii
1 year
Hello - I will be in Waikiki next week and am interested in hitting or playing singles/doubles in the am if possible. I will be there for work and would just like to get some exercise. feel free to contact me at (phone hidden). Mahalo

Jeff Tanimoto      Kailua, Hawaii
1 year, 3 months
Aloha, looking for Men's singles players. 3.4-4.0 level. Still in Good shape at my age, enjoy the competition and fellowship. Jeff Tanimoto (phone hidden)/ email (email hidden)
adult3.50 to 4.00

Trevor Meier      Worldwide
1 year, 6 months
I get more emails asking about tennis lessons than anything else. So, I have created a dedicated search for finding a lesson:

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Hee Ra Yoo      Aina Haina Community Park
1 year, 11 months
I am a beginner and looking for a tennis partner to practice.

Svetlana Kouts      Honolulu, Hawaii
2 years
I am at Ala Moana Tennis court right now.if any one would like to come and play.
femaleadult2.50 to 3.50

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Local Events
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There are no events this week, or in the future.
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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Saint Andrew Priory
298 Queen Emma Square, Honolulu

0.21 m
Kamamalu Playground
1485 Pali Hwy, Honolulu

0.50 m
Beretania Tennis Club
1325 Victoria st, Honolulu

0.77 m
Mc Kinley High School
722 Pensacola St, Honolulu

0.94 m
Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School
1202 Prospect St, Honolulu

1.18 m
Ala Moana Park
1201 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu

1.21 m
Makiki District Park
1527 Keeaumoku St, Honolulu

1.42 m
Farrington High School
1494 N King St, Honolulu

1.77 m
Kalakaua District Park
Kaumualii St, Honolulu

1.92 m
Punahou School
1601 Punahou St, Honolulu

2.00 m
Kamehameha School
1802 Makuakane St, Honolulu

2.25 m
Ainahau Triangle Park
382 Saratoga Rd, Honolulu

2.43 m
Kalihi Valley District Park
1911 Kamehameha IV Rd, Honolulu

2.61 m
Kalihi Valley District Park
1911 Kam IV Rd, Honolulu

2.61 m
Mid-Pacific Institute
2445 Kaala St, Honolulu

2.65 m
Iolani School
563 Kamoku St, Honolulu

2.77 m
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Kalei Rd, Honolulu

2.83 m
Kaimuki High School
2705 Kaimuki Ave, Honolulu

3.02 m
Kanewai Community Park
2695 Dole St, Honolulu

3.14 m
Ke'Ehi Lagoon Park
465 Lagoon Dr, Honolulu

3.14 m
Manoa District Park
2721 Kaaipu Ave, Honolulu

3.18 m
Waikiki Tennis Club
2490 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu

3.18 m
Keehi Lagoon Park
499 Lagoon Dr, Honolulu

3.21 m
Chaminade University of Honolulu
3140 Waialae Ave, Honolulu

3.55 m
Kapiolani Park
2800 Kalakaua Ave, Honolulu

3.70 m
Moanalua Community Park
2900 Moanalua Rd, Honolulu

3.81 m
Moanalua High School
2825 Ala Ilima St, Honolulu

3.92 m
Donald A. Andrews Diamond Head Tennis Center
3908 Paki Ave, Honolulu

4.00 m
Kaimuki Community Park
3521 Waialae Ave, Honolulu

4.03 m
Palolo Valley District Park
2007 Palolo Ave, Honolulu

4.04 m
Kapaolono Community Park
701 11th Ave, Honolulu

4.15 m
La Pietra Hawaii School for Girls
2933 Poni Moi Rd, Honolulu

4.16 m
Maunalani Playground
4615 Sierra Dr, Honolulu

4.46 m
Salt Lake District Park
1570 Ala Puumalu St, Honolulu

4.52 m
Petrie Park
1039 20th Ave, Honolulu

4.83 m
Kilauea District Park
4109 Kilauea Ave, Honolulu

4.86 m
Kahala Community Park
4495 Pahoa Ave, Honolulu

5.35 m
Radford High School
4499 Salt Lake Blvd, Honolulu

5.76 m
Kalani High School
4686 Kalanianaole Hwy, Honolulu

5.77 m
Waialae Country Club
4997 Kahala Ave, Honolulu

5.82 m
Halawa District Park
99721 Apela St, Honolulu

5.95 m
Waterfront Street Park
Waterfront St, Pearl Harbor

6.21 m
Aina Haina Community Park
827 Hind Dr, Honolulu

6.75 m
Ka Makani Community Center
Owens St, Honolulu

6.81 m
Aiea District Park
99 Ulune St, Alea

7.00 m
Maunawili Valley Neighborhood Park
950 Maunawili Rd, Maunawili

7.60 m
Niu Valley Park
5510 Kanau St, Honolulu

7.68 m
Castle High School
45-386 Kaneohe Bay Dr, Kaneohe

7.78 m
Kaneohe District Park
45 Keaahala Rd, Kaneohe

7.79 m
Pearlridge Community Park
98 Moanalua Rd, Waimalu

7.85 m
Kuliouou Neighborhood Park
508 Kuliouou Rd, Honolulu

8.64 m
Kailua High School
567 Ulumanu Dr, Kailua

8.95 m
Lehua Community Park
773 Lehua Ave, Pearl City

9.15 m
Pearl City District Park
809 Hoomaemae St, Pearl City

9.40 m
Waimanalo District Park
41 Hihimanu St, Waimanalo

9.46 m
Pearl City High School
2046 Hookiekie St, Pearl City

9.52 m
Kailua Racquet Club
629 Oneawa St, Kailua

9.57 m
Ewa Beach Community Park
Kilaha St, Ewa Beach

9.58 m
Haha'lone Neighborhood Park
773 Kii St, Honolulu

9.61 m
Kaneohe Yacht Club
44-503 Kaneohe Bay Dr, Kaneohe

9.68 m
Campbell High School
91-1001 N Rd, Ewa Beach

9.68 m
Kailua District Park
St Thomas More Church, Kailua

9.79 m
The Oahu Club
6800 Hawaii Kai Dr, Honolulu

9.86 m
Hawaii Prince Golf Club
91-1200 Fort Weaver Rd, Ewa Beach

9.87 m
Acacia Park
840 Acacia Rd, Pearl City

10.02 m
University of Hawaii - Leeward Community College
Waiawa Rd, Pearl City

10.05 m
Pacific Palisades Community Park
2297 Auhuhu St, Pearl City

10.15 m
Waipahu High School
94 Farrington Hwy, Waipahu

10.34 m
Bellows Field Beach Park
41-043 Kalaniana'ole Hwy, Waimanalo

10.63 m
Koko Head District Park
423 Kaumakani St, Honolulu

10.67 m
Waipahu District Park
95 Paiwa St, Waipahu

10.72 m
Geiger Community Park
Kapolei Pkwy, Ewa Beach

11.11 m
Asing Community Park
Renton Rd, Ewa Beach

11.19 m
Ka Makana Swim Club
91-1410 Keoneula Blvd, Ewa Beach

11.23 m
Riseley Field
Mokapu Rd, Kaneohe

11.53 m
Waipio Neighborhood Park
94 Oli Loop, Waipahu

11.86 m
Central Oahu Regional Park
94 Kamehameha Hwy, Waipahu

12.27 m
Hoaeae Community Park
94 Kaaholo St, Waipahu

12.28 m
Kapolei High School
91-5007 Kapolei Pkwy, Kapolei

13.52 m
Mililani District Park
94 Lanikuhana Ave, Mililani

13.89 m
Saratoga Pl Park
200 Saratoga Pl, Kapolei

14.07 m
Mililani High School
95-1200 Meheula Pkwy, Mililani

14.08 m
Mililani Waena Park
95 Ikaloa St, Mililani

14.15 m
Mililani Neighborhood Park
257 Kaloapau St, Mililani

14.38 m
Maukalani Neighborhood Park
1125 Makakilo Dr, Kapolei

15.17 m
Leilehua High School
1515 California Ave, Wahiawa

16.58 m
Wahiawa District Park
1169 Kilani Ave, Wahiawa

17.06 m
Ihilani Resort & Spa
92-1001 Olani St, Kapolei

17.33 m
Kaala Neighborhood Park
126 California Ave, Wahiawa

17.34 m
Waialua High School
67-170 Farrington Hwy, Waialua

24.88 m
Waialua District Park
67-180 Goodale Ave, Waialua

25.16 m
Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
Hawaii-Pacific Tennis Foundation
94-801 Kamehameha Highway
Waipahu, Hawaii
Other(808) 677-1334

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