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This is an overview of all things tennis in Perry, Ohio. From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Perry, Ohio.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Total Matches Played: 7,725

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Junior LeagueLadder League16109Pine Lake Tennis
These are all the leagues and tournaments currently underway in the area.
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Lorraine Wright      Ashtabula, Ohio
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New to the area. Leaving a club and 3.5 USTA team behind in Dayton Ohio so looking for ladies doubles play! Feel free to contact me. I will live in North Kingsville starting Aug 2017

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Local Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Center Road Elementary School
3928 Center Rd, Perry

0.49 m
Perry Middle School
1 Learning Ln, Perry

0.77 m
Perry High School
Learning Ln, Perry

1.06 m
Lake County YMCA
4540 River Rd, Perry

1.89 m
Pine Lake Tennis Club
4780 North Ridge Rd, Perry

2.12 m
North Townline Park
2121 Townline Rd, Madison

4.43 m
Kiwanis Recreation Park
301 Latimore St, Painesville

5.37 m
Madison Country Club
6131 Chapel Rd, Madison

5.55 m
T W Harvey High School
200 W Walnut Ave, Painesville

6.36 m
Quail Hollow Country Club
11080 Concord-Hambden Rd,, Painesville

8.17 m
Slovenska Pristava Club
1024 Brandt Rd, Geneva

8.91 m
Concord Hills Park
10360 County Hwy 408, Painesville

9.14 m
Mentor Heisley Racquet and Fitness Club
6000 Heisley Rd, Mentor

9.33 m
9584 Johnnycake Ridge Rd, Mentor

10.43 m
Memorial Field
280 Eastwood St, Geneva

10.66 m
Mentor Civic Center Park
8500 Munson Rd, Mentor

10.69 m
Geneva High School
839 Sherman St, Geneva

10.70 m
Geneva On The Lake Recreational Park
Jolly Dr, Geneva

11.77 m
Mentor-on-The-Lake City Park
5860 Andrews Rd, Mentor

11.90 m
Chardon Park
316 Maple Ave, Chardon

11.92 m
Eleanor B Garfield Park
7967 Mentor Ave, Mentor

12.86 m
President Park
7670 Buchanan Court, Mentor

13.08 m
Bellflower Park
7221 Bellflower Rd, Mentor

13.50 m
Tannerwood Farms
10248 Kirtland Chardon Rd, Chardon

13.59 m
Willoughby Municipal Park
38700 Lakeshore Blvd, Willoughby

13.80 m
Lakeland Community College
Clocktower Dr, Kirtland

14.18 m
Grand River Academy
3042 College Street, Austinburg

14.45 m
St John School
7911 Depot Rd, Ashtabula

14.58 m
Kirtland Country Club
39438 Kirtland Rd, Willoughby

15.10 m
Andrews Osborne Academy
38588 Mentor Ave, Willoughby

15.66 m
Munson Elementary School
12687 Bass Lake Rd, Chardon

16.68 m
Huntsburg Park
Mayfield Rd, Windsor

16.71 m
South High School
5000 Shankland Rd, Willoughby

17.23 m
Camp Wise
13164 Taylor Wells Rd, Chardon

17.48 m
Lakeside High School
6600 Sanborn Rd, Ashtabula

17.54 m
One Wellness
34650 Melinz Parkway, Eastlake

17.70 m
Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School
13000 Auburn Rd, Chardon

17.73 m
Houston Fisher Memorial Park
1200 Jakse Dr, Eastlake

17.79 m
Berkshire Hills Country Club
9760 Mayfield Rd, Chesterland

17.91 m
Camp Burton
14282 Butternut Rd, Burton

18.02 m
Grandview Golf Club
13404 Old State Rd, Middlefield

18.05 m
Roaming Shores Park
2 Roaming Rock Blvd, Roaming Shores

18.24 m
Roaming Rock Marina
1 Marina Dr, Roaming Shores

18.29 m
Dudley Park
31500 Willowick Dr, Willowick

18.60 m
Jefferson High School
207 West Mulberry St, Jefferson

18.67 m
Willowick Middle School
31500 Royalview Dr, Eastlake

18.86 m
Campbell Park
35294 Chardon Rd, Willoughby Hills

19.18 m
Orlando Park
Ridgewick & Twin Lakes Dr, Wickliffe

19.50 m
Harbor Topky Memorial Library
1633 Walnut Blvd, Ashtabula

19.72 m
Walnut Beach Park
W 1st St, Ashtabula

19.78 m
Jindra Park
900 Worden Rd, Wickliffe

19.97 m
Hawken Upper School
12465 County Line Rd, Gates Mills

20.36 m
West Geauga High School
13401 Chillicothe Rd, Chesterland

20.44 m
Coulby Park
28730 Ridge Rd, Wickliffe

20.63 m
Orwell Community Park
North Maple St, Orwell

20.91 m
Forest Park Middle School
27000 Elinore Ave, Euclid

21.21 m
Mayfield Village Racquet Club
6685 Beta Dr, Mayfield

21.33 m
Gates Mill Community Park
1460 Chagrin River Rd, Gates Mills

21.53 m
Chagrin Valley Hunt Club
7620 Old Mill Rd, Gates Mills

21.62 m
StoneWater Golf Club
1 Club Dr, Highland Heights

21.70 m
Laurel School
7420 Fairmount Rd, Russell Center

21.77 m
Memorial Park
22550 Milton Ave, Cleveland

22.60 m
Mayfield Village Park
750 Straight Rd, Mayfield

22.67 m
Mayfield High School
6116 Wilson Mills Rd, Mayfield

22.68 m
Marsol Apartments
6501 Marsol Rd, Cleveland

22.95 m
Richmond Heights Community Park
Park Ave, Richmond Heights

23.00 m
Gilmour Academy
34001 Cedar Rd, Gates Mills

23.44 m
Mayfield Park
6306 Marsol Rd, Mayfield

23.48 m
University School - Hunting Valley
2785 Som Ctr Rd, Hunting Valley

24.27 m
Lyndhurst Park
1331 Parkview Dr, Lyndhurst

24.29 m
Brainard Park
5542 Meadow Wood Blvd, Lyndhurst

24.59 m
Ursuline College
2550 Lander Rd, Pepper Pike

24.62 m
Brush High School
4875 Glenlyn Rd, Cleveland

25.15 m
Hawken Middle School
5000 Clubside Rd, Cleveland

25.24 m
The Country Club
2825 Lander Rd, Pepper Pike

25.28 m
Mayfield Sand Ridge Club
1545 Sheridan Rd, Mayfield

25.54 m
Four Seasons Apartments
26650 George Zeiger Dr, Beachwood

25.72 m
Atrium Apartments in The Village
41 Village Pl, Beachwood

25.90 m
Beachwood Park
25325 Fairmount Blvd, Beachwood

26.51 m
The Mandel JCC
26001 South Woodland Rd, Beachwood

26.71 m
Purvis Park
2119 Wrenford Rd, University Heights

26.83 m
Laurel School
1 Lyman Cir, Shaker Heights

27.10 m
John Carroll University
2587 S Belvoir Blvd, University Heights

27.31 m
Tennis Racquet Stringers
Name Location
Pine Lake Tennis Club
4780 North Ridge Rd
Perry, Ohio

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Liberty Lauer
Geneva, Ohio
Ryan mcclure
Ashtabula, Ohio
Lily Perry
Geneva, Ohio
Natalie Austin
Perry, Ohio
Alyssa Cevera
Ashtabula, Ohio
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Top 100 Most Active Player Worldwide
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Top 100 Most Active Player Worldwide
Logan Willsey
Top 100 Most Active Player Worldwide
Colin Priestap
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Colleen Andersen
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