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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Garfield Park
2450 S Shelby St, Indianapolis

2.64 m
Douglass Park
1616 E 25th St, Indianapolis

2.91 m
Riverside Park
2420 East Riverside Dr, Indianapolis

3.46 m
Oscar Charleston Park
2907 N Rural St, Indianapolis

3.63 m
Marian University
3200 Cold Spring Rd, Indianapolis

4.10 m
Woodstock Club
1301 W 38th St, Indianapolis

4.10 m
Tarkington Park
45 W 40th St, Indianapolis

4.21 m
Ellenberger Park
5301 E St Clair St, Indianapolis

4.33 m
D B Interiors LLC
4320 N Meridian St, Indianapolis

4.67 m
Vincennes University
1200 E 42nd St, Indianapolis

4.83 m
Butler University
Sunny Meade Ln, Indianapolis

5.21 m
Healthplex Sports Club
3660 Guion Rd, Indianapolis

5.24 m
Benjamin Franklin Literaly Med
2525 W 44th St, Indianapolis

5.27 m
Butler University Tennis Bubble
505 W 52nd St, Indianapolis

5.48 m
Devon Country Club
4600 Millersville Rd, Indianapolis

5.89 m
Highland Country Club
1050 W 52nd St, Indianapolis

5.96 m
West Indy Racquet Club
4458 Guion Rd, Indianapolis

6.11 m
The Riviera Club
5640 N Illinois St, Indianapolis

6.24 m
Broadmoor Country Club
2155 Kessler Blvd W Dr, Indianapolis

6.26 m
Southport High School
971 E Banta Rd, Indianapolis

6.75 m
Guion Creek Middle School
4401 W 52nd St, Indianapolis

6.78 m
Gambold Preparatory Magnet High School
3725 N Kiel Ave, Indianapolis

6.80 m
61st and Broadway Park
61st & Broadway Park, Indianapolis

6.81 m
Juan Solomon Park
6100 Grandview Dr, Indianapolis

7.16 m
Cathedral High School
5225 E 56th St, Indianapolis

7.23 m
Ben Davis High School
7320 West 10th S, Indianapolis

7.26 m
Arlington High School
4825 N Arlington Ave, Indianapolis

7.33 m
Broad Ripple Park
1801 E 64th St S Dr, Indianapolis

7.47 m
Eastwood Tennis Center
4401 E 62nd St, Indianapolis

7.64 m
JCC Indianapolis
6701 Hoover Rd, Indianapolis

7.76 m
Indianapolis Racquet Club East
4901 Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis

7.98 m
Meridian Hills Country Club
7099 Spring Mill Rd, Indianapolis

8.00 m
Park Tudor School
7200 N College Ave, Indianapolis

8.09 m
Westlane Middle School
1301 W 73rd St, Indianapolis

8.20 m
Dubarry Park
3698 Dubarry Rd, Indianapolis

8.27 m
New Augusta Public Academy North
6450 Rodebaugh Rd, Indianapolis

8.37 m
Lawerence Central High School
5396 W Hill Dr, Lawrence

8.70 m
Lawrence Central High School
7300 E 56th St, Indianapolis

8.85 m
Robey Elementary School
8700 W 30th St, Indianapolis

8.98 m
Pike High School
5401 West 71st St, Indianapolis

9.25 m
Lincoln Middle School
5353 W 71st St, Indianapolis

9.38 m
Franklin Central High School
6215 S Franklin Rd, Indianapolis

9.62 m
Fortune Academy
5626 Lawton Loop E Dr, Indianapolis

9.68 m
Grassy Creek Regional Park
10510 E 30th St, Indianapolis

9.84 m
Indiana Life Sciences Academy East
4352 N Mitthoeffer Rd, Indianapolis

9.87 m
Barbara Wynne Tennis Center
1789 E 86th St, Indianapolis

9.89 m
Heritage Christian
6401 E 75th St, Indianapolis

9.96 m
IRC - Dean Road
8249 Dean Rd, Indianapolis

10.13 m
Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School
2801 W 86th St, Indianapolis

10.28 m
Lawrence North High School
7501 Kilmer Ln, Indianapolis

10.93 m
National Guard Indianapolis
9920 E 59th St, Indianapolis

10.97 m
Fall Creek Valley Middle School
9701 E 63rd St, Indianapolis

11.01 m
Sunnyside Elementary School
6345 Sunnyside Rd, Indianapolis

12.39 m
Horizon Christian School
7702 Indian Lake Rd, Indianapolis

12.53 m
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