Tennis in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia

Are you looking to play tennis in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia? From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, and courts in Manakin-Sabot, Virginia.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Hermitage Country Club
1248 Hermitage Rd, Manakin-Sabot

1.19 m
Richmond Country Club
12950 Patterson Ave, Richmond

3.94 m
Fox Hall Swim & Racquet Club
13550 Causeway Dr, Richmond

4.53 m
Short Pump Community Park
12200 Bacova Dr, Glen Allen

5.63 m
Benedictine College Preparatory
12829 River Rd, Richmond

5.64 m
Collegiate School - Robins Campus
400 Blair Rd, Richmond

5.65 m
The Steward School
11600 Gayton Rd, Richmond

5.97 m
Pocahontas Middle School
12000 Three Chopt Rd, Richmond

6.23 m
Rockville Center
16238 Pouncey Tract Rd, Rockville

6.31 m
Powhatan Correctional Center
3600 Woods Way, State Farm

6.36 m
Short Pump Middle School
4701 Pouncey Tract Rd, Richmond

6.41 m
Wyndham Swim & Racquet Club
6401 Old Wyndham Dr, Glen Allen

6.47 m
Tuckahoe Village Recreation Club
1128 Westbriar Dr, Tuckahoe

6.48 m
Mills E Godwin High School
2101 Pump Rd, Richmond

6.84 m
Deep Run High School
4801 Twin Hickory Rd, Henrico

7.05 m
Federal Hill Club
2632 Judes Ferry Rd, Powhatan

7.11 m
The Dominion Club
6000 Dominion Club Dr, Glen Allen

7.12 m
Canterbury Recreation Club
1300 Pump Rd, Richmond

7.29 m
Raintree Swim and Racquet Club
1703 Raintree Dr, Richmond

7.57 m
St Anthony's Maronite Catholic Church
4611 Sadler Rd, Innsbrook

7.61 m
Holman Middle School
600 Concourse Blvd, Glen Allen

7.77 m
Independence Golf Club
600 Founders Bridge Blvd, Midlothian

7.81 m
James River High School
3700 James River Rd, Midlothian

7.89 m
Wembly Swim & Racquet Club
1311 Gaskins Rd, Tuckahoe

7.97 m
Courtside West Athletic Club
1145 Gaskins Rd, Richmond

8.08 m
Harry Flood Byrd Middle School
9400 Quioccasin Rd, Richmond

8.26 m
Avalon Swim and Tennis
510 Healthfield, Henrico

8.31 m
Chestnut Oaks Recreation Club
2204 N Parham Rd, Tuckahoe

9.13 m
J Sargeant Reynolds Community College - Goochland Campus
1851 Dickinson Rd, Goochland

9.14 m
Salisbury Country Club
13620 W Salisbury Rd, Midlothian

9.34 m
Tuckahoe Middle School
9000 Three Chopt Rd, Tuckahoe

9.46 m
John R Tucker High School
2910 N Parham Rd, Richmond

9.57 m
Goochland Sport Complex
1800 Sandy Hook Rd, Goochland

9.62 m
Hungary Creek Recreation Club
9194 Hungary Rd, Glen Allen

9.63 m
Douglas Southall Freeman High
8701 Three Chopt Rd, Richmond

9.72 m
Powhatan High School
1800 Jude's Ferry Rd, Powhatan

9.85 m
Virginia Home for Boys & Girls
8716 W Broad St, Richmond

9.94 m
Goochland High School
3250 River Rd W, Goochland

9.99 m
The Federal Club
13030 Palmers Way, Glen Allen

10.07 m
Glen Allen Church of Christ
11064 Staples Mill Rd, Glen Allen

10.10 m
Glen Allen High School
10700 Staples Mill Rd, Glen Allen

10.18 m
PIE Plex
1588 Oakbridge Terrace, Midlothian

10.19 m
Hungary Creek Middle School
4909 Francistown Rd, Glen Allen

10.21 m
Three Chopt Recreation Club
2100 Skipwith Rd, Richmond

10.33 m
Robious Middle School
2701 Robious Crossing Dr, Midlothian

10.33 m
Kanawha Recreation Club
8100 Holmes Ave, Tuckahoe

10.36 m
Fisher Park
3701 Garden Rd, Richmond

10.57 m
Acac Fitness & Wellness Center
11621 Robious Rd, Chesterfield

10.67 m
Blessed Sacrament Huguenot Catholic School
2501 Academy Rd, Powhatan

10.94 m
University of Richmond - Westhampton Courts
25 Hampton Commons Terrace, Richmond

11.10 m
Sabot at Stony Point School
3400 Stony Point Rd, Richmond

11.19 m
Ridgetop Recreation Club
901 Ridge Top Rd, Tuckahoe

11.22 m
Hermitage High School
8301 Hungary Spring Rd, Richmond

11.33 m
University of Richmond
Campus Dr, Richmond

11.38 m
Huegenot Park
10901 Robious Rd, Chesterfield

11.59 m
General Sheppard Crump Memorial Park
3400 Mountain Rd, Glen Allen

11.76 m
Midlothian Athletic Club
10800 Center View Dr, Richmond

11.82 m
St Christopher's School
711 St Christopher's Rd, Richmond

11.96 m
Country Club of Virginia
6031 Saint Andrews Ln, Richmond

12.16 m
St Catherine's School
6001 Grove Ave, Richmond

12.35 m
Westwood Club
6200 W Club Ln, Richmond

12.37 m
Bon Air Community Club
8725 Quaker Ln, Richmond

12.54 m
Southampton Recreation Club
3201 Chellowe Rd, Richmond

12.94 m
Fred D Thompson Middle School
7825 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond

12.98 m
Lakeside Swim & Racquet Club
2434 Swartwout Ave, Laurel

13.07 m
Glen Allen Sports Complex
2175 Mountain Rd, Glen Allen

13.19 m
Brookland Middle School
9200 Lydell Dr, Henrico

13.29 m
George H Moody Middle School
7800 Woodman Rd, Richmond

13.29 m
Monacan High School
1501 Smoketree Dr, Richmond

13.43 m
J. Sargeant Reynolds - Parham Rd
1651 E Parham Rd, Richmond

13.53 m
Liberty Middle School
13496 Liberty School Rd, Ashland

13.60 m
Mary Munford Playground
211 Westmoreland St, Richmond

13.64 m
Powhatan Junior High School
4135 Old Buckingham Rd, Powhatan

13.68 m
Pocahontas Middle School
4290 Anderson Hwy, Powhatan

13.83 m
Patrick Henry High School
12449 W Patrick Henry Rd, Ashland

13.90 m
Granite Pool & Tennis Club
6432 Glyndon Ln, Richmond

14.00 m
Thomas Jefferson High School
4100 W Grace St, Richmond

14.06 m
Jefferson Lakeside Country Club
1700 Lakeside Ave, Lakeside

14.22 m
Hanover Country Club
14314 Country Club Dr, Ashland

14.25 m
Willow Oaks Country Club
6228 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond

14.29 m
Joseph Bryan Park
4300 Hermitage Rd, Richmond

14.30 m
Hill Middle School
3400 Patterson Ave, Richmond

14.43 m
Belmont Golf Club
1600 Hilliard Rd, Lakeside

14.46 m
Lucille M Brown Middle School
6300 Jahnke Rd, Richmond

14.48 m
William Byrd Park
604 S Blvd, Richmond

15.15 m
Banks Tennis Center
114 Henry Clay Rd, Ashland

15.16 m
Randolph-Macon College - W Patrick St
103 W Patrick St, Ashland

15.36 m
Westover Community Park
1301 Jahnke Rd, Richmond

15.64 m
John Marshall High School
4225 Old Brook Rd, Richmond

15.64 m
Ginter Park
Brook Rd & Westwood Ave, Richmond

15.78 m
Maggie L Walker Governor High School
1000 N Lombardy St, Richmond

15.95 m
Virginia Union University
1500 N Lombardy St, Richmond

16.02 m
Petronius S Jones Park
1209 Admiral St, Richmond

16.05 m
Woodlake Swim and Racquet Club
5000 Woodlake Village Parkway, Midlothian

16.16 m
Henrico High School
302 Azalea Ave, Richmond

16.17 m
Rockwood Park
3401 Courthouse Rd, Chesterfield

16.17 m
Forest Hill Park
Stonewall Ave, Richmond

16.40 m
George Wythe High School
4314 Crutchfield St, Richmond

16.41 m
Clark Springs Elementary School
1101 Dance St, Richmond

16.45 m
Thalhimer Tennis Center
S. Cherry And W Cary St, Richmond

16.49 m
L Douglas Wilder Middle School
6900 Wilkinson Rd, Richmond

16.50 m
Battery Park
2803 Dunpont Circle, Richmond

16.56 m
Abner Clay Park
200 W Clay St, Richmond

16.90 m
Calhoun Park
368 Calhoun St, Richmond

16.92 m
Chickahominy Middle School
9450 Atlee Station Rd, Mechanicsville

17.05 m
Carter Jones Park
267 W 29th St, Richmond

17.08 m
Atlee High School
9414 Atlee Station Rd, Mechanicsville

17.14 m
Dove Street Playground
686 Dove St, Richmond

17.27 m
Hotchkiss Park
701 E Brookland Park Blvd, Richmond

17.40 m
Magnolia Green Tennis Center
7051 Awesome Dr, Moseley

17.52 m
Ann Hardy Plaza Community Park
3300 1st Ave, Richmond

17.58 m
Blackwell Community Park
300 E 15th St, Richmond

18.00 m
Jouett Elementary School
315 Jouett School Rd, Mineral

18.25 m
Lucks Field Playground
Rogers St & T St, Richmond

18.46 m
Hanover High School
10307 Chamberlayne Rd, Mechanicsville

18.59 m
Oak Knoll Middle School
10295 Chamberlayne Rd, Mechanicsville

18.63 m
Armstrong High School
2300 Cool Ln, Richmond

18.81 m
Ethel Bailey Furman Park
N 28th St, Richmond

18.89 m
Chimborazo Playground
29th & E Grace St, Richmond

18.93 m
Mechanicsville Recreation Club
8183 Elm Dr, Mechanicsville

18.96 m
Burkwood Swim & Racquet Club
9120 Burkwood Club Dr, Mechanicsville

19.06 m
Ratcliffe Elementary School
2881 Thalen St, East Highland Park

19.10 m
Armstrong High School
1611 N 31st St, Richmond

19.23 m
Bill Robinson Park
701 N 37th St, Richmond

19.38 m
Powhatan Playground
933 Goddin St, Richmond

19.76 m
Best Western Kings Quarters Hotel
16102 Theme Park Way, Doswell

19.98 m
Meadowbrook High School
4901 Cogbill Rd, Richmond

19.99 m
Meadowview Park
3994 Meadowview Ln, East Highland Park

20.31 m
Ironbridge Indoor Tennis Club
7211 Iron Bridge Rd, Richmond

20.51 m
Fairfield Middle School
5121 Nine Mile Rd, Richmond

21.21 m
Bensley Park
2900 Drewrys Bluff Rd, Richmond

21.64 m
Varina High School
7053 Messer Rd, Richmond

22.61 m
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The Richmond Tennis Network
Members: 46   Location: Richmond, Virginia
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Woodlake Tennis Association
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Westend Wizards
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Tech Tennis
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Freeman HS Tennis Club
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Freeman High School Girls Ladder
Country Club of VA Members Only
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CCV Internal Men's Ladder.
Belmont Club
Members: 1   Location: Richmond, Virginia
Men's tennis league for 8.0 and higher tennis teams in the RVA area.
Members: 1   Location: Manakin-Sabot, Virginia
Women's doubles ladder. Partners must be the SAME NTRP for this ladder!
Three Chopt Singles
Members: 1   Location: Richmond, Virginia
3.5-4.0 singles ladder for Three Chopt men's tennis players
Magnolia Green Tennis Center
Members: 22   Location: Moseley, Virginia
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Henrico & Wesf End Tennis ClubTeam League2020-07-222021-07-22
The Top 100 Tennis LadderLadder League2021-01-012021-12-31The Richmond Tennis Network
2021 Woodlake Spring Mixed Doubles Champs FlightTournament2021-04-212021-05-09Woodlake Tennis Association
Woodlake 2021 Mixed Doubles AA FlightTournament2021-04-212021-05-09Woodlake Tennis Association
Woodlake 2021 Mixed Doubles C FlightTournament2021-04-272021-05-09Woodlake Tennis Association
Woodlake 2021 Mixed Doubles A FlightTournament2021-04-272021-05-09Woodlake Tennis Association
Woodlake 2021 Mixed Doubles B FlightTournament2021-04-272021-05-09Woodlake Tennis Association
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Arline Lopez      Midlothian - 2 days, 15 hours
Looking for a hitting partner in midlothian but I'm willing to travel to other areas. Available most evenings after 6. 3.0/3.5

Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 4 months, 2 weeks
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Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 4 months, 3 weeks
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Here are some of the features...
- Minimum and maximum players
- Auto cancel if minimum players is not met
- Required playing levels
- Specify the gender
- Determine allowed guests per member
- Determine when members can sign up
- Repeat the event up to a year
- Check-in to the event
- Waiting lists
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- Determine who can see your event

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Stephanie Williams      Richmond - 11 months
Looking for 4.5 ladies to play on Summer League
female4.00 to 4.50

Jorge Acho      Chesterfield - 1 year, 6 months
Busco una persona para jugar tenis de lunes a viernes por las tardes.
maleadult3.00 to 3.50

Alex Cosby      Henrico - 3 years, 3 months
going to be at douglass freeman highschool tennis courts on 2/5/18 at 8 pm. contact me at (804) 316-4695 if interested

Denise Goode      Richmond - 3 years, 10 months
I'm looking for a tennis partner in Richmond, VA to play evenings and weekends.

Adam Wyatt      Chesterfield - 3 years, 8 months
Hoping to get back into playing/hitting some, available some weekday evenings after 5:30.

Carlton Moody      Midlothian - 3 years, 9 months
Senior player who likes to hit. Available most evenings after 6 pm.

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Name Location
TMT Strings--Steve Huff
8103 Braxton Ct.
Mechanicsville, Virginia
B Johnson
Richmond, Virginia
Plaid Racquet & More
8962 Quioccasin Road
Richmond, Virginia
Store Front804-750-1760

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