Tennis in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Are you looking to play tennis in Minneapolis, Minnesota? From here, you can quickly see all the tennis leagues, tournaments, lessons, and courts in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  You can also post comments to this location. This is a great way to find a tennis partner, and get to know the tennis players near you.

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Tennis Courts
Public Club School Private
Holmes Park
240 5th St Se, Minneapolis

0.79 m
Symphony Place
1117 Marquette Ave S, Minneapolis

0.90 m
Elliot Park
1014 E 14th St, Minneapolis

0.95 m
Loring Park
59 Willow St S, Bloomington

1.23 m
Logan Park
690 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis

1.27 m
Beltrami Park
787 Polk St NE, Minneapolis

1.49 m
Augsburg College - 8th St
2029 S 8th St, Minneapolis

1.69 m
Van Cleve Park
1473 Rollins Ave Se, Minneapolis

1.75 m
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
1701 4th St SE, Minneapolis

1.78 m
Baseline Tennis Center
1815 4th St SE, Minneapolis

1.83 m
East Phillips Park
2360 Cedar Ave S, Minneapolis

1.89 m
Northeast Park
1677 Pierce St Ne, Minneapolis

1.91 m
North Commons Park
1655 Golden Valley Rd, Minneapolis

1.93 m
Bryn Mawr Park
349 Morgan Ave S, Minneapolis

1.95 m
Kenwood Park
1920 Logan Ave S, Minneapolis

2.24 m
Bassett'S Creek Valley Park
2414 Chestnut Ave W, Minneapolis

2.26 m
Matthews Park
2890 E 24th St, Minneapolis

2.38 m
Powderhorn Park
3440 15th Ave S, Minneapolis

2.95 m
Green Central Gym Park
3475 3rd Ave S, Minneapolis

2.99 m
Painter Park
620 W 34th St, Minneapolis

3.03 m
Brackett Park
3638 E 28th St, Minneapolis

3.14 m
Folwell Park
3672 Knox Ave N, Minneapolis

3.15 m
Columbia Park
800 Columbia Pkwy, Minneapolis

3.27 m
Calhoun Beach Club
2925 Dean Pkwy, Minneapolis

3.29 m
Cavell Park
3475 NE Fillmore St, Minneapolis

3.50 m
Waite Park
3339 NE Ulysses St, Minneapolis

3.51 m
Langford Park
30 Langford Park, St. Paul

3.52 m
Phelps Park
733 E 39th St, Minneapolis

3.55 m
Breck School
123 Ottawa Ave N, Minneapolis

3.58 m
Lyndale Farmstead Park
1025 W 38th St, Minneapolis

3.63 m
Longfellow Park
3620 E 35th St, Minneapolis

3.75 m
Martin Luther King Park
79 E 40th St, Minneapolis

3.76 m
Sibley Park
1900 E 40th St, Minneapolis

3.77 m
College Park
1381 Raymond Ave, St. Paul

3.79 m
Webber Park
4410 Webber Pkwy, Minneapolis

3.82 m
Lakeview Terrace Park
3635 Beard Ave N, Robbinsdale

3.85 m
Saint Anthony High School
3303 33rd Ave Northeast, St Anthony

3.94 m
Minikahda Club
3205 Excelsior Blvd, Minneapolis

3.97 m
West River Parkway
4810 E 32nd St, Minneapolis

4.01 m
Victory Park
2576 44th Ave N, Minneapolis

4.33 m
Life Time Fitness
5525 Cedar Lake Rd, St Louis Park

4.33 m
Lake Hiawatha Park - North East
2637 E 43rd St, Minneapolis

4.35 m
Lake Hiawatha Park - West
Longfellow Ave S, Minneapolis

4.42 m
Mcrae Park
910 E 47th St, Minneapolis

4.43 m
Sanborn Park
4220 Drew Ave N, Robbinsdale

4.43 m
Park Glen Apartments
4501 Park Glen Rd, Minneapolis

4.47 m
Bohanon Park
5000 Dupont Ave N, Minneapolis

4.49 m
Clayland Park
865 Fairview Ave N, Saint Paul

4.50 m
US Auto Force
2929 Long Lake Rd, Roseville

4.54 m
Merriam Park Recreation Center
420 N Wilder St, Saint Paul

4.56 m
Robbinsdale Middle School
3730 Toledo Ave North, Robbinsdale

4.68 m
Linden Hills Field Park
4233 Zenith Ave S, Minneapolis

4.75 m
Hiawatha School Park
4200 44th Ave S, Minneapolis

4.78 m
Lake Hiawatha Park - South East
E Minnehaha Pkwy, Minneapolis

4.84 m
Golden Valley Country Club
7001 Golden Valley Rd, Golden Valley

4.85 m
Beard'S Plaisance
4552 W Lake Harriet Pkwy, Minneapolis

4.88 m
Lake Nokomis
E Minnehaha Pkwy, Minneapolis

4.91 m
Minnehaha Middle School
4275 46th Ave S, Minneapolis

4.97 m
Columbia Heights High School
1398 49th Ave NE, Columbia Heights

5.06 m
Lynnhurst Park
1466 W 50th St, Minneapolis

5.07 m
Central Middle School
900 49th Ave NE, Hilltop

5.08 m
Hamline Park
1554 W Lafond Ave, Saint Paul

5.20 m
Groveland Park
1998 W Sargent Ave, St. Paul

5.23 m
Hamine University
N Pascal St & Hewitt Ave, St. Paul

5.23 m
Pearl Park
490 E Diamond Lake Rd, Minneapolis

5.41 m
Sullivan Lake Park
720 Parkside Ln NE, Columbia Heights

5.44 m
Pershing Park
3501 W 48th St, Minneapolis

5.51 m
Brookview Park
Brookview Parkway, Golden Valley

5.61 m
Macalester College
1600 Grand Ave, St. Paul

5.76 m
Todd Park
718 E 57th St, Minneapolis

5.81 m
The Burlington
1185 Cushing Cir, Saint Paul

5.83 m
Griggs Rec Center
1172 W Hubbard Ave, Saint Paul

5.86 m
Colllege of St Catherine's
Fairview Ave S, St. Paul

5.89 m
St. Paul Academy
1900 W Juno Ave, St. Paul

5.97 m
Roseville High School
1250 W County Rd B2, Roseville

5.98 m
Mattocks Park
450 S Davern St, St. Paul

6.01 m
Armatage Park
2301 W 56th St, Minneapolis

6.05 m
Howard Johnson Park
N Chelsea St, Roseville

6.13 m
Hillcrest Rec Center
1962 Ford Pkwy, Saint Paul

6.16 m
Saint Paul Central High School
1101 Marshall Ave, Saint Paul

6.18 m
Edina Country Club
5100 Wooddale Ave, Edina

6.23 m
Sunny Hollow Elementary School
2811 Boone Ave N, New Hope

6.32 m
Orchard Recreation Center
901 W Orchard Ave, Saint Paul

6.33 m
Aquila Park
8363 West 32nd St, St Louis Park

6.36 m
Brooklyn Center High School
1258 65th Ave N, Brooklyn Center

6.40 m
Totino Grace High School
1330 Gardena Ave NE, Fridley

6.44 m
Medley Hills Park
English Ave N, Golden Valley

6.48 m
Hidden Valley Park
8700 32nd Ave, New Hope

6.49 m
Holy Spirit
1426 Randolph Ave, St. Paul

6.52 m
Fridley High School
6038 Moore Lake Dr W, Fridley

6.54 m
Cretin-Derham Hall High School
550 S Albert St, St. Paul

6.67 m
Edgcumbe Rec Center
330 Griggs St S, Saint Paul

6.71 m
Como Park High School
747 Rose Ave W, Saint Paul

6.71 m
Lifetime Fitness Club - Fridley
1200 East Moore Lake Dr, Fridley

6.75 m
Pamela Park
4001 W 58th St, Edina

6.75 m
Fridley Middle School
701 61st Ave NE, Fridley

6.78 m
North Dale Recreation Center
1420 St Albans St N, Saint Paul

6.78 m
Lifetime Fitness Club - Oakdale
1201 Ford Rd, Minnetonka

6.80 m
Briardale Park
Briardale Park, Fridley

6.89 m
Edina Highland Villa
5210 Villa Way, Minneapolis

6.90 m
West Minnehaha Recreation Center
705 W Minnehaha Ave, Saint Paul

6.91 m
Mounds View High School
1956 Lake Valentine Rd, Arden Hills

6.98 m
700 Cambridge St, Minnetonka

7.02 m
Carty Park
723 Iglehart Ave, Saint Paul

7.04 m
South View Middle Schoo
4725 Southview Ln, Edina

7.04 m
JCC of Greater St Paul
1375 St Paul Ave, Saint Paul

7.08 m
Plymouth Middle School
10011 36th Ave N, Plymouth

7.20 m
Edina Towers Apartments
6400 Barrie Rd, Minneapolis

7.21 m
Garden Park
5520 Hansen Rd, Edina

7.28 m
Blake School
110 Blake Rd South, Hopkins

7.28 m
Linwood Rec Center
852 St Clair Ave, Saint Paul

7.41 m
MLK Center
Mackubin Str & Iglehart Ave, St. Paul

7.45 m
Central Village Park
439 W Central Ave, Saint Paul

7.45 m
Richfield High School
305 W 70th St, Richfield

7.46 m
Oak Ridge Country Club
700 Oak Ridge Rd, Hopkins

7.49 m
Palmer Lake Drive
7110 Palmer Lake Dr, Brooklyn Park

7.50 m
Mcquillan Park
153 N Mackubin St, Saint Paul

7.54 m
Robbinsdale Armstrong High School
10561 36th Ave N, Plymouth

7.66 m
Medicine Lake Apartments
1300 W Medicine Lake Dr, Wayzata

7.72 m
Rice Recreation Center
229 W Lawson Ave, Saint Paul

7.74 m
Burnes Park
353 2nd St NW, Hopkins

7.76 m
Acorn Park
276 W Co Rd C, Roseville

7.99 m
Irondale Senior High School
2389 County Hwy 45, New Brighton

8.02 m
Sunnylane Park
6245 Sunny Ln, Brooklyn Park

8.09 m
Ridgemount Community Playfield
12052 Ridgemount Ave W, Plymouth

8.10 m
Normandale Park
6501 Warren Ave S, Edina

8.13 m
The Durham
7265 York Ave S, Edina

8.15 m
Countryside Park
6298 Tracy Ave, Edina

8.17 m
Lakeland Park
6898 66th Ave N, Brooklyn Park

8.17 m
Meadow Lake Park
6052 Boone Ave N, Minneapolis

8.18 m
Washington Park
1651 E 76th St, Richfield

8.20 m
Park Center Senior High School
7320 County Rd 152, Brooklyn Park

8.25 m
River Park
8101 Sunkist Blvd, Brooklyn Park

8.30 m
Roseville Area Middle School
27 W County Rd B2, Little Canada

8.36 m
Cornelia School Park
7198 Cornelia Dr, Edina

8.37 m
Cedars of Edina Apartments
5670 Gallagher Dr, Edina

8.41 m
Walnut Ridge Park
5785 Londonderry Rd, Edina

8.42 m
Zachary Playfield
4507 Zachary Ln N, Plymouth

8.44 m
Edgewood Middle School
5086 Edgewood Dr, Mounds View

8.44 m
Central Park
99 16th Ave S, Hopkins

8.57 m
Woodcrest Elementary School
7664 Baker St NE, Fridley

8.60 m
Hartkopf Park
6501 74th Ave N, Brooklyn Park

8.67 m
Edina High School
6754 Valley View Rd, Edina

8.74 m
Creek Valley Park
6301 Gleason Rd, Edina

8.79 m
Cherokee Heights Park
641 S Cherokee Ave, St. Paul

8.81 m
Boone Avenue Park
6663 Boone Ave N, Brooklyn Park

8.85 m
7833 Hwy 65 NE, Spring Lake Park

8.86 m
Arlington Arkwright Park
1316 N Arkwright St, Saint Paul

8.96 m
Spring Lake High School - S
81st Ave NE, Spring Lake Park

9.15 m
Haeg Park
2259 W 83rd St, Bloomington

9.15 m
Wrights Lake Park
1805 E 84th St, Bloomington

9.17 m
Spring Lake Park High School - N
1100 81st Ave NE, Spring Lake Park

9.18 m
St Paul Indoor Tennis Club
600 Desoto St, Saint Paul

9.26 m
Northcrest Playground
3498 W 81st St, Bloomington

9.26 m
Pioneer Park
2850 Centerville Rd, Little Canada

9.33 m
Spooner Park
424 Eli Rd, Little Canada

9.35 m
Bryant Park
8532 Bryant Ave S, Bloomington

9.37 m
Baker Park
693 Bellows St, St. Paul

9.40 m
Springbrook Apartment
139 83rd Ave NE, Fridley

9.43 m
Hamilton Park
8148 Douglas Dr N, Brooklyn Park

9.45 m
Plymouth Creek Athletic Club
3131 Campus Dr, Plymouth

9.51 m
Groveland Park
2815 Ardan Ave, Mounds View

9.58 m
River Ridge Playground
8700 River Ridge Rd, Bloomington

9.66 m
Johnson High School
1345 Arcade St, Saint Paul

9.70 m
Kennedy Park
8498 E River Rd, Coon Rapids

9.78 m
Humboldt High School
Morton St E, St. Paul

9.83 m
Bass Lake Playfield
12400 54th Ave N, Plymouth

9.84 m
Valley View Playfield
401 E 90th St, Bloomington

9.91 m
Dayton’s Bluff Rec Center
728 E Conway St, Saint Paul

9.98 m
Park Place Apartments
14556 34th Ave N, Wayzata

10.06 m
Willowstone Park
1908 95th Ave N, Brooklyn Park

10.11 m
Williston Fitness Center
14509 Minnetonka Dr, Minneapolis

10.15 m
Vanderbie Park
959 W 92nd St, Bloomington

10.21 m
Parkers Lake Playfield
15399 18th Ave N, Plymouth

10.22 m
Highview Park
1508 Skyline Rd, Eagan

10.24 m
Country Home Park
2845 Beam Ln, Eagan

10.30 m
Bass Lake Hills Townhomes
5450 Teakwood Ln N, Wayzata

10.37 m
Margaret Recreational Park
659 N Frank St, St. Paul

10.52 m
Mounds Park
1042 E Thorn St, St. Paul

10.54 m
Reynolds Playground
7013 W 83rd St, Bloomington

10.58 m
Duluth And Case Rec Center
1020 Duluth St, Saint Paul

10.60 m
Pilot Knob Park
1538 Towerview Rd, Eagan

10.65 m
Noble Sports Park
Oak Grove Pkwy & Noble Pkwy, Brooklyn Park

10.70 m
J F Kennedy Senior High School
3rd Ave S, Bloomington

10.72 m
Westwood Intermediate School
701 91st Ave NE, Blaine

10.75 m
Marthaler Park
1721 Humboldt Ave, West St. Paul

10.76 m
Park Courts
Evergreen Ave N, Brooklyn Park

10.80 m
6th Ave Park
300 6th Ave SE, Osseo

10.93 m
Lifetime Fitness Club - Crosstown
6233 Baker Rd, Eden Prairie

10.98 m
North Oaks Golf Club
54 East Oaks Rd, North Oaks

10.98 m
LifeTime Fitness Club 98th Street
1001 West 98th St, Bloomington

11.15 m
Mason Park
398 97th Ln Nw, Coon Rapids

11.17 m
Kaposia Park
2121 Conver Ave, South St Paul

11.24 m
Sky Hill Park
3578 Blue Cross Rd, Eagan

11.36 m
Oakwood Playfield
1500 Garland Ln N, Plymouth

11.38 m
Ridgeview Playground
6063 W 94th St, Bloomington

11.38 m
Harding Senior High School
1540 6th St E, Saint Paul

11.39 m
Brookside Park
10054 Xerxes Ave S, Bloomington

11.40 m
Tarnhill Playground
9632 Little Rd, Bloomington

11.40 m
Burns Ave Park
Barclay Pl, Saint Paul

11.42 m
Gene C Kelly Youth Playfield
10300 Stevens Ave S, Bloomington

11.45 m
Prosperity Recreation Center
1365 N Kennard St, Saint Paul

11.53 m
Bridgewood Park
4256 Bridgewood Ter, Vadnais Heights

11.61 m
East View Playground
660 N Kennard St, St. Paul

11.68 m
Minnetonka Middle School East
16650 Lake St Extension, Minnetonka

11.72 m
Osseo High School
398 5th St NW, Osseo

11.85 m
Al Flynn Park
1301 100th Ln Nw, Coon Rapids

11.87 m
Hyland Hills Tennis Courts
9842 Edgewood Rd, Bloomington

11.90 m
Minnetonka Tennis Club
Minnetonka Blvd, Minnetonka

11.93 m
Jefferson High School
4001 W 102nd St, Bloomington

11.93 m
Acorn Park
119 102nd Ln Nw, Coon Rapids

11.95 m
Hazel Park Rec Center
903 N Hazel St, Saint Paul

12.07 m
Sunrise Park
9427 Bloomington Ferry Rd, Bloomington

12.08 m
Flagship Athletic Club
755 Prairie Center Dr, Eden Prairie

12.16 m
Alder Park
49 104th Ln Nw, Coon Rapids

12.17 m
Preserve Tennis Complex
11221 Anderson Lakes Pkwy, Eden Prairie

12.19 m
Hayden Heights Rec Center
1981 Hoyt Ave E, Saint Paul

12.21 m
Wayzata West Middle School
241 Barry Ave N, Wayzata

12.32 m
Champlin Park High School
6025 109th Ave N, Brooklyn Park

12.34 m
Mounds Park Academy
2051 Larpenteur Ave E, Saint Paul

12.35 m
Pearlwood Estates
1838 52nd St E, Inver Grove Heights

12.40 m
Bur Oaks Park
3420 Rolling Hills Dr, Eagan

12.42 m
Westwood Park
3565 W 108th St, Bloomington

12.43 m
Jackson Middle School
6000 109th Ave N, Champlin

12.44 m
Brye Park
10528 Xavier Ave S, Bloomington

12.54 m
Southglen Playground
10709 Rich Rd, Bloomington

12.56 m
Metcalf Junior High School
2250 Diffley Rd, Eagan

12.61 m
Riverview Park
2404 105th Ave Nw, Coon Rapids

12.63 m
Conway Park Rec Center
2084 Conway St, Saint Paul

12.65 m
Deer Hills Park
Deer Hills Dr, North Oaks

12.70 m
Maple Heights Park
2061 Beam Ave, Maplewood

12.72 m
Battle Creek Rec Center
99 S Winthrop St, Saint Paul

12.76 m
Wayzata High School
4955 Peony Ln N, Minneapolis

12.77 m
Lifetime Fitness - White Bear Racquet and Swim
4800 White Bear Pkwy, White Bear Lake

12.78 m
Eden Place Apartments
8642 Marigold Cir, Eden Prairie

12.78 m
Wayzata Country Club
200 Wayzata Blvd West, Wayzata

12.86 m
North River Hills Park
19th Ave, Burnsville

12.95 m
Casey Lake Park
2200 E Shawnee Dr, North St Paul

12.97 m
Moor Park
11199 Magnolia St Nw, Coon Rapids

13.14 m
Southwood Playground
4849 Terracewood Dr, Bloomington

13.16 m
Centennial High School
4761 N Rd, Circle Pines

13.19 m
Minnetonka High School
18179 Delton Ave, Minnetonka

13.20 m
Hamel Community Center
3200 Mill St, Medina

13.21 m
Rahn Park
2068 Shale Ln, Eagan

13.25 m
Sand Creek Park
1008 County Hwy 11, Coon Rapids

13.30 m
Round Lake Park
16691 Valley View Rd, Eden Prairie

13.45 m
Eagan High School
4167 Braddock Trail, Eagan

13.59 m
Evergreen Park
4333 Lodgepole Dr, Eagan

13.60 m
Burnsville Senior High School
12135 Portland Ave S, Burnsville

13.64 m
Dred Scott Playfield
11048 Bloomington Ferry Rd, Bloomington

13.66 m
Silver Lake Park
2712 Lake Blvd, North St Paul

13.68 m
Vista Hill Park
2422 Mailand Rd, Maplewood

13.81 m
Medina Golf and Country Club
400 Evergreen Rd, Medina

13.84 m
Deephaven Park
20227 Cottagewood Rd, Deephaven

13.93 m
Oak Leaf West Park
98 Westchester Sq, Burnsville

13.93 m
Oak Chase Park
4401 Oak Chase Rd, Eagan

14.01 m
Maple Grove Senior High School
9800 Fernbrook Ln N, Maple Grove

14.11 m
Weaver Lake Community Park
8401 Dunkirk Ln N, Maple Grove

14.13 m
Ridgecliff Park
1692 Covington Lane, Eagan

14.21 m
Riverwind Park
2699 Northdale Blvd Nw, Coon Rapids

14.27 m
Tartan High School
828 Greenway Ave N, Oakdale

14.33 m
Central Middle School
4955 Bloom Ave, White Bear Lake

14.36 m
Valley Creek Apartments
1707 Century Cir, Woodbury

14.46 m
Roosevelt Middle School
650 125th Ave NE, Blaine

14.65 m
Blain High School
12555 University Ave Northeast, Blaine

14.83 m
Vineyards Park
11999 Vintage St Nw, Coon Rapids

14.86 m
Oakdale Park
5108 Hadley Ave N, Oakdale

14.87 m
Wooddale Tennis Club
2122 Wooddale Dr, Woodbury

14.94 m
Simley High School
2920 80th St E, Inver Grove Heights

15.02 m
Bearpath Golf and Country Club
18100 Bearpath Trail, Eden Prairie

15.16 m
City Center Park
7600 Laredo Dr, Chanhassen

15.58 m
Richardson Park
200 Holt St N, Champlin

15.66 m
Woodbury High School
2665 Woodlane Dr, Woodbury

15.67 m
Skyview Community Middle School
1100 Heron Ave N, Oakdale

15.84 m
Neill Park
13501 Upton Ave, Burnsville

15.87 m
Colonial Park
1241 W 139th St, Burnsville

15.89 m
Falcon Ridge Middle School
12900 Johnny Cake Ridge Rd, Apple Valley

15.89 m
White Bear Yacht Club
56 Dellwood Ave, Dellwood

16.03 m
Crooked Lake Park
13200 Crooked Lake Blvd Nw, Coon Rapids

16.07 m
Echo Park
1420 E 140th St, Burnsville

16.10 m
Carrington Court Apartments
760 Evergreen Dr, Burnsville

16.13 m
Orono High School
795 Old Crystal Bay Rd N, Long Lake

16.16 m
The Lafayette Club
2800 Northview Rd, Minnetonka

16.24 m
Park Street Park
437 Park St, Anoka

16.25 m
Dellwood Hills Golf Club
Spyglass Rd, Dellwood

16.55 m
Mahtomedi High School
998 Stillwater Rd, Mahtomedi

16.83 m
The Woods of Burnsville Apartments
14663 Portland Ave S, Burnsville

17.03 m
Eastview High School
6282 140th St W, Apple Valley

17.06 m
Scott Highlands Middle School
5900 142nd St W, Apple Valley

17.12 m
Anoka High School
3939 N 7th Ave, Anoka

17.53 m
East Ridge High School
4200 Pioneer Dr, Woodbury

17.68 m
Granada Park
8401 Granada Ave S, Cottage Grove

17.91 m
Andover High School
2115 Andover Blvd NW, Andover

17.96 m
Erickson Park
14115 Brazil Ave, Rosemount

17.99 m
Lac Lavon Park
15562 Lac Lavon Dr, Burnsville

18.11 m
Fox Run Park
10100 Fox Run Rd, Woodbury

18.14 m
Cathcart Park
26655 W 62nd Street, Excelsior

18.36 m
Hinton Heights Apartments
7686 Hinton Ave S, Cottage Grove

18.41 m
Highlands Park
6975 Idsen Ave S, Cottage Grove

18.47 m
Prior Lake High School
Bend Rd S, Prior Lake

18.49 m
Shakopee Junior High School
299 10th Ave E, Shakopee

18.54 m
Claret Park
15159 Claret Ave W, Rosemount

18.60 m
Powers Lake Park
10000 Brookview Rd, Woodbury

18.62 m
Hamlet Park
8883 Hamlet Ave S, Cottage Grove

18.73 m
Hearthside Park
8281 Hearthside Rd, Cottage Grove

18.73 m
Park Senior High School
8040 80th St S, Cottage Grove

18.82 m
Pioneer Park
Pioneer Trail, Chaska

18.92 m
Wedgewood Park
10294 Raleigh Rd, Woodbury

19.05 m
Fairway Meadows Park
2230 Woodcrest Dr, Woodbury

19.06 m
Chaska High School
545 Pioneer Trail, Chaska

19.24 m
Powers Lake Park
10790 Maple Blvd, Woodbury

19.45 m
Stonemill Farms North Park
11395 Eagle View Blvd, Woodbury

19.94 m
Mound Westonka High School
5931 Sunnyfield Rd E, Minnetrista

19.97 m
Woodridge Park
9170 90th St S, Cottage Grove

20.43 m
Forest Lake Area High School
21468 Goodview Ave N, Forest Lake

23.56 m
Southwest Junior High School
827 10th St SW, Forest Lake

23.95 m
Hastings High School
200 General Sieben Dr, Hastings

24.69 m
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Bloomington Women's Tennis League
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Play tennis around Minneapolis MN on self managed location and time.
BIW Fun Tennis
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Fun league for BIW to play tennis either singles or doubles. Flexibly scheduled...
Huskies Tennis
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Boys' Tennis Team in Minnesota
Twin Cities Public Courts
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USTA level 3.5-4.5 Men's Twin Cities tennis league using public courts based in St....
MITB Tennis Minneapolis
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MITB Sports is organizing ladder leagues across the nations. Champions at each level...
MITB Tennis Minneapolis
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Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 1 year, 1 month
I have been adding more and more features to our "events" tool. Events are a great way to organize play sessions, and attract a group of players to meet at a specific place and time.

Here are some of the features...
- Minimum and maximum players
- Auto cancel if minimum players is not met
- Required playing levels
- Specify the gender
- Determine allowed guests per member
- Determine when members can sign up
- Repeat the event up to a year
- Check-in to the event
- Waiting lists
- Take online payments
- Send invitations
- Determine who can see your event

To see or create events in your area, just click the calendar icon at the top right of any page.

Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 5 months, 3 weeks
I get more emails asking about tennis lessons than anything else. So, I have created a dedicated search for finding a lesson:

Do you or your club teach tennis lessons? If so, submit a listing for your lesson here:

Trevor Meier      Worldwide - 1 year, 1 month
There is now an "Invite your friends" link at the bottom of your "My Links" drop down at the top left of each page (when logged in).

Please help us grow by inviting your friends. :)

Kerin Marek      Saint Paul - 1 year, 7 months
New to the area, looking to play a 2.5-3.0 level person.
Love the game.
2.25 to 3.25

Glyde Hart      Saint Paul - 1 year, 5 months
I'm in Saint Paul Aug 11-22 would love to hit with someone every other day. I have a hopper if you want to do drills. Near Saint Thomas. Let's hit!
3.00 to 4.50

Mohan Kumar Gunasekaran      Maple Grove - 2 years, 5 months
Hi , I just joined this network. I’m Looking for a hitting partner that is 3.5 or better. I’m available over the weekends and evening time during week days. I’m looking forward to hear from you.
3.25 to 5.00

Ben Lindsay      Minneapolis - 2 years, 4 months
Hi all, just moved to Minneapolis and just joined this network. Looking for a hitting partner around 3.0. For now I'm mostly available from 8:30-4:30 on weekdays.
3.00 to 3.50

Sandeep Singh      Rosemount - 2 years, 8 months
Looking for someone who can be lawn tennis partner and we can play 1 hr / day to we can talk.
Currently Saturday evening and Sunday evening.
Email me please:

Eric Proulx      Burnsville - 4 years, 5 months
Hi, looking to play at colonial park in Burnsville. I'm on vacation until September 1st. Give me a shout if you'd like to play!


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Name Location
Stringers Corner
7390 Upper 136th St. W.
Apple Valley, Minnesota
Home Based952-432-0395
Stringers Corner
7390 Upper 136th St. W.
Apple Valley, Minnesota
Home Based952-432-0395
I-string rackets
5306 highpointe drive
Bloomington mn
Bloomington, Minnesota
GutCheck Stringing
9156 92nd St. So.
Cottage Grove, Minnesota
Store Front(651) 341-1093
Michael Seivert
3969 Trotters Ct
Eagan, Minnesota
Tom's Racquet Stringing & Repair
9540 Declaration Drive
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Home Based630-297-3588
Bill Flatley
121 W. Warburton Street
South St Paul, Minnesota
Kevin McCann
3307 Belden Drive
St Anthony, Minnesota
Wooddale Tennis and Health
2122 Wooddale Dr.
Woodbury, Minnesota
Pro Shop651-735-6214

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